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What to Pack When Travelling with a Baby

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With half-term fast approaching, and the summer holidays not far behind, it’s time to get travel ready with a few of our holiday essentials.

In this blog, we are going to help you pack up your bags as you prepare to jet off somewhere hot and sunny this summer. From compact strollers to weekend bags, to sunhats, sunglasses, and swimwear, let’s pack your travel bag together and get you and your family ready for your upcoming holiday.

Compact stroller

The first thing you will need to remember to pack as you prepare to travel with a baby, is a durable and good quality compact stroller. The Joolz Aer + Pushchair makes travel as light and easy as possible, weighing only 6kg, and featuring a shoulder strap so it’s easy to transport and carry around hands-free.

The Joolz Aer + is TUV airline approved and fits easily into the overhead locker on an aeroplane, so if you are heading off somewhere abroad, this is the perfect compact pushchair for you. This stroller can fold and unfold easily in seconds with the push of a button, which is super useful when you need to get on the go.

If your destination is somewhere hot and sunny, the Joolz Aer + has an ultra large protective UPF 50+ sun hood with ventilation, so you can be sure that your baby will stay cool and shaded from the sun. The ergonomically designed seat makes this stroller unique, made to keep your little adventurer safe and comfortable while you’re out exploring the world together.

Joolz have just launched two stunning and stylish, limited edition new colours of the Joolz Aer + for 2024, Hazel Brown, and Ocean Blue. These colours are new in, just in time for parents who are starting to get holiday ready. Shop these brand-new colours now.

Children’s Sunglasses

Sun safety is a hot topic all year round, but is especially important during half-term and the summer holidays when your little one is likely to be outside in the sun for longer periods of time.

Kids’ eyes are much more vulnerable to the sun that ours, as their pupils are bigger, and research shows that kids receive three times more annual exposure to the sun than adults. It is so important to protect your little one’s eyes from harmful UV rays to prevent any sun damage or problems later down the line.

Babiators sunglasses are the number one choice for children’s sunglasses that we will always recommend. Not only do they provide 100% UV protection, but they are also made from a flexible and durable material to withstand all kinds of bending and twisting, and they look so snazzy and stylish.

There are a number of colours, frames, sizes and lenses to choose from, so you can be sure to find the sunnies that suit your child’s personality and style. Babiators are definitely a summer-holiday essential to get packed and ready to go for your next trip.

Weekend bag

There is so much to remember when travelling with a baby, it can be hard to feel organised. A good quality and stylish weekend bag that can fit in all your airport essentials can make all the difference.

The JEM + BEA Sustainable Edie Eco Holdall is so fashionable, and large enough to fit all yours and your little one’s travel essentials. Inside, there are a number of pockets and compartments to help you get organised – there’s nothing worse than queueing at the airport and not being able to find everyone’s passports and boarding passes!

This bag is also made from recycled nylon from reclaimed fishing nets, and is certified by the Global Recycle Standard, making it one of our NBS favourites.


A sunhat for your little one is a summer holiday staple, and something you definitely don’t want to leave behind!

The Little Dutch Reversible Sun Hat is an adorable and versatile bucket hat that is also both practical and comfortable for your child. The wide brim of the hat and UPF coating provides shade and protection for the face and neck, so your child stays cool and safe while out in the sun. But always remember to use a gentle sun cream if your child is older than six months for extra protection and coverage.

This hat is reversable so your little one can choose from two playful prints and change up their style during your holiday.

If you need more guidance on how to choose a sun hat for your kids, check out this blog.


If where you’re going has a beach and a pool, your little one is going to need some quality swimwear to keep them comfortable and safe while they make a splash.

Little Dutch offer some adorable swimwear, such as the Little Dutch Long Sleeves Bathsuit or the Little Dutch Short Sleeves Swimsuit. Made from recycled polyester and a UPF fabric, these swimsuits are soft and comfortable, while also providing sun protection for your little water baby. There are also a number of adorable colours and prints to choose from.

And there you have it, a few of our summer holiday essentials when travelling with a baby, we hope this handy shopping list will help you get packed and prepared for your upcoming holiday. Bon voyage!

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