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Why are people putting rainbows in their windows?

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People around the country are putting bright rainbows in their windows. You may have spotted one in your neighbour’s window, or seen them around your neighbourhood when you were on your 1 piece of exercise for the day. But why are people doing this and what do the rainbows mean?

Why are people putting rainbows in their windows?

Chase the Rainbow

It’s all part of a national campaign called Chase the Rainbow. The campaign is based around the simple idea of trying to help spread a little joy and positivity that can be enjoyed by anyone through the display of a rainbow. The rainbow represents hope and positivity during these tough times and the campaign is helping to bring a sense of unity to communities.

Schoolchildren have fuelled the trend, as their teachers are recommending they create ‘window rainbows’ as an alternative at-home art class activity. The rainbow trend has gone viral as thousands of children couldn’t wait to get involved and make their own positivity rainbow. With schools now shut and children being home schooled, it’s a great way to entertain your child but also bring families together at home and show everyone that we are in this together.

Such a simple idea is helping to bring your local community together at a time of separation and isolation. People will spot your bright window display from afar as they wonder by and smile to themselves and feel uplifted. 

This initiative has now gone world wide, with families around the globe getting involved. Photos have surfaced in multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Canada, of kids painting rainbows and posting them in their windows to cheer up people passing by.

Why are people putting rainbows in their windows?

Keep them entertained

It’s a great activity to keep children busy and pass a few hours as they get creative and inventive to design their own rainbow masterpieces to proudly display in your windows. Some families are making the most of the activity by going on a rainbow scavenger hunt around their local neighbourhoods during their daily ventures out the house to stretch their legs.  

This helps keep children’s sprits lifted during what is a difficult and strange time for them, and also helps them feel connected to their friends and local children as they try and spot all the other rainbows children have made.

Why are people putting rainbows in their windows?

Get involved

We think this is such a wonderful idea that is simple and effective at bringing joy and a sense of community during these tough times. A Facebook page  has been set up called Believe In Rainbows, where families are posting pictures of their own rainbow crafts.

We encourage you to get involved too, create some rainbow art and help spread some positivity! We would love you to share your rainbows with us so we can help to spread a little joy with our community too, simply tag us on Facebook or Instagram in your images and we will share.