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Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love

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A special Dad deserves a special present, and what better present is there than one the whole family can enjoy. We thought this year we would celebrate Fathers Day by choosing our favourite Dad approved presents that also tick the family fun box, because let’s face it, if the kids are happy then it’s a happy day all round!


Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love

Brushies Toothbrush & Book Set

Ok we know what you are thinking, a silicone baby toothbrush is the worst fathers day present in history but hear us out on this one. Brushies was founded on the belief that daily habits such as brushing teeth can be made fun for both parents and children. We all know how tricky it is to get your little one to sit still long enough for you to really brush their teeth well so Brushies have come up with an innovative idea that makes it fun for the whole family.

Brushies toothbrush is made from 100% silicone which slips onto the parents finger to be used as a toothbrush. But the amazing thing about this is that it also comes with a fun educational story book to make brushing teeth fun and easy. Children can enjoy story time whilst learning the importance of dental hygiene from the fun and quirky characters, whilst Dad or Mum tackles the brushing. This is perfect for that Father and child bonding and it can become your “thing”, what Dad doesn’t love story time!

Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love


Plan Toys Tool Kit

Play time is always better when there is someone else to play with, so become your little one’s favourite play time buddy this Fathers Day by getting involved in their role play games. Every child wants to be more like their parents, you are after all their favourite idols, so introduce them to some of your favourite games and make memories together! We love the Plan Toys tool kit, show them how to become a DIY professional just like their Dad by “fixing” the wonky bench in the garden together with the help of this super fun wooden play set. They’ll be helping you round the house in no time!

Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love


Baby carrier

Everyone knows there are so many benefits of babywearing and we personally love it! But there is an unfortunate misconception floating around out there that babywearing is only for women, but there are special benefits for Dads too for the reason that babywearing is perfect for baby bonding time. Mum has been carrying your little one for 9 months and has a unique bond. Babywearing is a great opportunity for Dad’s to get in on the baby bonding action, it also allows for hands-free parenting so you can all go on a big Father's Day adventure with baby in tow. For this reason there is no better gift than a babycarrier. Find out more about becoming a babywearing Dad here.

Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love


Babymoov Nutribaby(+) 

We know on Father’s day you are supposed to be putting your feet up and enjoy being looked after by the other members of your family but we think you just won’t be able to resist getting stuck in when you see this amazing chef-y gadget. The babymoov Nutribaby(+) has been supersized to make even better and bigger meals the whole family will love. So, get that chef hat on and do your best Jamie Oliver impression by cooking up a storm, with the help from your very own mini sous-chef! 

Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love


Babymoov playpen

The whole of the UK is preying for a bit of sunshine this Father Day to really make the most of this special day, everyone is a little happier when the sun is shining. There really is nothing better than being in the sun having fun as a whole family. Get the perfect Fathers Day gift for the whole family to enjoy with the babymoov Babyni playpen. This innovative multi-functional play pen is perfect for those days in the sun ensuring your little one is getting 99% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays, whilst also having fun.

The playpen pops up in a matter of seconds, comes with a sun protection canopy with a mosquito attached as well as a removable comfy mattress and removable toys. It can be used for tummy time, play time, snooze time and it can also be filled with water for splash time.

Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love


Twin with Babiators

We all know twinning is winning and what better day to up your matching fashion game than on Fathers Day. Make sure the whole crew gets the James Bond memo and turn up for the day in their matching sunnies. Babiators have a huge range of different styles to match Dad’s own Raybans. It doesn’t get any cooler in our opinion!

Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love


CYBEX SensorSafe Car Seat

Every Dad loves a gadget. Add together the safety of your little one with amazing innovative tech and you’re on to a Fathers Day gift winner! CYBEX recently launched the revolutionary SensorSafe car seat technology that gives you peace of mind for parents and better safety for your child. The clip comes on certain models of CYBEX car seats which connects to your smartphone to provide essential health and safety alerts. It will alert you when your child unbuckles the clip, when the ambient temperature around your child is too hot or too cold, if your little one is left unattended in the car and if your child has been seated for too long. Every Dad will fall in love with this cool piece of tech. Find out more about CYBEX SensorSafe here.

 Fathers Day Gifts the Whole Family Will Love


GoSili Silicone To-Go Cup

We are sorry to tell you Dad, but just because it’s father’s day doesn’t mean you will get a lie in. For this reason there is no better gift than an energy boost. Yes we are talking about the saviour that is coffee. Gift the Dad’s in your life the GoSili reusable silicone coffee cup so they can get their coffee boost wherever they are, whilst also saving the planet by using zero plastic and creating zero waste. The more energy Dad has for his special day, the more fun the whole family will have, win win we think!

Father's Day Gift Guide

So that’s it! These are all our top presents that not only will Dad love, but the whole family can enjoy too. Happy Father’s Day Dad’s - you’re doing an amazing job and we would all be very lost without you.