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Baby proofing your garden

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It's finally time to venture outdoors and safely enjoy some sunshine, but how can can you be assured your garden is baby-proofed?

In preparation for your garden get-togethers this summer, you have most likely identified some of the more obvious hazards in the garden already, such as removing harmful plants or covering an exposed pond, however as your little one begins to walk, crawl or roll, even the most seasoned parent can find themselves amazed how quickly their baby or toddler can move.

Nevertheless, the garden is undeniably one of the best places for your little one to explore, play and burn off some energy so although it’s important to safeguard this area, you can also make sure to keep it a fun environment. From sun-sheltering your newborn to shaping a fortified area for travelling toddlers, we’re here to recommend a whole host of essentials to help your garden party run smoothly this summer.

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Gates & Surfaces

It is likely you will be moving to and fro from indoors to outdoors for anything such as restocking on nibbles to guests using the toilet and so a gate is always a good idea to help contain your little ones in one desired space. The Fred indoor safety range includes a selection of fabulously-designed baby gates such as the Fred screw fit acrylic panel gate, featuring FastMount installation technology it is quick and easy to install and remove when needed.

If you find your garden comprises of a lot of hard surfaces such as a patio, decking or paving, investing in playmats will ensure cushioned landings for any potential tumbles. Depending on the age of your baby or toddler there is a whole range of playmats to suit your needs. The Tiny Love Super Mat Magical tales is perfect for outdoor fun, bonding and communication with your baby. Designed to encourage cognitive development, you can rest assured your little one has a soft space to play and stay interested in their environment. 

For a multipurpose playmat, the Close Parent Twilight playmat is perfect for taking on-the-go and folding away easily for storage. Featuring one side of soft, fleeced fabric and the other a waterproof lining, this large playmat is a great option to cover hard surfaces and withstand any spillages.

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Playpens & UV Tents

If you’re lucky enough to experience good weather for your garden party, creating a more enclosed space with playpens and tents offer protection from harmful UV rays and provides a fun area for your little one. The Babymoov Babyni Playpen is a great option to shelter your baby whilst they play and with its easy pop up system can be easily folded and transported. Babymoov also offer a 3-in-1 playpen option, the Aquani playpen is ideal to use not only as a play area, but also as paddling pool. Featuring a detachable UV canopy, you can rest assured your baby is protected from the sun all day long.

Outdoor Toys and Games

Hosting anything is always a little trickier when you must assume the role of children’s entertainer, so why not help keep them amused with a selection of outdoor toys and games?

The Plan Toys Mini Golf set is great for the whole family to enjoy, consisting of 2 golf clubs, 2 wooden balls and 3 tracks, this comprehensive set is sure to keep all your guests occupied.

For solo play, the Olli Ella Fairy Tale Play’n’Pack bag is filled with imaginative tools for hours of creative fun with the bonus of less mess inside! Plus, the wooden fairy wand is the perfect accessory for a garden-fairy adventure.

Alternatively, if you plan on making a splash this summer, the Liewood Leonore Pool is a stylish must-have for those hotter days. Perfect for your little ones to cool down, the Leonore pool is suitable from 1+ years and remember, a little bit of water is enough if you have a very young baby, nevertheless make sure to supervise at all times.

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Baby-care essentials

We love products that make life a little easier, especially if you’ve got a busy day planned. As the UK heatwave approaches, taking some time to consider the smaller essentials will be key to safeguarding your little ones when outside in the sun - and that means you can spend more time enjoying the garden with them too!


To ensure the safety of your children while around water, swim vests provide peace of mind when the paddling pool is out. We recommend a lightweight, comfortable option that will keep your baby cool. The Splash About Go Splash swim vests are made from quick drying, robust and UPF50+ material and the array of Splash Abouts wonderful designs, you’re sure to find a style to suit.


If your outside space doesn’t have much shade, it is a good idea to invest in a parasol or UV tents, especially for young babies. Babies under 6 months need to be kept out of direct sunlight at all times, particularly as sun creams can irritate their sensitive skin. Infant skin is more prone to sun damage due to the lack of melanin in their early years. Children over 6 months old should wear a high factor sun cream, such as the Toddle Sun wind balm spf 50+ and try to keep out of direct sunlight from the hours of 11am – 3pm.

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For the more active toddlers, keeping them in the shade for a substantial period of time may seem quite a mission. To tackle this, sunhats with wide brims and long flaps will protect your child’s scalp, ears and neck while they’re on the move. Specifically hats with an elasticated or velcro strap such as the Lassig spotted sun protection hat will prevent them from slipping, meaning you can relax knowing your little one is protected.


Lastly, it is common to spend time protecting your baby’s skin from the sun, but often we don’t realise how important it is to shield their eyes too. The Babiators range is perfect for your garden explorers, made from flexible rubber and 100% UV protected shatterproof lenses, they're sure to withstand play time.

For more information head over to our Sun Safety Tips for Children blog to learn more about how to protect your children this summer.

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