Hospital Bag Checklist

Your little one is nearly here! You’ve got the pushchair and changing station ready to go, the nursery is looking like a pinterest dream and you’re counting down the days until your family has a new little member. You now need to tackle the job of packing your hospital bag and the list just keeps growing, everyone takes 20 pairs of knickers right?

The job of packing your hospital bag can feel overwhelming as you worry that you have everything ticked off. But don’t worry, we want to help you pack it with only the real essentials and clear the confusion. So let’s get going! Here is all the important things you’re going to need. 

Hospital bag checklist

For You

Changing Bag - you will need a bag to put everything into. Changing bags are perfect as they have loads of different compartments and so much space. Plus, we give you a free aden and anais swaddle RRP £15 with every full sized changing bag because everyone deserves a little treat. 

Comfortable clothing – we recommend a big t-shirt or loose nightdress to wear in labour

Slippers – you can slip these on easily if your feet get cold or to wonder around the hospital in

Pregnancy pillow – bring along a big pillow or pregnancy pillow for extra comfort

Going home clothes – you want to be comfortable for your journey home so pick loose soft clothes. Remember it will take a while for your tummy to go down, so it's a good idea to bring your maternity clothing for your journey home. 

Postnatal support – look into packing postnatal support clothing such as support leggings or vests which help offer support and compression in key areas. 

C-Section recovery - for those going in for a planned c-section, or possibly those that had not planned to have one but ended up needing too, it's a good idea to be prepared. Pack C-section bands , underwear or leggings to help give you support and help aid recovery. 

Skin care – even in hospital you deserve a little TLC. Pack essentials like lotion, rescue balm and moisturisers to help you relax. You could opt for a balm that is suitable for baby and parent such as the Green People mum and baby rescue balm which is ideal for perineal massage, recommended before birth, as-well as using on babies and Mum for sore, dry skin. 

Lip Balm – a lot of mums comment on having sore dry lips from using the gas and air. The balmonds baby balm is a great multi use product for baby and mum which can also be used as a lip balm.

Baby Bonding Top – skin to skin contact is so important in those early few days. The aden and anais baby bonding top is perfect for giving both parent and baby precious skin to skin contact for bonding whilst offering privacy and support. 

Hospital bag checklist

For Baby

Car Seat – this one is very important! Hospitals will not let you leave without a safe car seat for your child to travel home in. Check out our car seat buying guide for help on picking the perfect one.

Clothing – pack three or four babygrows or sleepsuits for your little one to wear.

Going home outfit – quite a few parents have a special going home outfit that they plan to bring their baby home in.

Scratch mits – these will help prevent your little one from scratching their face with their sharp nails.

Booties – yes these look super cute, but they will also keep little toes from getting cold.

Hat – another key item to make sure your newborn is cosy.

Swaddles – the big wide world is a strange place for your newborn, so give them a sense of security with a swaddle which helps to replicate the feeling of the womb.

Baby blanket – this will help keep them warm, especially when leaving the hospital.

Reusable nappies – your newborn will go through a lot of nappies, as many as 12 a day. We always recommend reusable nappies. They help save the planet, your pennies and they’re kinder to delicate skin.

Muslin squares – to mop up any spills or messes easily.

Reusable wipes – perfect for helping with those changes and save the planet at the same time.

Hospital bag checklist

For Feeding

Nursing bra – if you plan to breastfeed, these bras are designed to help give your baby easier access.

Nursing Top or Cover - for some privacy when breastfeeding.

Nursing pillow – this will help you feed your little one, either by bottle or breast, much easier and put less strain on your body as it offers both parent and baby support.

Pump – Some parents struggle to get the hang of breastfeeding straight away, which is completely normal! Bring along a pump so you can still store your breast milk, and feed through a bottle.

Bottle – bring along a bottle too to help feed your little one.

Breast pads – you’ll need these even if you don’t plan to breastfeed as your breasts will still produce and leak milk after labour.

Nipple balm – this will help to soothe any initial soreness you get from breastfeeding.

Hospital bag checklist