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The Joolz mission for a cleaner and greener future

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Joolz have always been a brand who care about their products and people, but they also care about our planet and the impact they have on it. They believe, above all else, in simply living, loving and creating a better world for kids.

From the fabrics they use, to the manufacturers they work with, Joolz aims to work ethically and responsibly, and have a number of sustainability initiatives and goals for the future to help make the world a cleaner and greener place for our little ones to grow up in.

In this article, we are going to go through some of the ways Joolz are already having a positive impact on the environment, and also share some of their exciting and ambitious goals for the future.

Joolz Sustainability Initiatives

Tree Planting

One of Joolz’s most inspiring and impactful sustainability initiatives is their Birth Forest. They proudly work together with Tree-Nation, a community dedicated to fighting deforestation, and climate change by planting trees. Tree Nation also helps to support local communities around the world.

Every single Joolz stroller you see on the street is a tree in one of their Birth Forests across Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. When a customer buys a Joolz stroller, their tree is planted and they can stroll not only knowing that their little one is safe and comfortable in a premium pushchair, but also that they have helped to make the world a little bit greener for their little one.

So far, Joolz has planted 531,894 trees and counting. You can find out more about the forest of Joolz here.

Sustainable Materials

Joolz have a positive design philosophy, where they aim to create the best products for kids, parents and planet. In another effort to offset their impact and carbon footprint, Joolz released a collection of strollers that are made from fabrics which contain recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton and eco-friendly coatings.

Every little step counts, and Joolz are always looking at where they can improve and use more sustainable materials. They are starting to use recycled materials at every stage, including aluminium for the frame which is the largest contributor to carbon emissions.

Reusable Packaging

Joolz reusable packaging

To encourage parents and children to reuse, Joolz has designed their packaging so it can be cut up and remade into fun toys, dens, rockets and pirate ships for your little one.

Turning something that would normally be just thrown away or recycled into a fun and creative project for you and your little one. This will get them excited about the idea of reusing and recycling in the future and create lasting fun!

Ambitions for the Future

When it comes to sustainability, Joolz know that their work is never done. There are always going to be steps they need to take to reduce emissions, improve their manufacturing and operate more ethically. They have a number of exciting goals and ambitions for the future to help them reduce their footprint and encourage other brands to do the same.

Their main goal is to reduce their carbon footprint by 25%. They intend to do this by continuing to improve their manufacturing process, which is their largest footprint contributor (85%), and use more recycled and ethical materials.

Joolz are passionate about creating premium products of the highest quality and standards, made to last. They have a mission to extend their current stroller lifetime from six years to an impressive ten years. They want to encourage parents to take better care of the pushchairs to make them last longer, even though it means they won’t need to buy again as frequently, Joolz knows that the longer their strollers last, the lower their emissions and waste which is their main priority.

They are also keen to start focusing on refurbishment, replacing surfaces that touch the baby and that are prone to wear and tear, so that more parents can buy second hand and fewer perfectly good products go to waste.

Sustainability doesn’t just mean helping the environment, but communities too. Joolz have started to monitor their suppliers more closely and looking into the working conditions of their workers. They aim to continually improve their labour standards and do more work with charities and volunteering initiatives. 

Joolz are an inspiring and innovative brand that are always looking to improve and make a positive impact. They find the perfect balance between people, planet and profit and are always learning and adapting to keep it that way.

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