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Behind the scenes in sustainability

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At Natural Baby Shower everything has been chosen with you, your baby, and the planet in mind.

Our eco-values remain as strong as the very first day we set out on our mission and it's why all our 130 brands we now home champion our sustainability message!

Our brands all cater for the conscious shopper, however there are a few eco-heroes we want to highlight to celebrate their admirable efforts in protecting Mama Earth, commemorating Earth Day 2024!

From conscious brands and plastic-free products to recycled materials that are sustainably sourced and waste reducing, we’ve rounded up a few brands to look out for, including a few faces to the Natural Baby Shower family, such as leaders in car seat safety BeSafe

natural baby shower sustainability

Natural Baby Shower sustainability

We want to help bring up a baby with a carbon footprint as small as their own little feet. That's why we have 3 core values in our sustainability mission; taking responsibility, reducing waste and championing eco-initiatives. This is what we look for when onboarding each of our brands, but also how we operate across the Natural Baby Shower business. 

From reducing our use of paper with innovative technology to avoiding single use plastics, we also implement energy saving practices. All our packaging is sustainable and recyclable and we use only the essential amount with no space waste inside boxes.

We focus on our green shipping options to avoid part-shipping, working collaboratively with brands that support our mission, giving back to charities and no price competing. 

Our eco heroes

Conscious brands

These are some of our super-eco brands that we are so proud to support. With a core mission that mirrors our values, these brands are taking the extra steps to provide customers with sustainable options...


Back in August 2023, popular brand Bugaboo were proud to earn their B Corp certification. This means they are committed to making a positive impact on the world for future generations, and use their business as a force for good.

From taking good care of employees, to launching circular services and using sustainable materials, Bugaboo have always been a purposeful brand committed to making conscious choices. B Corp certification will continue to hold them accountable and push them to be better and do more. B Corp is a huge step for Bugaboo on their journey to become net zero by 2035, so B Corp is not a destination, it’s just one big step on their sustainability journey!

Read more about Bugaboo's B Corp journey.

B_Corp_900x900_Fox_bio_based | Natural Baby Shower


For almost 20 years, Ergobaby have been designing products that are loved by parents for their high quality, comfort and durability. They are also actively working on a plan to reduce their environmental impact through design, material choices and longevity of use. They are currently selecting and incorporating new materials with lower carbon footprints into their products and packaging that perform better and last longer than their current ones. 

They will also be extending their chemicals management program beyond regulatory requirements and seeking out alternatives that lessen their overall impacts on people and planet. 

One of their products, the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap, is now being made with a more sustainable material made from ethically sourced wood. Subsequently, all of their old versions are being replaced to make room for their more eco-conscious designs. 

We can't wait to see the amazing work Ergobaby will continue to do for our environment in the near future!


To contribute to a world for generations to come, JOOLZ's mission is a simple one, to plant a tree for every stroller they sell.

They plant a tree in what they call the JOOLZ "Birth Forest" which means while your little one is growing up, a tree is also growing in Columbia, Kenya or Nepal.

Working together with Tree-Nation, a planting community dedicated to fighting climate change, deforestation and poverty by planting trees. Together with the amazing locals they are giving new life to trees all around the globe. 

Find out more about Joolz' green mission!

joolz aer

Merino Kids

At Merino Kids, you'll find the entire collection is made with the powerhouse fibre that is merino wool.

This amazing, natural fabric is renewable, ethically sourced and kind to the planet making this one of most conscious brands.

Merino wool also requires less washing so is an energy saving material and it doesn't shed microplastics which can pollute the environment. It's one of the most green, premium materials to swaddle your little one in, day and night.

merino kids


Sustainability is embedded into the heart of KAOS, and when creating products, it is always front of mind. It’s no secret that the world is flooded with plastic, and KAOS is determined to do something about it. Together with Repreve, they recycle PET bottles derived from consumer waste, and turn them into durable, solid bags that withstand the test of time.

KAOS works closely with AION by AkerBiomarine to secure a circular plastic economy. The new version of the Klapp Highchair is manufactured with zero waste production, and made entirely from 100% recycled plastic from consumer waste. The chair also has 63% lower CO2 than fossil plastics!

Plastic free

Plastic free is the way to be! Brands that are plastic-free make it easy to make those smart swaps on all your family favourites. These brands use functional and sustainable plastic alternatives from materials such as bamboo, stainless and silicone.

Plan Toys

Plan Toys are leaders in plastic-free products and in all stages of business, they operate in a sustainable way to create imaginative and educational toys for little ones.

All Plan Toys are made from natural rubber wood trees that do not produce latex. They use a chemical-free kiln-drying process plus assemble the toys using a certified E-Zero formaldehyde-free glue. 

Plan Toys find the best eco-friendly materials around and do not use chemical dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals.

plan toys

Eco Rascals

Passionate about creating sustainably sourced dinnerware and cutlery, Eco Rascals entire range of bamboo and food-grade silicone cups, bowls, plates and more are made with environmentally friendly materials. 

Their simple yet sustainable choice of materials are not only great for the planet, but their suction-based design under plates and bowls help to keep dinner on the table and off the floor. A win win for the green parent!

eco rascals

Recycled materials

A product doesn't need to have just one life cycle which is why these brands are making sure their products are made thoughtfully with recycled materials. The perfect way to combat plastic pollution, many of these brands have created long-lasting, quality products out of waste such as recycled plastic bottles and more.

Tiba + Marl

Tiba + Marl are a brand committed to furthering sustainability - both from an environmental and social angle. Their packaging is either fully compostable, recyclable or oxi-biodegradable, while their full range is crafted from recycled materials and/or organic cotton.

Other materials they use such as their recycled polyester is made from post consumer plastic waste and recycled yarns, which reduces the production of virgin raw materials and the consumption of water, energy and natural resources. 

Tiba + Marl's mission is make products that last, and while wear and tear over time from frequent use is to be expected, their dedicated in-house atelier restores and repairs your items, so that they can last for as long as possible - supporting circularity and sustainability.

tiba & marl

Sustainably sourced

Freerider Co.

Freerider Co. is dedicated to crafting baby wrap carriers with the perfect balance of design, quality, and sustainability.

Wherever they are unable to make a product from 100% sustainable or recycled fabrics, Freerider Co. always prioritises plant-based fibres as opposed to less natural, more environmentally intensive alternatives. Their core fabric is the award-winning Austrian TENCEL™, a fibre of botanical origin that’s certified biobased and fully biodegradable. 

Their production process meets very strict sustainable values but that each fibre achieves the performance profile that our products demand. That's why their beautiful designs are all made from extra-strong, sustainable fabrics so your little one remains safe, secure, and snug.

freerider co

Waste reducing

Our philosophy is if you buy well, you will only buy once. That means investing in brands the develop clever and durable products is the most sustainable way to reduce your family's waste and help the planet. Reduce, reuse and recycle with these genius reusable products from even better brands.

Tots Bots Nappies

As one of the very first brands to join the NBS family, TotsBots hold a very special place in our hearts. Leaders in producing quality cloth nappies, their range is up to 40% better for the environment than disposables nappies. 

Everything from manufacturing to packaging is eco including reusing boxes for shipping where they can and recycling those they can’t. Plus, so that nothing goes to waste, they also donate any fabric nappies to Forever Angels and Watoto Kicheko, a baby home and orphanage in Tanzania.

tots bots


BeSafe include durable materials in their manufacturing such as aluminium which has extended the lifetime of around 15 years.

Car seat recycling has been a problem for years yet BeSafe are reducing their environmental impact on broken or expired child safety seats in making the exchange of parts a lot easier.

That means they are able to repair them if needed and after this time, the materials used can be recycled and easy to disassemble.

be safe

More from our brands

These are just a few handpicked brands that we want to highlight, however there are so many more amazing eco-initiatives and sustainability processes that our other brands are doing too. For all sustainable news and updates, keep an eye out on our blog!

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