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Winter school run survival guide

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The presents have been unwrapped and the decorations have been put away. As festivities come to an end, our thoughts naturally turn to venturing out from underneath our new cosy dressing gown and surviving the next few chilly months. It’s time to get back to reality from the festive bliss we have all been enjoying and welcome back the normal routine of day to day parent life.

With the schools soon opening their doors for their 2019 terms, it’s time for your little ones to go back to school to start their 2019 school adventure. This also means you are back on school run duty after a couple of lovely weeks off. The arrival of January also means the arrival of that typical British weather; dark, cold and of course the inevitable British rain making the school run feel like a bit of a chore.


We can’t help make waking up your little ones for school any easier. But we can help get your team prepared for all that winter weather, ready to smash the 2019 winter school run. Whether you walk the whole way, drive to the gates or your little ones catch the bus, it is essential to send your precious children off for the day wrapped up and ready for all weather.



The champion of all winter wardrobes is of course the trusty warm winter coat. It will become your go to best friend to help protect your little one from rain, wind and snow in one easy garment. We are sure you will be seeing lots of this winter coat since our cold seasons tend to go on and on, so make sure you choose a coat that you and your little one love the look and the feel of. They have to love it just as much as you, trust us this will make it so much easier to get them in it in the mornings!

All our coats are hand selected for their ability to keep your little one as warm and cosy as possible when braving the cold weather but they also look pretty good too. Take a look at our full coats and outerwear collection.

Winter school run survival guide


Winter feet

Now we know this one can be tricky, getting the perfect winter proof shoes that still comply with the school uniform rules can be difficult. But protecting those little toes from the winter chill and wet on the school run and throughout their school day is important. Adding extra layers of warmth with tights and socks will help keep your little ones feet winter ready. In the extreme winter weather it is a good idea to pre plan and do the walk to school in tough winter boots and change at school to their winter school shoes. This way you can still tick the school uniform boxes and keep your little ones feet warm and dry ready to start there day.

Check out our full winter feet collection with everything from cosy shoes, tights and socks to keep tiny toes toasty and dry during the colder seasons.

Bobux Children Shoes


Gloves + Hats

For that extra layer of protection from the elements we suggest adding hats and gloves to the school run wardrobe. This will keep them super warm and ready to face any weather Britain throws at you. Keep their little hands warm with our selection of gorgeous mittens and gloves. Also make sure their heads and ears are protected with our adorable hats.


Prep the pushchair

There are also those super little ones to think about who haven’t started school yet but come along on the school run adventure. Keep them toasty and protected in their pushchair with these snuggly footmuffs and blankets, ideal for winter outings.

BABYZEN footmuff

One parent with only two hands and more than one child can sometimes make the school run a bit harder to manage. Make it easier and add the fun factor for your children with pushchair adaptors such as a footboard for them to stand on. No more tired little legs and you can whizz straight to the school gates a lot faster. We especially love the Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board, it’s the perfect 2-in-1 pushchair accessory. It attaches to multiple brands of pushchair as a footboard, but once they are old enough detach the freerider to allow them to ride free.

Winter school run survival guide

Well there you have it, your winter school run survival guide. Hopefully these helpful products will help you tackle the elements and get your little ones to school dry and warm. Just remember, Summer isn't that far away!

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