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Why Choose Wooden Nursery Furniture?

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You know your new baby deserves a cosy and stimulating environment to start their journey in life, but creating the perfect nursery can feel like a gargantuan task. From styles to colours, ensuring you give them a beautiful place to rest their head is as important as making sure the materials you choose are healthy for baby.

Here, we look at why wooden furniture is a top choice for many parents, choosing brands that promote natural ingredients, use fewer chemicals, and are friendly to the environment.

Why Choose Wood?

At Natural Baby Shower, we believe that natural materials are always preferable to manmade ones, such as plastic and metal. With wood, you are utilising the only renewable building material. Naturally grown and engineered, it contributes to the overall removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. But there are a number of other reasons why wood is the best choice for baby’s nursery.

Furniture from NBS

The Beauty

Wooden furniture conjures up the idea of nature and cultivation, bringing the outside in, and creating a feeling of calm. This is usually the primary reason many people have this as their material of choice for nurseries. From different types of wood come varying looks, allowing the wood to become more versatile, adding depth to a room that could otherwise be quite simple and cold.

The Choice

The versatility of wood comes from an extensive choice of styles and finishes. Natural Baby Shower promotes this idea by stocking three nursery furniture brands with differing styles to cover what any parent desires for their new nursery.

For parents who love the classic and traditional look; think eye-catching sleigh bed and a rustic finish, Boori offer a range befitting your new little prince or princess. Designed to be adaptable for growing children, Boori’s innovative designs nurture the changes of childhood. Each piece utilises expert craftsmanship as well as Greenguard Gold for safety. Greenguard works as a coating for the wood, that limits the emissions of over 360 volatile organic compounds; in layman’s terms: it’s safer for baby and the environment!

Eton bedroom collectionBoori

For something a bit more experimental, take a look at Nordic-inspired Leander. With a slim frame and a more ‘washed out’ series of colour finishes (walnut, grey, white and whitewash), Leander offers a smoother look with retro accents. For an even more unusual look, their new Linea by Leander baby cot uses an asymmetric style to create something a little different, as well as being adaptable from 0-6 months all the way to childhood when it turns into a cute kid’s sofa.

Leander sofa

Leander cot

We are also excited to introduce Kidsmill as one of our latest nursery furniture ranges. The Netherlands-based company offer products that glimpse the traditional Nordic and Scandinavian styles with clean white lines and accents of natural wood to add a pastoral charm. Learn more about this beautiful brand here.

Kidsmill Earth

Kidsmill Fjord

The huge breadth of style found in the collections we have on offer, from the dark metropolitan feel of Earth, to the beachy washed-out look of Fjord, there is something to suit every style of home and every little one's personality.

Brand new to NBS for the spring and summer season, we have Bloom! Created by four dads who were inspired to mix the classic functionality of nursery furniture and the desire for design sense that works with the modern parent. 

Bloom Retro

Bloom Alma

We currently sell cribs and dressers from the Alma range, which uses simple straightforward design and an edgy modernity. Available in Coconut White or Coconut White with Frost Grey, this collection is fresh and timeless. Alternatively, for lovers of vintage décor, the Retro range does exactly what is says on the tin. The rounded edges of the crib (available in Coconut White) and the 60s/70s shape and style of the dressers is in keeping with the simplistic design Bloom is known for, without compromising on the overall sense of style. 

What Else Makes a Nursery?

Of course, the furniture is a great basis for building upon with the toys and trinkets that speak to your little one’s personality. Colour, style and accents are also important parts of developing an atmosphere that is both stimulating for growing babies, and calming when it needs to be. We plan on delving further into the perfect nursery – so watch this space for more info!