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Autumn-inspired baby names

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Expecting your babe to arrive this autumn? Or are you hoping to get pregnant throughout this ambient time and simply love everything to do with the season?

Then, these fall-inspired names for little ones capture the colours, tastes, smells and traditions of these golden months.

Here's the rundown of some of our favourites from Nameberry's trending list...

autumn names


1. Amber

(Arabic origin) meaning "jewel". Amber is the perfect autumn-inspired girl name, named after the fossilised tree resin found in jewellery. While it gained massive popularity in the late 20th Century, just like Amber jewels, it's becoming more rare.

2. Robin/Wren

(English origin) Perfect if you're expecting twins, both of these names refer to small English birds with warm brown and reddish hues. A robin bird symbolises hope, renewal, and rebirth, while the name Wren is primarily a female name of English origin that means 'small bird'.

3. Daphne

(Greek origin) meaning "laurel tree". The name Daphne derives from the laurel tree which is a beautiful evergreen that flourishes in the autumn. Daphne is also the timeless heroine from the Scooby Doo franchise and with auburn hair and her purple dress, she is the ultimate embodiment of classic fall colours.

4. Gaia

(Greek origin) meaning "earth". In Greek mythology Gaia was the mother goddess and was also known as "mother earth". Gaia is also one of our much loved brands, offering a selection of gorgeous nursery pieces that would compliment any autumn-inspired nursery.

5. Willow

(English origin) meaning "willow tree" and "freedom". Dating back to ancient Britain, Willow was considered one of the most spiritual and elegant trees that was believed to possess magical powers. Perfect if your little girl arrives during the spooky season!

6. Paisley

(Scottish origin) means "place of worship". This lovely name also refers to the fresh autumn fabric that was originally designed and manufactured in Paisley, Scotland. 

7. Orla

(Irish origin) meaning "golden princess". Orla would make a great fit for an autumn baby girl. Orla Lassus, the music composer is its most famous namesake, which makes this name both pleasing to the ears and the imagination!


10. Casper

(American origin) means "treasurer". Casper is the perfect Halloween themed name after Casper: The Friendly Ghost. It has increased in popularity over the last few decades, especially with parents across the pond. 

11. Radley 

(English origin) Radley is habitational name for a place, taken from an Old English phrase to mean 'red', 'wood' and 'clearing'. Radley conjures precious images of autumn strolls, and evening sunsets. 

12. Bruno

(German origin) Bruno in German translates to "brown". This European name has spread far and wide, with many loving its connection to the brown, crunchy leaves that fall in Autumn.  

13. Cedar

(American origin) means "cedar trees that turn both red and yellow" as seen during the autumn season. The name is chosen by many parents for their fall babies.

14. Phoenix

(Greek origin) meaning "crimson".  If autumn was - admittedly, a mythical bird - then autumn would likely be a Phoenix. With flaming reds, oranges and golds, the Phoenix perfectly represents the autumnal palette and is a pretty cool baby name to sport.

15. Hunter

(English origin) meaning "pursuer" This name reflects the age-old role of the hunter and gatherers. While the hunting season may not be an influential namesake for your little one, images of time spent in the autumnal-wilderness for your September to December baby is equally as beautiful. 

Gender neutral

16. Rory

(Irish origin) means "red".  Rory is a gender-neutral name that has become Anglicized from the Irish word ‘Ruadh’. Aside from the gorgeous red colours seen in autumn, Rory is also one of the two main protagonists in the ultimate, cosy-fall series, Gilmore Girls.

17. Lennox

(Scottish origin) means "elm tree". Lennox is derived from Celtic origins related to the elm tree which automatically conjures up images of falling leaves and crisp autumnal days. The name's etymology, the elm tree, has long been associated with Celtic mythology with links to fairies, elves, and the underworld meaning it's the ideal spooky name for your little halloween baby.

18. Rain

(British origin) meaning “abundant blessing from above.” Rain or Raine is a sweet, gender-neutral name which is of course, is perfect for little ones born in the UK where we will likely see our fair share of wetter days. 

19. Raven

(English origin) means "dark hair" or "wise bird". The raven is both revered as a spiritual figure associated in witch-like fables. During autumn, ravens are also typically kept away with scarecrows to protect the season's crops. 

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