Hospital Bag Checklist

Your little one is nearly here and you’re getting set for the big day! You’ve got the pushchair and changing station, the nursery is looking like a Pinterest dream and you’re counting down the days until your family welcomes a new little member. So now you need to tackle the job of packing your hospital bag and the list just keeps growing, everyone takes 20 pairs of knickers, right?

The job of packing your hospital bag can feel overwhelming, especially when ensuring you have everything ticked off. Because your baby may make an appearance earlier than expected, it is advised to pack your hospital bag just before the end of your third trimester, around week 36 - just in case!  If you would like some help knowing what essentials to pack and clear the confusion, let’s get going! Here is all the important things you’re going to need...

Hospital bag checklist

For You

Changing bags + clothes

Changing Bags are perfect as they have loads of different compartments and so much space. Plus, they come with a free aden + anais swaddle RRP £15 with every full sized changing bag because everyone deserves a little treat. The Tiba + Marl Weekender is our top changing bag pick to take to hospital; it’s lightweight and spacious which is perfect for a hospital bag but also as a changing bag once baby arrives. The inside comes complete with 5 internal pockets, a matching clutch bag and 2 zip pockets to help with organisation, an insulated bottle holder and a portable changing mat which are so essential. It’s also water resistant and wipe clean so you’ll be able to keep it in great condition.

We also recommend packing your most comfortable clothing such as big t-shirt or loose nightdress to wear before, during and after your hospital visit. You want to be comfortable for your journey home so pick loose soft clothes and remember it will take a while for your tummy to go down, so it's a good idea to bring your maternity clothing for your journey home. 

C-Section + Postnatal accessories

For those going in for a planned C-Section or possibly in the event of an unplanned surgery, it's a good idea be prepared and pack C-section friendly items. C-section bands , underwear or leggings help give you support and help aid recover. The Belly Bandit C Section Recovery Briefs are a great option for C Section and natural deliveries too. If you have a C Section, the high waist can help protect the incision area and eliminate bacteria. If you have a natural delivery, these are moisture wicking and breathable to help keep you cool, fresh and dry.

It's worth looking into postnatal support clothing such as support leggings or vests which help offer support and compression in key areas. Underwear such as the wireless Belly Bandit bra is a lightweight yet supportive option,  whether you’re nursing or just need general comfort, this simple slide-over design is perfect for after labour. If you are breastfeeding it has an easy pull side access and also expertly designed to grow and shrink with your changing body. If you can, bring along a big pillow or pregnancy pillow for extra comfort, the babymoov Mum & B maternity cushion is a great option if you're after something a little more compact and portable to take with you.

Toiletries + mealtime accessories

Even in hospital you deserve a little TLC so, pack essentials like lotion, rescue balm and moisturisers to help you relax. You could opt for a balm that is suitable for baby and parent such as the Green People mum and baby rescue balm which is ideal for perineal massage, recommended before birth, as-well as using on babies and Mum for sore, dry skin. A lot of mums comment on having sore dry lips from using the gas and air. The Toddle Wonder Balm  is packed with natural moisture to work wonders on dry and sensitive lips.

Labour can be thirsty work so it’s important to stay hydrated. We highly recommend taking a bottle with a straw like GoSili Straw Cup so that if needs be, your partner can help you drink and you can be hands-free.

In preparation for babies mealtime, you maybe already know if you are planning to breastfeed or bottle feed. Some parents struggle to get the hang of breastfeeding straight away, which is completely normal! Bring along a breastump so you can still store your breast milk, and feed through a bottle - unsurprisingly in this case, you'll need to pack a bottle too.

For Baby

Sleepwear + blankets

We advise four or five sleepsuits, newborns will get through a stack of clean suits faster than you might expect! Our favourite is the MORI Sleepsuit for signature soft bamboo fabric plus, they have a two way zip for quick and simple changes! As baby’s nails can be quite long when they’re born, these suits also integrate fold over scratch mitts as separate mitts can be pesky little things, often falling off little fingers - another reason they’re top of our list! Don’t forget to layer up with a short sleeved MORI vest, newborns tend to need one extra layer. 

MORI hats should be a key item in your bag, when baby’s are first born they lose most their heat from the top of their heads so a soft, breathable hat is perfect. We advise to pack a couple and again recommend MORI for their bamboo fabric which will be gentle on baby’s delicate head.

Swaddling is a great way to keep baby snug and secure after birth as it replicates the feeling of the womb. Merino Kids swaddle is a great option as it is silky soft for delicate skin and regulates baby’s temperature for the safest sleep. Otherwise, a blanket is always good to have on hand. You can use it during skin-to-skin, to keep baby warm in the hospital and on the way home. Merino Kids blanket is made from 100% natural Merino wool and is perfect for keeping baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it's hot. 

Lastly everyone has heard of that famous going home outfit! We think this special Organic Zoo Suit with Feet Organic Zoo Bonnet is perfect for baby’s first photo and ride home. The unisex design is great if you don’t know already know the sex of your baby and it’s made from the softest organic cotton. Plus it comes with feet so they’ll be no need for booties! 

Baby changing + accessories

Your newborn will go through a lot of nappies, as many as 12 a day in fact! We recommend reusable nappies such as the TotsBots nappies as they are beneficial to the environment, your bank balance and they are much kinder to baby’s skin.

Newborn’s skin is particularly sensitive so midwives will advise you to use only warm water and soft materials in the first few weeks and the Mama Designs wipes bamboo washable wipes are soft and gentle, naturally antibacterial and highly absorbent. Again, these are washable so a great alternative to disposables, meaning they are more cost effective and allow you to do your bit for the planet.

Muslins are the most multi-functional item you could pack and we love the aden + anais muslin squares which are a popular choice for parents for being soft and breathable and for getting softer with every wash! You can use these for lots of different situations, from feeding, dribbling, burping, cuddling to skin-to-skin contact. We’re also big fans of the wide range of prints that are all beautifully hand-drawn and special.

Don't forget... 

One thing is very important - a car seat! Hospitals will not let you leave without a safe car seat for your child to travel home in. Check out our car seat buying guide for help on picking the perfect one.

Checklist recap

  1. Changing Bags 
    Tiba + Marl Weekender
  2. Comfortable clothing 
    Maternity clothing
  3. C-Section + postnatal support clothing 
    C-section bands | underwear | leggings | Belly Bandit C Section Recovery Briefs | Belly Bandit bra | babymoov Mum & B maternity cushion
  4. Toiletries + essentials 
    Green People mum and baby rescue balm | Toddle Wonder Balm | GoSili Straw Cup
  5. Breast + Bottle feeding 
    breastump | bottle
  6. Sleepwear + blankets 
    MORI Sleepsuit | MORI hats | Merino Kids blanket | Merino Kids swaddle | Organic Zoo Suit with Feet Organic Zoo Bonnet
  7. Baby changing + accessories 
    TotsBots nappies | Mama Designs wipes | aden + anais muslin squares
  8. Car seats

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