aden + anais Embrace Weighted Blanket review

aden + anais is loved by so many parents for their range of beautiful muslin must-haves including bibs, blankets, clothes, sleeping bags, toys, and more. Their commitment to creating products that combine style and versatility without sacrificing on quality and comfort has made them a trusted brand of choice for more than a decade. 

The aden + anais Embrace Weighted Blanket is uniquely designed to provide a calming effect and more peaceful sleep for toddlers. It achieves this through strategically placed weighted beads throughout the trim, chest, and foot panels of the weighted blanket to provide gentle pressure, easing bedtime tensions and keeping the blanket in place for uninterrupted sleep.

aden + anais Weighted Blanket Embrace blanket

These hugely popular weighted blankets are both hypoallergenic and consist of non-toxic micro-glass weighted beads which are safely and securely concealed in three layers of fabric. The weighted blanket guidelines are designed to replicate 10% of the child’s body weight however, please note that the blanket weight should not exceed 10% of body weight (minimum 26.5lbs). 

Our team of parent testers put the aden + anais Embrace Weighted Blanket to the test to see if this was the night time solution for their little sleepers...

Parent tester- Keira Bland

We were so excited to receive the aden + anais Embrace Weighted Blanket in the post and "it could not have arrived at a better time" - says the tired mother with a frequent waking toddler and a new baby. I have to say, I was impressed that the parcel arrived in no time at all and the packaging was superb; very secure. The item was wrapped beautifully in the Natural Baby Shower eco-friendly, breathable bag along with a thoughtful thank you information card enclosed. We were in love with the 'Dream Forest' design on the weighted blanket, so beautiful yet modern and calming, "very fitting for winter" I thought, a perfect gift for Christmas!

aden + anais packaging
The material on the cotton blanket felt so luxurious, I really think the testing and design that went into making this blanket is incredible, especially how the beads are laid out perfectly in the correct areas to help your child feel safe and secure in their beds - it's so clever! It was almost bedtime when we opened the package so it was perfect to get started and test right away. I had high expectations for this product in the hope it would help our 3yr old daughter who regularly wakes throughout the night. 

aden + anais dream blanket

The dream forest blanket looked very cute on my daughter's bed in her room; very neutral and she absolutely loved it. I read all the instructions on how to lay the blanket correctly and my daughter felt very comfortable and secure in her bed that night, she particularly likes the feel of her feet being snuggled and the diamond weight on her chest which made her cosy. One slight niggle would be that the blanket could be slightly larger across for children who turn in their sleep so there is enough blanket either side to keep over them however this did not hinder its performance for us.
aden + anais weighted blanket asleep review
After the first night me and my husband woke up and were absolutely amazed! It has been some time since our daughter had slept through the night without waking, perhaps it was just a one off but we started to use it every night for a few weeks now and we have finally found a solution, an absolute miracle should I say. Our daughter is sleeping much better now with the odd wake up from her baby sister but she is getting back to sleep without us and feeling safe and secure in her own bed.

We are so lucky we found the aden + anais blanket and I 100% could not live without this product it really has been a gamechanger for our family. We all sleep much better and our daughter is getting the sleep she needs, plus it looks gorgeous as a throw on her bed when she's not sleeping. Thank you aden + anais for this amazing blanket, we found the perfect solution for our daughter and this in turn has made our family so happy - It gets our 100% seal of approval!

Parent tester - Kate Scott

I’ve been blessed with two curious, adventurous, zany children - who unfortunately do not like to sleep! When I saw the aden + anais Embrace Weighted Toddler Blankets on Natural Baby Shower’s Instagram page, I was curious. I’d heard that weighted blankets could help restless sleepers, but could it really make a difference to my small sleep thief’s nighttime routine?

Natural Baby Shower were kind enough to let me product test a blanket and we were able to choose from one of three gorgeous prints. My two year old daughter chose a lovely pale grey woodland print and we waited excitedly for it to arrive. She was thrilled when her “special blanket” arrived and it quickly became the favourite at bedtime - no mean feat for a fussy toddler!
aden + anais blanket review

The blanket is made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton, with micro-glass weighted beads stitched securely into the trim, chest and foot of the fabric. It provided a comforting, gentle pressure while not being too heavy or overbearing.
In the first week of using it, I noticed that it helped reduce my daughter’s restlessness at night and promoted more peaceful sleep. It also seemed to help with the transition from cot to "big-kid bed", which happened soon after. The weight of the blanket provided the feeling of a hug, perfect for my daughter who often likes to be held or touched while drifting off to sleep. As a bonus, it can also be safely thrown into the washing machine or dryer without removing any covers or inserts - a must-have for parents who seem to be endlessly washing children’s bedding!
aden + anais colour fabirc

The blanket is towards the higher price point for children’s bedding and that would normally give me pause before purchasing. It was also smaller than I expected, though suitable for a cot or toddler bed. However, given the advantages in providing a more restful sleep for both my daughter and I, I think it would be money well spent. I’ve also owned other aden + anais products and always found them to be excellent.

I would definitely recommend the aden + anais weighted toddler blankets to any parent looking for a high quality weighted blanket and the benefits they can offer.