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Embracing the organic lifestyle this September

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Hey there, eco-conscious parents! September is here, and you know what that means – it's Organic September! But what exactly does it mean to "be organic"? Well, let's break it down. Being organic isn't just about choosing pesticide-free fruits and veggies; it's a holistic system that covers everything from the food on your plate to the clothes on your back. We're celebrating all things organic as well as the effort and commitment required to cultivate things in a way that works with nature rather than against it. 

Organic farmers and clothing manufacturers are on a mission to produce high-quality goods using methods that benefit our whole food and fashion systems, from people to the planet, plant health to animal welfare. So, it's not just about nourishing your family with wholesome, chemical-free produce but also about dressing your little ones in organic cotton and sustainable materials that are kinder to their skin and the environment.

So without further a do, let us dive right into the brands that not only we love, but the planet loves too...


Since 2015 Mori have been using the softest organic fabrics to give you the highest-quality products, which are made with your family’s wellbeing in mind. All their pieces are thoughtfully crafted using sustainably sourced fabrics and manufactured in trusted factories. As well as being kind to the planet, their fabrics are gentle on a little one’s delicate skin.

What makes it so sustainable?

The environmental footprint of their signature fabric is reduced thanks to viscose in the blend, which increases the durability of the fabric and the product's lifetime.

Our top picks from Mori

Baby Muslin Swaddles

MORI Large Muslin Swaddle is made from 100% pure cotton. This is perfect for feeding, swaddling, and winding your little one. Plus, it's a versatile companion for your stroller rides or as an extra layer on your family adventures.

What's great about these muslin swaddle blankets is that they're loosely woven to be super breathable, so you can relax knowing your little one is cosy and safe. These ones from MORI are generously sized at 110 x 110cm – just right for all your baby's needs.

MORI Large Muslin Swaddle - Light Grey

Shop MORI Large Muslin Swaddle here >>

Baby Sleeping Bags

Meet the MORI Clever Sleeping Bag. It's your baby's best friend from 4kgs to 2 years old, giving them all the room they need to grow.

This clever sleeping bag is an alternative if your little one isn't a blanket fan, ensuring your baby stays snug all night and reducing the risk of SIDS. It's super secure with a no-kick-off design, and don't forget to check the neck hole – it should be snug.

MORI Clever Sleeping Bag - Grey - TOG 2.5

Plus, it's travel-friendly with a seat-belt opening and an easy-to-use zipper. Made from bamboo and organic cotton, it keeps your baby comfy in any weather.

Shop MORI Clever Sleeping Bag here >>

Merino Kids

Meet Merino Kids, all the way from New Zealand! They've got your little ones covered from head to toe in the cosiest sleepwear, sleeping bags, and cosy comforts, all made with 100% natural fibre and merino wool. So whether you're looking for the ideal pieces fit for tiny newborns to the toddling tots, there is something for everyone.

Back in 2003, Amie Nilsson, a mum herself, was on a journey to find the perfect PJ's for her daughter. But when she discovered a sea of synthetic options flooding the market, she decided to roll up her sleeves and make a change.

What makes Merino Kids so great?

We're glad you asked! Well, it's down to the pretty magical merino wool. Merino Kid uses 100% natural fibres, especially merino wool, to create their baby garments and it has so many added benefits including bacteria resistant, improves sleep and creates a micro-climate around baby, helping to regulate your little sleepers temperature and keeping them perfectly cosy throughout the night.

What we recommend for your little one

Whether your newborn has just made their grand entrance into the world or is already nestled in your arms, that very first piece of clothing they wear is a cherished keepsake worth holding on to.

The Merino Kids Cocooi Beanie + Bootie Set is designed especially for newborns and made with 100% super soft, superfine merino wool. 

Not only is it designed for the ultimate comfort of your newborn, but it also keeps their tiny head and toes snug and protected during their early days.

And here's the magic part: it's naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which means it's perfect for those sweet little ones with sensitive skin or eczema concerns.

Shop Merino Kids cocooi beanie + bootie set here >>

Baby and Newborn Winter Sleeping Bags 

Merino Kids Duvet Weight Go Go Sleeping Bag – an award-winning, baby-friendly innovation. What makes it special is the natural comfort it provides, with a soft merino lining inside for temperature regulation and a sturdy organic cotton exterior for durability.

This sleeping bag will become your little one's night time companion, tailored for room temperatures between 16-22°C, which is the norm all year-round. What's more, the YKK zipper opens from the bottom, making those late-night nappy changes a breeze.

Merino Kids Go Go Sleeping Bag - Duvet at Natural Baby Shower

We're ready for those surprise growth spurts too. With nickel-free poppers for easy adjustments as your baby grows at lightning speed, and Merino Kids offers sizes from 3-24 months and 2-4 years to accommodate your growing child.

Shop Merino Kids Sleeping Bags here >> 


Meet Babymoov, the people who know a thing or two about creating high quality baby products. They've got everything from comfy baby pillows to those lifesaving rockers and handy kitchen accessories – all designed with input from real-life parents. Babymoov take quality, affordability, and practicality seriously to make life for you and your family just a little easier.

But here's what we really love. Babymoov is on a mission with their GreenMoov initiative. They totally get that what we do today shapes the world our little ones inherit. So, they're going all-in on sustainability, from how and where they make products to the materials they use and even how your goodies land on your doorstep. Because being a parent is hard enough; let's make it easy on the planet too!

What we're loving from Babymoov at the moment

Baby feeding and weaning 

Babymoov's bio-sourced Babybols – your new parenting ally! These clever containers are designed to simplify your life and support the baby weaning phase. With airtight screw-on lids, you can transport your little one's meals worry-free. They're stackable, freezer-friendly, and safe to use in the microwave, bottle warmer, and bain-marie.

Practical features include graduated measurements and a rewritable surface for labelling, making mix-ups a thing of the past.

Plus, this kit includes soft, baby-friendly spoons, ideal when your little one has hit the weaning phase. And here's the best part: these Babybols are BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free, making your baby's safety is at the forefront of every meal time.

Shop Babymoov bio-sourced babybols here >>

Children and baby food pouches

Say goodbye to the guilt of disposable baby food pouches with the Babymoov Reusable Food Pouches – your eco-friendly companions. While those single-use pouches may be convenient, they're not exactly kind to our planet, and they can add up on your budget too.

These reusable pouches from Babymoov offer you the best of both worlds. You still get the convenience you love, but now you have the added bonus of knowing exactly what's inside because you're the chef!

These handy baby food pouches can hold purees, smoothies, soups, and yoghurts. It might require a bit more effort on your part, but you can head to the kitchen with your little one and cook up their favourite foody bits together. In return, you're not only saving money but also significantly reducing your environmental footprint.

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As you prepare for your eco-conscious shopping journey, we trust that our top picks will help you in making informed choices that benefit both your family and the environment. From the gentlest organic fabrics to practical reusable baby solutions, you're not just shopping; you're making thoughtful decisions that contribute to a more sustainable world.