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GREENGUARD Gold Award with Nuna

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Our mission to provide natural and sustainably sourced baby products that are the very best for parents, babies and as well as the planet runs at the core of Natural Baby Shower. By working collaboratively with brands who also focus on the future for the next generation, it is our aim to create a supply chain that is as planet friendly as possible by championing every eco initiative.

This is why we love Nuna, not only because they share our promise to the wider environment but also to children's immediate surroundings. This dedication to the wellbeing and safety of little ones has seen it awarded GREENGUARD Gold certification – among the world’s most rigorous and stringent chemical emission testing standards. While we’re shouting this news from the treetops, we appreciate not everyone may know what this means. So, let’s take a closer look…

GREENGUARD Gold Award with Nuna blog

What does it mean to be GREENGUARD Certified?

If you’re yet to hear of GREENGUARD, it's possible you have already seen its logo approved on lots of your household products from furniture to beds and other décor. In basic terms, this little green logo certifies a product has low chemical emissions.

Derived by the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI), yet styled as GREENGUARD, it offers certification programmes that maintain low chemical emissions. The GEI is an independent, third-party, non-profit organisation, whose certifications are recognised around the world.   


A GREENGUARD Gold Certification is the highest level achievable through the UL GREENGUARD Certification Program. GREENGUARD Gold products specifically emit lower VOCs than standard Greenguard products. This is especially important for children, as they breathe in a greater volume of air than adults, making them more sensitive to the effects of air pollution.

Nuna Sena GOLD

Better for the environment 

Chemical exposure in indoor environments is commonly referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There may be 50 to hundreds of individual VOCs in the indoor air at any one time and at high concentrations, some VOCs are toxic.

Therefore, products that have achieved GREENGUARD Certification are scientifically proven to help reduce this indoor air pollution and chemical exposure, while aiding the creation of healthier indoor environments. 

Better for baby 

The majority of our chemical exposure, and for our little ones, happens through the air we breathe, including indoor air. According to GREENGUARD, “The products that we use to build and furnish our indoor environments can have a significant impact on indoor air pollution levels.”

Breathing in clean air is essential for your baby’s health, as its immune, neurological, and respiratory systems are still developing. Reducing indoor air pollution not only creates a cleaner and healthier environment for babies, but also for adults too.

Nuna car seat

What this means for Nuna 

As part of their commitment to mindful manufacturing, both Nuna and Natural Baby Shower are proud that so many of their products are GREENGUARD Gold certified. 

This means when shopping the Nuna range, parents can trust that they are buying from a company that simply wants the best for you and your family. With extensive testing, the Nuna team are going above and beyond to ensure your little one is always safe and secure.

Plus, with the continued efforts of both design and manufacturing teams, they are continually looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and protect a healthiest environment for our children.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified Nuna products

There are a whole host of products that have been awarded the GREENGUARD Gold – including Nuna’s LEAF grow baby rocker, SENA aire travel cot and ARRA car seat – that has been thoroughly tested and certified to not contribute hazardous chemicals into the air that your baby breathes.

Nuna Sena Aire frosty

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