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Celebrating 60 years of BabyBjörn

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We’re celebrating 60 years of BabyBjörn! That’s 60 years of caring for future generations, with closeness at heart and love in every detail.

BabyBjörn is a family-owned company that puts families first. In 1961, BabyBjörn sold their very first baby bouncer, and haven’t stopped learning from parents and experts to develop new parenthood essentials ever since!

Encouraging closeness, and strengthening bonds between parent and child, is at the heart of what BabyBjörn does. That’s because BabyBjörn believe that babies who get a lot of closeness, grow up to be safe and happy individuals.

“We often receive positive feedback from parents who enjoy carrying their child close to their heart in one of our carriers. Nothing makes me happier or prouder.”


Björn Jakobson, founder of BabyBjörn

BabyBjörn aims to simplify everyday life for you and your little one, which is why everything is made from carefully selected, high quality materials. By crafting products with attention to every little detail, BabyBjörn ensures they are safe, comfortable and easy to use. From your baby’s first smile, to their happy gaze, and not to mention their soft little feet – babies are amazing! So they deserve the very best.

At Natural Baby Shower, we love that BabyBjörn products can stand the test of time. Not only does this benefit you and your family, but it helps the environment and the generations to come too! BabyBjörn never compromise on quality or safety – because everything they do, they do to care for future generations.

“We will never compromise on safety or quality - because everything we do, we do for the next generation.”

babybjorn carrier

Björn Jakobson, founder of BabyBjörn

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with BabyBjörn, and look at some of their milestones over the years…

1961 - a brand is born

In 1960, Founder Björn Jakobson was in the United States when he was struck by an idea that he just couldn’t get out of his mind. Back home in Sweden, his idea became reality when he started to produce a baby bouncer together with his sister-in-law Elsa Jakobson.

In the ’60s, babies were supposed to lie either on the floor or in their pram. But when Björn contacted paediatricians and other specialists about his idea in 1963, he had an amazing response, so the concept of a bouncing chair came to life! 

Soon after, Björn and his wife Lillemor had two children - Joakim and Siri. They were born in 1965, just eleven months apart. Being a parent gave Björn lots of inspiration for his brand.

BabyBjörn have developed many different products over the years. From inflatable changing mats and washable bibs, to their popular toy container - a best-seller in the ‘70s. Then the brand really did take off...

babybjorn bouncer

1973 - close to heart

The year BabyBjörn launched their very first baby carrier! Inspired by the medical community, which was heavily promoting closeness for little babies, the carrier was named Close to Heart. Björn described his own experience of carrying his daughter, Josefin, close to his heart: “It was like walking on clouds.”


1980s - colour crush

The 1980s saw an explosion of colours and patterns, which BabyBjörn decided to take advantage of. Along came new bouncers, popular nappy bags, wooden travel cots and of course, denim design (it wouldn’t be the ‘80s without it!) 

babybjorn carrier

1990s - the classic baby carrier

Whilst the ‘Close to Heart’ carrier was really popular, Björn and Lillemor wanted to create a carrier that was easier to put on and take off. In 1991, BabyBjörn launched the ‘Baby Carrier Original’, which featured a front-facing option in a chic navy design. Sales exploded, and the brand began to find new consumers all over the world!

In 1994 Harpers’ Bazaar made a black-and-white fashion feature of the navy Baby Carrier Original, people called and wanted to buy the “black” carrier. BabyBjörn were hesitant to make a baby product in black, but the response was so positive that they soon created a baby carrier in sleek black - which has been an iconic product ever since!

babybjorn bouncer

2000s - new inspiration

BabyBjörn continued to develop their products, with inspiration from Björn and Lillemor’s grandchildren. With ten grandchildren born since the 90s, along came exciting new product ideas…


New Potties arrived in 2005! Part of BabyBjörn’s range since the 1960s, over the years Potties have come in all different shapes and colours. There was even a see-through potty in the ’70s, made specifically for daycare centres. Needless to say, it was not a success!

In 2013, babywearing was becoming increasingly popular, which meant parents would carry their little ones for longer periods of time. This resulted in the development of the BabyBjörn One Baby Carriers, and the very beginning of a whole new range of carriers that we have available to us today! 


BabyBjörn launched a #dadstories collection in 2017, as the father’s role in a little one’s life has always been a cornerstone of BabyBjörn’s product development and marketing. This shocked a lot of people back in the 1960s, but there were no shocked reactions or protests as a result of this campaign - only wholesome love and support!

babybjorn carrier

In 2018, Björn and Lillemor handed over full ownership of BabyBjörn to the second generation. To this day, BabyBjörn continues to create products that can be used and loved by families around the world, every single day. 

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