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Wonder Wool

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We’re suckers for wool and what better time to share our love for it than Wool Week - not that we need an excuse!

We could go on for quite a long time about the benefits of wool and why we love it, there is a long list of amazing features the natural fibre has. It’s one of the most natural, kind-to-skin, naturally fire retardant fibres around, and let’s not forget it’s also eco-friendly AND biodegradable. Which means wool is better for you and better for the planet!

Wonder Wool

When you think of baby products made from wool you may think of the chunky matching hat and scarf your Nan painstakingly slaved over for your little one, with perhaps questionable results (it’s the thought that counts!) But there are some gorgeous products out there for your little one that are made from the wonder fibre that is wool. In celebration of wool week, we have bought together our personal favourite wool products to show you. Get ready to swoon!


Brands that will make you fall in love with wool…


Merino Kids

Merino Kids are the champions of wool products. All of their products are made from Merino wool which comes from the Merino Sheep, who are famed for their fine, soft wool and their ability to thrive in extreme climates. Merino wool is the perfect material for babies as the very fine fibre makes merino wool much softer and luxurious against delicate skin compared to traditional wool types.

Wonder Wool

All of Merino Kids products also help to regulate your babies temperature, which they are unable to do for themselves at such a young age. The fibre in merino wool have temperature regulating properties meaning it keeps your little one warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Merino wool also has natural anti-microbial properties that make it odor-resistant as well as being so soft that it is often suitable for those that would normally suffer from allergic reactions. These properties as well as the hard wearing, durable and natural elasticity make Merino wool an ideal choice for children’s clothing.

Merino Kids at Natural Baby SHower

As well as all of these amazing qualities, Merino Kids products are simply gorgeous! They range from newborn Cocooi range perfect for bringing home your little bundle from the Hospital, from sleeping bags  ideal for a safe nights sleep and cute clothes perfect for the day or layering up. How can you resist?


Heitmann Felle

Heitmann Felle are a German company who produce high quality, super soft natural wool baby products. All of Heitmann Felle products are Okeo Tex approved lambskin. Oeko-Tex is an independent testing system for textiles. By choosing a product made of Oeko-Tex certified materials, you as a parent can be sure your baby is surrounded by materials free from hazardous substances or harmful chemicals. Meaning your little one is always safe and naturally looked after with Heitmann Felle.

Wonder Wool

Heitmann Felle specialise is cosy blankets, footmuffs, booties and mittens made from naturally warm lambskin and lambswool. It is well known that lambskin offer babies a deep sense of well being and comfort. The inherent qualities of lambskin are temperature balancing and they relieve pressure points - the skin to skin contact is not only enjoyable, but calming and soothing for young babies and children. All of Heitmann durable products provide optimum heat insulation and a natural temperature balance to keep your little one cosy and safe whilst looking adorable.



Superlove are another amazing brand that use 100% ethically farmed merino wool for their products.

The company was founded in the Lake District by two merino wool mega fans. Superlove produce super soft clothing and sleep bags for babies, toddlers and children aged 0-6 years. From the first touch you’ll fall in love with how silky soft and lightweight their garments are. Their luxurious essentials collection is perfect for sleepwear or base layers designed to be worn next-to-skin day or night all year round.

Superlove Merino sleeping bag at Natural Baby Shower

Superlove are proud to say their products are ethical in every way - proudly made in Britain, using wool from happy sheep, fair to all the lovely people who make it and taking care of the environment. We love them!


Products made with wool you will love…


Bobux Xplorer Arctic Shoes 

The Bobux Xplorer Arctic shoes are the winter version of the popular Bobux classic Xplorer shoes. These shoes are perfect for the cooler months thanks to their super warm and cosy addition of the Merino lining inside the shoe. These shoes are perfect for little one who are learning to walk, with the non-slip sole and super flexibility they’ll let little feet move naturally. Finished off with an elastic ankle and Velcro fastening for a secure fit.

Wonder Wool

The Little Green Sheep organic wool mattress

Each Little Green Sheep cot bed mattress is handmade using the best natural ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping in a safe and healthy environment away from chemical. The Little Green Sheep organic wool mattress is the only cot mattress to be certified by the Soil Association as organic. Little Green Sheep use six layers of organic welsh wool to create the perfect support for your baby and are recommended for babies who suffer from skin allergies. The organic wool used in these products make them extra-breathable to help control your baby’s body temperature and avoid the risk of overheating.

Little Green Mattress organic wool mattress

Bugaboo Wool seat liner and blankets

Bugaboo’s wool seat liner and soft wool blankets are perfect all year round use with the unique feature of both being temperature regulating.

The wool seat liners are made from natural materials and wool mark certified 100% pure new wool pile and cotton jersey on the other side making it the perfect addition to your little ones pushchair to ensure they are kept at the perfect temperature. These gorgeous wool pile liners don’t only look great they are also great for moisture management, are luxurious and naturally soft, naturally breathable and act as a temperature regulator. The dual-sided reversible feature allows you to customise the look of the seat liner to your personal preference.

Wonder Wool

Bugaboo make their soft wool blankets with 100% extra fine merino wool. We are sure by now you already know the amazing benefits of merino wool but it really is a wonder fibre that is perfect to wrap your little one in! These blankets have been designed to keep children comfortable and warm all year round, the fine merino wool is perfect for sensitive skin too! 

This super soft blanket is breathable, whilst absorbing and releasing moisture in warm conditions yet creating an extra layer of warmth on chilly days. Merino wool also naturally repels dirt and thanks to the easy-care finish it is a very low maintenance material to care for. We want one!