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Baby Shower gift ideas

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Heading off to a baby shower soon and not sure what to buy?

You need some inspiration but with an array of beautiful mother and baby products currently on the market, it’s hard to decide what to buy or how to know if someone else has purchased something similar.

Many mamas-to-be will often have an idea of the outstanding baby essentials they would love to receive, so be sure to ask prior to attending however, if you would like to gift something unknown have a little think about what sort of present you think they would love. Read on to see some of our most recommended baby shower gifts

What is a baby shower?

If you're pregnant and recently revealed the big news to family and friends, you may choose to throw a party - otherwise known as "baby shower" - to celebrate with your loved ones. After all, a new member of the family is on the way!

Baby showers have become increasingly popular in the UK over recent years but traditionally started in North America and Australia. As well as a day for making memories, baby showers are the perfect opportunity for expecting parents to receive gifts and supplies from their nearest and dearest. There are lots of different baby essentials to purchase for your little one which can be quite pricey when all added up. Baby showers not only help spread the cost of these goods, but they also add sentiment to gifts and could even provide a lovely present for you and your partner too.

Gift ideas 

1. A friend for life

A teddy bear or soft toy is the perfect keepsake for a newborn and will most likely stay with them for years throughout childhood. Many of us still remember our dear special toy, blanket or bear now, which is why we love the Moonie DouDou Cuddly Toy.  Made from delicate fabric and designed to absorb smell, this cuddly toy is perfect to strengthen the bond between parents and baby.

2. Capture memories

Many of us love to document our lives, whether that be on social media or in the family album, we capture many important moments in a photograph - especially when it involves our little ones. If you think your mama-to-be is a keen social-photographer, the Avery Row Milestone Discs are the perfect accessory to any newborn photo shoot. Each disc outlines a baby milestone from birth to 1 years old.

3. Ethical + Organic

At Natural Baby Shower, we pride ourselves on working with brands who value both quality and sustainability which is why we love the The From Babies with Love Organic Muslin Baby Shawl +  Scented Candle. This stunning gift tub includes an eco, luxury soy scented + an organic muslin baby shawl + swaddling wrap in natural. Plus, From Babies with Love support vulnerable Orphaned + Abandoned children around the world, ideal for a conscious mama-to-be.

4.  Babywearing

If you think your recipient plans on using a carrier with their baby, they will most likely love this alternative babywearing option from Freerider Co.  The Freerider Co. Baby Wrap Carrier is made from 100% Tencel fabric and offers hands-free movement, perfect from newborn to 30lb. Plus, it's easy to tie and offers a completely custom fit!

5. Birthday outfit

Although you may not be able to choose the outfit baby will wear once born, you can definitely provide some cute options for the birthday wardrobe! The MORI Soak & Sleep Set is an ideal gift set to give to a new baby or for a Baby Shower. This 3 piece set comes in a lovely MORI box with MORI decorative paper inside. It includes a sleepsuit, bodysuit and hooded bath towel - everything they need to start off with.

6.  Essential for baby

A muslin or blanket will be a baby essential, whether to add a soft layer to cooler days or protect clothing during feeding times, it is the ideal baby shower gift. The Little Green Sheep Organic Knitted Cellular Baby Blanket is perfect as it's breathable, soft and lightweight to help keep a little one safe and warm all year round. From part of the Little Green Sheep With Love collection, it's made with 100% organic cotton too.

7. For Mama

Carrying a mini-human for 9 months is not an easy job, so getting a gift to treat mama will be very much appreciated. To help aid the months throughout pregnancy and give something useful, The Bookspeed "The Little Book of Self Care" book by Beccy Hands + Alexis Stickland is a perfect option. The book contains insider tips on keeping comfortable, happy and calm on however a pregnancy and birth may unfold - perfect for a first time mama.