Nappy Voucher Schemes

Save your pennies and the planet.
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Real Nappies for London

Claiming your discount

Claiming your discount is easy if you live in one of the participating London Boroughs and already have a valid voucher. If you don't have a voucher and your baby is under 18 months, you can apply for one via

Your voucher is only valid against cloth nappies and nappy accessories purchases (excluding clothing, toiletries, swim nappies, eco-disposables etc.) To use your voucher please follow the steps below:

  • Select and add all your required purchases to your cart
  • In the voucher code box enter the name of the Borough from your voucher
  • The correct discount will then be applied against valid purchases
  • Orders may total more than the voucher and additional balance paid at checkout
  • If the purchase is less in value, the voucher may not be used again and no change will be given
  • The voucher may only be redeemed against goods and not postage costs
  • Once your order has been placed please email your voucher to
  • Goods will be dispatched once the voucher has been received and the voucher validity has been verified

Real Nappy Campaign Wales

Claiming your discount

Qualifying parents can recieve up to three £25 vouchers per child. The vouchers have different validity periods extending from birth to 18 months. Vouchers can only be spent on real nappy items, such as wraps, liners etc. Unfortunately you are unable to spend the vouchers on buckets, bags etc. If you are interested in buying a 'birth to potty 20 pack' please contact us and we can arrange for the whole amount of the vouchers to be used on one purchase.

Participating Boroughs

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