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Bugaboo Butterfly vs Joolz Aer

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If you’ve been following our launches recently, you’ll have noticed the buzz around the all-new Bugaboo Butterfly stroller. As Bugaboo’s new lightweight travel stroller, it’s been a huge contender in the compact stroller market, which is why we’ve put it to the test with some of the other big names, like the BABYZEN YOYO2 and now, the Joolz Aer! 

These airline-approved, super compact strollers are equally as impressive yet, boast distinguishable features that credit the brands behind them. The Joolz Aer and Bugaboo Butterfly are both perfect for city strolls, overseas vacations and on-the-go urban living, but let’s take a closer look at what to really look out for with each stroller…

Bugaboo Butterfly

As a firm favourite for millions of parents worldwide, we’re no strangers to praising the renowned quality of the Bugaboo range, including their car seats, pushchairs, travel cots and more.

Bugaboo’s most recent launch, the Bugaboo Butterfly is their sell-out, brand-new compact stroller that offers premium finishes and fantastic functionality.  The Bugaboo Butterfly is a sleek and compact stroller, fitted with durable connection points and just like its namesake - the butterfly, it is light, portable, and designed to adapt to its environment.

The Bugaboo Butterfly is perfect to embark on every adventure with as it’s been designed to adapt with a little one throughout the years. With an adjustable 5-position leg rest, it keeps them comfortable all ride long and, combined with an extra tall back rest, it offers fantastic adaptability to accommodate children from 6 months all the way up to 22kg.

Joolz Aer

Joolz also have a trusted reputation and strong product portfolio, with their luxury pushchair range boasting an eco-conscious focus.

In 2020 Joolz added to their product range by branching out into new territory with the release of the Joolz Aer- their compact and lighweight stroller. Joolz have always been passionate about creating the best products while keeping parent, baby and the environment in mind. The design is compact, easy-to-fold and has lots of handy features along with those extra little touches of luxury.

Despite being one of the lightest compact strollers on the market, the Joolz Aer doesn’t compromise on functionality. Transforming into a travel system, the stroller can be used with newborns, while its standard seat is suitable for babies starting from 6 months up to 22kg.

Stroller similarities

Side by side, the Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer ooze similar aesthetics, stand at around the same size and boast quite a few features that arguably make them very close competitors in the travel stroller department. So, let’s walk through some of the things you’ll find from both of these Dutch brands…

Small footprint

The size of these two strollers is almost identical to the eye and both cabin approved* but there are some slight differences to their measurements. From Bugaboo’s point of view, the dimensions are slightly more generous - yet still classed as a lightweight stroller - with a folded size of 54 x 45 x 23cm which is just a tad bigger than the Joolz Aer at 53.5 x 45 x 21.5cm.

However, this discrepancy is then balanced out, as the Joolz Aer unfolds to a slightly larger dimension of H105.5 xW45 x L83cm, compared with the Bugaboo Butterfly at H102.4 x W45 cm x L92.5 cm. Yet at such similar sizes, they both offer the same comfortable ride while being compact and agile.

Easy 1-second fold 

The Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer sets a new standard for compact strollers as they can both be folded down with just one hand, all in an impressive 1 second. They both fold by pressing the white button on the handlebar which triggers the immediate fold. The seats both fold in on themselves, creating a super compact footprint. This makes them perfect for transporting up into an overhead locker on a flight or in the car boot with just a single hand.

Four-wheel suspension

The wheels of both strollers are rubber-coated and are - more or less - the exact same size with both featuring a four-wheel suspension that is slightly lower at the front.  This is great if you plan on tackling lots of curbs in city environments as pressure is easier applied on the handlebars to raise the front of the stroller.

Leatherette handlebar

The fabrics that feature on the pushchairs are both premium and refined, with details such as a leatherette handlebar. While both handlebars are non-extendable (something to consider if you or your partner are quite tall) those extra little touches of luxury will make you stand out from the crowd and complete its sleek design.

Forward facing seat units

The Bugaboo Butterfly, like the Joolz Aer is forward-facing only, which means while your little one can’t sit parent-facing, it  does create a much taller seat with a higher backrest for comfortable, grow-with-me riding.

Breezy canopy

A hidden zip reveals a mesh inlay in the canopy for both the Joolz Aer and the Bugaboo Butterfly. Within the 4-panel sun canopy, the mesh peek-a-boo panel is perfect for sunny days and offers great ventilation. The translucent window is great to interact when strolling too, and all while the UPF50+ large canopy protects little one’s from any harmful UV rays.

Muted colourway

You’ll find that the Joolz Aer has a few more colour options than the Bugaboo Butterfly however, they both possess the same variety of muted, natural tones. The Joolz Aer options currently include; Elegant Blue, Ocean Blue, Mighty Green, Sage Green, Refined Black and Lovely Taupe.  Whereas the Bugaboo Butterfly, has currently launched 3 to choose from; Midnight Black, Forest Green, and Stormy Blue.

Carry strap portability

Typical of many travel strollers, included within the folded footprint of both of these pushchairs is an integrated carry strap which allows for hands-free portability when travelling. Perfect for airport adventures, stair climbing and navigating your way through the crowds with a stroller comfortably thrown over your shoulder.

Travel system compatible

Although the Bugaboo Butterfly seat unit isn’t suitable for newborns and there is yet to be a carrycot option, it does offer travel system compatibly with adapters for a car seat, which is a great option for short-term or occasional use!

Similarly, the Joolz Aer is also available to use with a car seat making a complete travel system stroller. Simply connect with the Aer’s car seat adapters, compatible with a variety of top car seats including the CYBEX Cloud ZMaxi Cosi Pebble 360 and more!

However, the bonus for the Joolz Aer is the ability to add a carrycot, which makes it safe to use from newborn and can even fold with chassis!

Bugaboo Butterfly’s unique features

Integrated leg rest

Included in the framework of this stroller sits an adjustable integrated leg rest, which is not included on the Joolz but can be purchased as an additional accessory. Paired with the Butterfly’s tallest seat back in the micro-size category, this is great for growing riders and money-conscious shopping.

Large spring-loaded basket

The mesh lined storage basket is large enough to fit lots of your baby essentials and shopping, with spring-loaded walls to keep everything on-board across all terrains.  Compared with the Joolz Aer’s 5kg basket capacity, the Butterfly’s Spring-loaded basket holds up to 8kg, making it perfect for those who often travel with lots in tow.

Lower price point

While both strollers offer fantastic value for money as feature-packed strollers, the Bugaboo does slightly undercut the Joolz in the price department. At £395, the Bugaboo Butterfly is £23 cheaper than the Joolz Aer though you should note, both come with a wealth of additional accessories so this margin could change depending on your complete pushchair package. 

Joolz Aer unique features

Newborn carrycot

The Joolz Aer carrycot means the Joolz Aer is suitable to use from birth. Even better, the carrycot doesn't just fold down compactly as a pushchair, it also folds down with it attached, making it perfect to take to the skies with a newborn in tow. It is easily detachable and even has little feet on the base to allow you to place on the floor without getting the bottom of the carrycot dirty.

Super lightweight 

The Joolz Aer is giving the entire compact stroller market competition, as it’s one of the lightest strollers out there. It weighs just 6kg so slightly lighter than the new Bugaboo Butterfly which is 7.3kg.


Instead of throwing plastic bottles away, Joolz have pioneered a recycled fabric scheme for some of their premium colourways including the Joolz Aer in Refined Black. By turning used recycled plastic into sustainable fabrics, they help to create a more sustainable  world for our future generations.

Joolz’s sustainability mission doesn’t stop there. For every stroller made they plant a tree. So, while your baby is flourishing into an amazing little human being, your tree is growing in one of the beautiful Birth Forests at the same time!


Bugaboo Butterfly

Joolz Aer




Weight Capacity







H102.4 x W45 cm x L92.5 cm

H105.5 xW45 x L83cm

Folded Dimensions

54 x 45 x 23cm

53.5 x 45 x 21.5cm.


All-wheel suspension

All-wheel suspension

Car Seat Compatible

·       Bugaboo Turtle One & Turtle Air by Nuna

·       Cybex Aton series & Cloud Q

·       Maxi-Cosi mica series car seats

·       Nuna PIPA series

·       Maxi-Cosi Pebble Joolz

·       Cybex Aton series & Cloud Q 

·       Nuna PIPA series


4 panel breezy sun canopy

Extendable with hidden peek-a-boo window

Basket capacity



Adjustable Handlebar




Bumper bar, cup holder, footmuff and performance winter footmuff, organizer, parasol, seat liner, smartphone holder, changing bag, backpack


adapters, mosquito net, footboard, leg rest, raincover, organiser, bumper bar, comfort cover, footmuff, backpack


The verdict

It’s no secret that these strollers are super similar in offering all the great functionality of a compact travel companion while being at a fairly similar price point.

However, the Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer do appeal to a different type of customer given the accessories included and the certain brand infusions that you’ll find on each model. For example, the Joolz Aer embodies their clear sustainability message and delivers on their positive design motto. Likewise, the Bugaboo Butterfly represents the refined durability of Bugaboo’s portfolio of products, with its sturdy frame and large basket bringing forth the importance of functionality.

For those who are looking for a newborn option, you may be more inclined to choose the Joolz Aer as the carrycot allows a from birth, meaning you'll make use of  your stroller, for longer.  Alternatively, the Bugaboo Butterfly can accommodate newborns in its travel system configuration which is ideal if you’re only looking for a short-term option.

Whichever stroller you decide to choose, the Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer are undeniably some of the best strollers you’ll find for city and urban living.

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