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Become a Babywearing Dad

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For some the idea of a dad babywearing brings back memories of the first time they watched the hit film “The Hangover” and saw Alan carrying Baby Carlos round on his front for most of the film. The film may have bought a comedic element to dads carrying their babies but there are genuine benefits of fathers babywearing so hear us out! 

There is an unfortunate misconception floating around out there that babywearing is only for women. The reality is that there are enormous benefits to babywearing for fathers too. 

Mum has been carrying and growing baby for 9 months, feeling every kick and flutter from within. A father misses out on these early bonding opportunities so it’s no surprise fathers are eager to catch up and create a very special bond. Babywearing can help dad get in on the action and enjoy that new baby love, encouraging him to bond with baby and embrace his new role.

So, what are the main benefits of baby wearing for dads?

Become a Babywearing Dad

Baby bonding

Most parents know that babywearing is great for bonding for mum and baby, but it’s also great for dads. Babywearing allows baby a perfect way to introduce and get to know dad. They can now hear dad’s heart beat and voice for the first time, whilst allowing your little one to get used to dad’s unique smell and touch. All of these things not only help develop baby’s brain but also help build bonds between baby and carrier.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier is perfect for mum and dad to wear. It easily adapts to different wearers, big or small with criss-cross shoulder straps that are easily adjustable to tailor the fit. There is also a lumbar waist support to allow for longer wearing comfort.

Those extra snuggles help them feel safe and secure and often have an instant calming effect. Babywearing is really the next best thing to skin-to-skin contact.

Become a Babywearing Dad

Hands free 

Babywearing can be a parenting game changer. All those chores that need to be done but your little one is refusing to let go of you, babywearing allows you to do parenting with your hands-free! Babywearing is an easier way to help care for your child compared to carrying them in your arms - carrying baby in your arms can be extremely tiring, cumbersome and stop you from getting on with things.

Dads with more than one child are able to carry one and still chase after the older siblings if they need to. As well as completing chores, working from home, hoovering and any other tasks that parents need to do! A big win!

It's just so convenient!

When you’re out on the town, baby wearing is also very convenient. Your hands are free to take care of whatever you’re out to do and enjoy your day, and you don’t have to worry about terrain or weather slowing down your stroller, or where you’re going to put it once you get to your destination. There are many places that your big stroller simply can’t go with you or creates an extra hassle to take with you. Babywearing however, makes travelling light and easy!

Give Mum a break

Babywearing allows dads to take part in their baby’s life as well as give mum a much needed break.  This support for mums can make such a difference especially during those early days and when mums are feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired. For most mums, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing their partner carry and care for their child.  

BabyBjorn is probably the most well known baby carrying brand, not only for its appearance in 'The Hangover' but because their mission is to make day-to-day life easier for parents through innovative, high-quality products, which are safe for parent and baby. For baby wearing beginners the BabyBjorn is a good option as it champions easy functionality. Their carriers snap up from the front to put your baby in and out of it making it really easy to use. You’ll be able to get your sleeping infant out of it without even waking them up, or needing your partners help, double bonus!

Become a Babywearing Dad

Print perfect

There are so many different carrier options out there that can cater to your exact lifestyle and personal preference. There are literally hundreds of patterns and designs to choose from you won’t struggle to find one that you love wearing! For example, Tula offer a huge variety of different prints and materials for you feast your eyes on, you might struggle to pick only one!

The right carrier for you depends on your needs, size, baby’s age and size, stage of development and if you prefer a wrap or a buckle carrier.

Celeb dads love babywearing too!

John Legend -

Become a Babywearing Dad

Bradley Cooper -

Become a Babywearing Dad 

Chris Hemsworth -

Become a Babywearing Dad

Orlando Bloom -

Become a Babywearing Dad


Daniel Craig -

Become a Babywearing Dad 

Kevin Hart

Become a Babywearing Dad


Ben Haggerty (Macklemore)

Become a Babywearing Dad


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