Autumn-inspired baby names

If you’re expecting your bundle to arrive this autumn, hoping to get pregnant throughout this ambient time or just love everything to do with the season, these fall-inspired names for baby boys and girls, capture the colours, tastes, smells and traditions of these golden months.

A recent study by GigaCalculator revealed most popular autumn-themed baby names of last year. The online calculator site surveyed 2,185 people and researched via Nameberry to land on the top boy names and fall girl names.

Here's the rundown of our favourites name options...


1. Amber

(Arabic origin) meaning "jewel". Amber is the perfect autumn-inspired girl name, named after the fossilised tree resin found in jewellery.  

2. Sienna

(Italian origin) means reddish-brown and often associated with the colours of the autumn. The palette of Liewoods' new Autumn range features a stunning new colour-way called Sienna.

3. Robin/Wren

(English origin) Perfect if you're expecting twins, both of these names refer to small English birds with warm brown and reddish hues.
A robin bird symbolises hope, renewal, and rebirth, while the name Wren is primarily a female name of English origin that means Small Bird.

4. Gaia

(Greek origin) meaning "earth". In Greek mythology Gaia was the mother goddess and was also known as "mother earth". 


5. Casper

(American origin) means "treasurer". Casper is the perfect Halloween themed name after 'Casper: The Friendly Ghost.' 

6. Radley 

(English origin) Radley is habitational name for a place, taken from an Old English phrase to mean 'red', 'wood' and 'clearing'.

7. Flynn 

(American origin) Flynn means "red-haired one". A perfect name inspired by the colours of trees in autumn as they lose their leaves.

8. Bruno

(German origin) Bruno in German translates to "brown".  It has become so popular, there are even famous name bearers of this name such as singer Bruno Mars. 

9. Perry

(American origin) means "fruit that is harvested in the fall season" - a great choice for little one's with an autumn due date.

10. Cedar

(American origin) means "cedar trees that turn both red and yellow" as seen during the autumn season.

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