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Yoto Player + Mini vs Tonies Toniebox

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In a world of screens, parents love the child-friendly, interactive alternative to entertainment that both Tonies and Yoto players offer with portable, easy-to-use audio devices. Designed to encourage the imagination of little ones, audio players are paving the way for independent play time so, it comes as no surprise why they’re on many Natural Baby Shower Christmas lists.

Despite offering very similar features, the Yoto Player and Tonies Toniebox have a few noticeable differences - perfect to suit different families. If you’re wondering which audio player would be best suited for your little one, we’ve assembled the information you need to help shop… 

Tonies Toniebox vs Yoto Player and Mini Player

Yoto Player

The Yoto Player is an innovative, connected, screen-free audio device which allows little ones to be fully in control by using tangible ‘smartcards’. Each Yoto card can be inserted into the Yoto Player where it then downloads the content from the server. Once it has downloaded the content, it can then be used without being connected to WiFi on future occasions.  

This offline playback feature contains 8Gb of audio storage (140 hrs) and is perfect for travel and trips outside of WiFi parameters, so playtime can happen whenever, wherever!

Yoto player review

In addition to its main purpose, the Yoto Player has a few additional features too. Something that is unique to the Yoto Player is the pixel display. This little screen displays pixelated images corresponding to the content playing. Plus with the Make Your Own Cards you can even create your own little pixel-picture!

Yoto player features

As mentioned above you can also use the Yoto Player as a Bluetooth speaker. Simply connect your phone to the player and you are good to play whatever audio you can access from your phone. Yoto even included a nightlight feature and a child-friendly sleep-timer.

The Yoto Player is complemented by an ever-growing library of content cards featuring some of the very best children’s audio from authors such as Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl and Judith Kerr plus a selection of music, podcasts, radio and more.

One distinguishing element is the Yoto Player’s exterior which includes two orange-coloured dials on top; these controllers regulate the volume on the player and are also used to switch on an array of features such as a daily podcast, radio and Bluetooth. Plus, the Yoto controls are customisable via the corresponding app. The outer casing consists of adventure jacket on – a silicone layer that protects the player.

"Bought as a gift for my granddaughter . Good value with the starter pack included and will be able to add to it with accessories. Easy to set up . Fast delivery from one of my favourite go to stores."

- Review by Karen

Yoto Mini Player

The Yoto Mini Player boasts many of the same great features of the Yoto Player, yet a more portable size. Although the original Yoto Player is portable, the Yoto Mini is made especially so that it can be charged up and taken with you wherever you go. Once it has downloaded the content, you don’t have to be connected to WiFi in order to play it; the Mini offers the same great offline playback feature with a whopping 16gb (around 350 hours) worth of storage!

The battery will last around 20 hours when WiFi is disabled and slightly less when it is connected to WiFi – between 15 and 18 hours depending on whether it is streaming or playing downloaded content, and the volume etc.

You can even use the same great Yoto cards inside the Mini as you can the original Yoto player, which is great if you already own the larger model. Yoto cards simply slot into the top exactly like they do in the original Yoto and the story or music will start playing automatically and stop when the card is removed.

The Yoto Mini does not come with a nightlight like the larger model does, however it still features a sleep clock - although it isn’t as visible as the one on the larger machine. Yet, you can set the brightness of the display and the length of time that it will show before going to sleep mode in the Yoto App. You can still activate the Yoto Daily podcast and the Yoto day and night Radio using the buttons. It has a headphone port just like the Player version and you can still use it as a Bluetooth speaker when connected to other devices.

The Yoto Mini exterior is a little different to the original, it has an on/off button on the side, and two buttons which both push and twist to operate however they’re on the front instead of on the side, and the display is smaller. The Mini charges via a USB C charger rather than the larger magnetic charging dock meaning it’s very travel friendly.  

Lastly, the separate silicone sleeve ‘Adventure Jacket’ is also available which protects the player. The colourful silicone shell makes it easier to grip for little hands, and it comes with a colour co-ordinated lanyard for safe carrying.

Tonies Toniebox

Tonies have created the very popular Toniebox; the innovative audio system that lives in over 1 million homes around the world! The Toniebox is similarly a portable digital audio player for children where audiobooks and songs are played via placing a small figurine on the top of the box.

Tonies are on a mission to improve every families 'quality time' with entertainment ideas courtesy of the Toniebox. Discover more on how to use the Toniebox for family-time fun and enjoy 10% off until 31st January on all Tonies!

Each child can enjoy stories and songs with the help of their favourite collectable characters, suitable from 3 years or an age where your little one can recognise a song!  Since the collectibles are magnetised, each character can stay firmly on the top of the box even on the move.

Similar to Yoto Players, the Toniebox offer Creative-Tonies that allow you to add up to 90 minutes of your own content via the smartphone app or via the Tonies website. You can record or download your own audio, making it personal and special for all of the family to enjoy!

Perfect for travel, the Toniebox can connect to the Tonie Cloud so once downloaded, stories can be played anywhere and everywhere for up to 7 hours. There are also stylish headphones and carriers to help listen to music on the move, or even create your own fun audio together! 


The Toniebox is designed to be super simple, it has two characteristics “ears” and the Toniebox is simply switched on by placing a Tonie on top and pressing one of the volume controls.

Plus, the almost cushion-like feel of the Toniebox is great for padded protection against any bumps and tumbles too, perfect for play with little ones.

The Toniebox starter set comes at a similar price point as the Yoto with the starter set offering a Creative-Tonie character too and most Tonies collectibles are priced at  £14.95.

The Yoto Player, which comes with an overwritable welcome card, has an RRP of £79.99. The story cards for the Yoto Player cost up to around £9 yet the starter pack bundle includes 7 stories, songs and podcasts for £89.95.

"I purchased this for my grandson and it has proved to be a brilliant idea. Not only can he use it unaided and listen to his favourite stories, we have also recorded stories via the app which has kept us close during the pandemic."
- Review by Janice



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