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Bugaboo Fox2 VS Bugaboo Fox3

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Bugaboo has released a brand-new Fox stroller - meet the Fox3! The new and improved Fox3 hit the shelves from October 2021 and we've seen it gain huge popularity ever since.

It comes as no surprise, as the Fox range has been a favourite with families worldwide and we are so excited to introduce the new generation Fox to you all. However, if you’re wondering well what’s changed? Then we have got you covered!

Here are all the fabulous new additions that will come with Bugaboo’s latest launch, the Fox3…

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About the Bugaboo Fox2

First, it seems only right to highlight some of the features of the current Fox2 and why so many people have fallen in love with it.

Compared with its predecessor the Fox, the Fox2 introduced two redesigned components that made the pushchair easier to use; a more ergonomic seat recline lever as well as fast-folding button mechanism which is less time consuming for busy parents. Extra storage was created within the bassinet too, which features two side pockets, perfect for keeping newborn essentials or small items clean and close for easy reach.

Designed with baby and parents in mind, Bugaboo Fox2 was sought to handle everyday strolls and adventures, therefore boasts a large sun canopy with two peak-a-boo windows providing ultimate sun coverage and airflow. Ideal for families are on the go the windows allow you to stay connected with your child even in world-facing position. 

In fact, everything about the Bugaboo Fox2 has been designed thinking of you and your baby’s comfort too. All the fabrics are made with premium materials and in an array of colour options all with single line stitching, so the Fox2 not only feels luxurious but looks elegant too.

Despite all these features, the Fox2 is still ultra-lightweight and robust, weighing 9.9kg, this stroller can hold up to 22kg – perfect for your growing child up to five years old. 

The new Bugaboo Fox3

Just when you think the Fox range can’t get any better, the Fox3 is here to amaze! The new Fox3 boasts all the same great features of the Fox2 but with some key additions – an unsurprising touch from Bugaboos innovative team.

Bugaboo Fox3

            Advanced Suspension

Large puncture proof wheels make for a smooth and steady ride while 4-wheel suspension means the Fox3 is perfect for long walks and even longer naps! The innovative central joint works in tandem with the whole stroller to absorb shocks and shakiness throughout the ride, perfect for cobblestones, curbs, and other big bumps!

            Harness Safety

Featuring new super-soft shoulder pads and 5-point buckle + secure straps, the harness can be secured independently making the Fox3 one of the safest seats in town. The chassis has been specifically designed to be sleek, sturdy, and easier to manoeuvre meaning you’re always in control going in any direction.


Advanced 3D mesh mattress enhances breathability and helps to regulate your little one’s body temperature for maximum comfortability, no matter the weather. The spacious bassinet also features a new ventilation system to further keep your newborn cool and comfortable in the first 6 months.

Bugaboo Fox3

            New Colours

The new Bugaboo Fox3 will be available from Natural Baby Shower in new fabric colours, designed to capture the world around you. The new colours are available in Black + Washed Black, Black + Forest Green, Black + Midnight, Graphite + Grey, Graphite + Dark Navy and Graphite + Stormy Blue.

            Styled by you

Choose hand-picked Styled by Bugaboo pushchair sets or you can even get creative and make your own. With a choice of three incredibly soft fabric types and textures, the premium, water repellent material makes it perfect against surprise spills or accidental scuffs.

Bugaboo’s game changing Fox3 is set to be the highlight of 2021; the new generation of Fox boasts an array of new and exciting features and compatible with a selection of perfect pairings including footmuffs and Turtle Air by Nuna car seat, a true show-stopper!