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Your expert guide to nursing pillows with bbhugme

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Every parent wants to make sure their little one is comfortable and supported when nursing so that they are both able to enjoy the best feeding experience.

While the right nursing pillow is the key to ensuring a smooth-sailing feed and even sweeter cuddles, so many new parents also want to know how to maximise on the benefits of their nursing pillow - sounds like you?

There are so many different types of nursing pillows on the market yet bbhugme create an extensive, award-winning range of carefully crafted nursing pillows that provide exceptional support during feeding time.

So, we've spoken to one of the experts behind bbhugme, Kendall Sonnenberg to answer all your top questions to help guide you find the perfect nursing companion.

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bbugme Nursing Pillows

Let's introduce you to the bbhugme Nursing Pillow range...

These pillow pioneers have been developing products that provide both parents and little ones with an ergonomically correct positioning for feeding time. 

Their gorgeous selection of nursing pillows come in various prints and are filled with EPS beads which adjusts the shape to sit comfortably while offering a firm support by tightening or releasing the end straps. 

Difference between a pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow

Firstly, if you're wondering - what's the difference between pregnancy and nursing pillows? You should note that both are the perfect support you need during two of life's most precious moments.

You can differentiate the two if you consider pregnancy pillows offer a unique five-point body support to help make the body's journey through pregnancy comfier as baby grows. Whereas the smaller nursing pillow can be adjusted for stress-free breastfeeding or feeding experience in the home or away.

However, we love that both pillows let you focus on nothing but bonding with a new bundle of joy!

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Q&A Kendall Sonnenberg, Registered Nurse and Certified Lactation Consultant at bbhugme

Q. Why is a nursing pillow beneficial?

A. A nursing pillow is beneficial for both mum and baby. First, to protect your own body and health. Feeding a newborn happens around-the-clock, and whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you will be spending many hours supporting and holding your baby.

During these times, body positioning is so important. Being improperly positioned can create new strains, pain, and injuries in your neck, back, shoulders, and arms. This is a time to focus on your recovery from childbirth and feeding and caring for your new baby, and you don’t want to create new injuries that then need to be treated.

Your baby will also benefit from being properly positioned at the level of the breast, which helps ensure a deep, comfortable latch and efficient milk transfer.

In addition, being comfortable is necessary for your milk supply. Pain and stress can hinder or delay your milk ejection reflex or “let down” and over time this can lead to less milk transfer and less milk production. So prioritising your comfort is also key to maintaining adequate milk production.

Q. Are nursing pillows helpful for c-section mamas?

A. Absolutely. The pillow can help distribute your baby’s weight so that you have less pressure directly on your c-section wound. A pillow also creates a buffer so that you don’t feel every wiggle, kick, or punch from your baby.

After a c-section it’s important to be comfortable, so I would recommend switching up your positions – try side lying or laid back – so that you are able to recline and not engage your core too much in the early days after delivery.

Q. Are nursing pillows just for breastfeeding mums?

    A. Not at all! Bottle-feeding mums and dads need the same kind of support when they’re feeding and bonding with their babies. Proper body alignment helps to maintain comfort and prevent strain injuries for all parents.

    Proper positioning of the baby is also important for paced bottle-feeding, since it helps babies drink at a comfortable pace, control the flow, and take breaks when they need it.

    Feeding a new baby is a learning curve no matter what, and anything you can do to make the experience more comfortable for you and your baby can make a big difference in your success.

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    Q. Are there any other uses for a nursing pillow?

      A. Babies need a lot of contact with their parents, especially when they’re newborns, and even if you’re not feeding them, the pillow can be used to provide comfort and support to both of you during playtime and when resting together.

      Please note, babies should never sleep on any pillow, or be left unattended with one. Check with your care provider for more information on safe sleep guidelines.

      Q. What might we not know about the bbhugme nursing pillow?

        A. You might not know that it is, in my opinion, the most versatile and easily-customised nursing pillow out there. It’s filled with microbeads that hug and mould to your body, so there aren’t any awkward gaps between your body and the pillow.

        While most other pillows have a static “one size fits all” c-shape that only works for some bodies and babies, this one can be adjusted to fit anyone. It also has extra-long ties that allow you to tie it around you at the correct height.

        This helps keep it in place so that you’re feeding your baby at the height of the breast and not down in your lap. I also love that the pillow can be untied and used to support mum’s arms or behind her neck during laid back nursing; it really has so many uses!

        The cover is also removable and washable, and you can buy extra covers. This is a very convenient feature, since you will have a lot of spills and leaks and will likely need to wash your cover frequently. It also comes with an over-the-shoulder travel bag and is very light and easy to pack, unlike others that are bigger and bulkier.

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        Q. As an expert, why do you recommend a nursing pillow?

          A. A lot of women that I take care of feel ambivalent about getting a nursing pillow, they often will ask me “do I really need it?”. I feel that nursing pillows are truly must-haves because they facilitate comfort, and this is what you need in order to meet your breastfeeding goals, or to be physically supported when bottle-feeding.

          A pillow that supports the baby at the level of the breast will allow mum to focus on mastering the latch and ensuring that her baby is transferring milk well. Over time, as the baby gets older, you may feel like the pillow is not needed, but you will be so thankful for the support it provided to get you off to a good start.

          Q. What's your favourite thing about the bbhugme nursing pillow?

            A. I love its tie-around design, and really think that this is what makes it stand out from other nursing pillows. This allows you to secure it around your waist at the correct height, so that you can bring the baby up to the correct height at your nipple and secure a good latch, if you’re breastfeeding.

            Many nursing pillows are designed so that the pillow (and the baby) are down in your lap, which is often too low. Also, many of them have a very static shape that doesn’t necessarily fit different bodies and needs – both for mom and baby. The firmness and shape of the bbhugme pillow can be adjusted that so you can customize it. This is especially useful as the baby grows, your postpartum body changes shape and size, and you get more comfortable with breastfeeding.

            bbhugme nursing pillow

            Q. How to wash and clean your bbhugme nursing pillow

              A. The bbhugme nursing pillow has an inner pillow, an outer cover, and two pebbles, which are used to secure the cover and adjust the pillow’s firmness. Do not put the inner pillow in the washing machine, as this will ruin it. If needed, you can spot-clean the inner pillow with a damp cloth.

              The cover can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees, and you should hang it up to dry it – don't put it in the dryer. As I mentioned before, it can be useful to buy an extra cover to swap them out on laundry day.

              There are a lot of beautiful colors and designs to pick from, which also lets you show off your personal style. The pebbles can be washed with warm water or put in the dishwasher.

              About the author

              Kendall is a Registered Nurse and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and Health Professional Manager at bbhugme. With a well-rounded experience in high-risk pregnancy and postpartum hospital units as well as women's health clinics, she has acquired a unique clinical skill set. She has also worked closely with mothers, babies and their families for over 14 years, and has provided expert care for families during all stages of pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

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