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Close Pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review

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These Close Breast Pads are handy reusable breast pads that come in a pack of 6 made from absorbent bamboo. They are shaped to fit natural curves, improving the fit and reducing the chance of visible lines. The unique ‘seal to skin’ binding helps keep the pad in place but also reduces any chance of leaking. Plus they help reduce waste by being reusable and washable. We wanted to put them through the test, keep reading to see what our parent testers thought of them.

Breast Pads Review

Parent Tester – Annika Burgess

The Close Pop in Breast pads arrived in thick paper packaging rolled over the top due to it's smaller nature. When I opened it, the product came in a little mesh bag with a toggle to use to tighten to close or open it. Inside the mesh bag were 6 white breast pads. These individual breast pads were a contoured shape to allow 'seal to skin binding' and made of polyester, bamboo and a TPU laminate waterproof outer layer. 

Close pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review

Close pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review
I know from using cloth nappies that bamboo won't reach full absorbancey until it has been washed without fabric softener a few times so I washed it first. I wore it and at first I was disappointed to get several leaks. However after a few more washes I stopped leaking. At first I really liked the slimmer feel and contoured shape of the breast pad but with a baby wanting to feed on and off they did get a little crumpled, but this also occurred with other reusable breast pads. Luckily with these I didn't have to also contend with the sticky backing you get on some disposable!

Close pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review

Close pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review

Close pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review
Washing them in a mesh bag have been really useful as our Samsung eco bubble is notorious for getting small cloths and things stuck at the front. The mesh bag meant it stayed in the drum itself. 

Overall these breast pads have been really useful and don't tend to leak now and I intend to keep using them.

Parent Tester – Amberley Connor

I love that the breast pads come in their own wash bag! Such a brilliant idea for storage and saves on extra packaging too.

The pads fit much better than normal round pads, the shape means they stay in place all day. They're so comfy and I forgot I was wearing them. Awaiting the arrival of my baby boy so the pads have only had to deal with pre-leakage but so far has absorbed any leak.

Close pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review


Parent Tester - Michelle Harrison

The six breast pads came in a nice drawstring wash bag so they don’t get lost in the washing machine, which I thought was a great idea!

They look and feel quality and I like how they’re tear shaped to fit perfectly in your bra, something I’ve not come across before. Initially I thought they would be too big for me as I’m only small up top, however they fit well and didn’t peep out of my bra. After wearing the pads all day I couldn’t even tell I had them in, they’re unbelievably soft.

Close pop-in Reusable Breast Pads Review

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