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Maxi-Cosi 360 range vs CYBEX Z line

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For those who have struggled to transport a baby or toddler in and out of their car seat, rotating car seats have innovated the way we travel with our littles ones. The rotating feature allows for ease of swivel-and-carry motion, whilst a 360° rotation can twist to forward-facing and offer the flexibility for extended rear-facing.

Why the Maxi-Cosi 360 range vs CYBEX Z line?

Rotating car seats are becoming increasingly popular so it can be confusing to know what’s the difference between them, and which one would work best for your family. At Natural Baby Shower, we want to share two of our favourite, top-selling rotating cat seat lines; Maxi-Cosi 360 and CYBEX Z range. Similar in nature, we love the comprehensive features on both of these car seats that make them family favourites for millions of new parents.

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Maxi-Cosi 360 range

Maxi-Cosi is the choice for many parents when buying a car seat for their family. Its affordable, comfortable and safety-focused 360 range is the next generation of rotating car seats, designed to grow with your child from newborn to 4 years old. Compatible with the FamilyFix360 base, the unique 360 family features the Pebble 360 – suitable from newborn up to 15months old and the Pearl 360 – suitable from birth to 4 years.

The Maxi-Cosi 360 range features FlexiSpin technology that allows the base to rotate 360° in any reclined position, perfect to manoeuvre a sleeping baby without disturbance.  Plus, with audible and visual indicators on the base, you can be assured that the seat is safely secured to base, minimising the risk of wrong installation.

maxi cosi family 360

Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360

The perfect group 0+ car seat, the Pebble 360 will grow with your newborn up to 15months. The ergonomic, super-comfy design cushions your little one even on the bumpiest of rides.  ClimaFlow technology helps to regulate your babys body temperature and extra-large UV canopy, perfect for journeys all year round.

The easy-in harness means securing and releasing the straps around your baby is simple and effortless, plus with G-Cell Side Impact protection, you can feel confident your little one is well-protected.

Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 demo

Maxi-Cosi Pearl 360

For a group0+/1 car seat, the Maxi-Cosi Pearl 360 offers great longevity for baby to toddler, with added benefit 5 easy-to-adjust recline positions and rotation, you can keep your little one rearward facing for longer. A cosy inlay and easy-in harness keep newborns and babies’ snug and the inlay is removeable as they grow.

Like the Pebble 360, this car seat features both ClimaFlow and G-Cell Side impact technology ensuring your baby is both comfortable and safe. 

Maxi Cosi Pearl 360 demo


CYBEX Z line

CYBEX are a leader in child safety, specialising in innovative products and designed with functionality and style in mind. With a modern twist, the CYBEX car seat line has evolved to bring parents pioneering heroes for modern and carefree family mobility.

The unique rotating mechanism of the Base Z allows the cat seat to be swivelled to the side of the car door for easier entry and exit. The Base Z is a particularly long-lasting solution. The Base Z accommodates two different car seats; Cloud Z and Sirona Z i-size that can be used by children up to 4 years of age. 

Cybex Z line

Cloud Z i-Size

Available in 12 colours, the Cloud Z i-Size embodies the innovative lifestyle and fashion-focused brand of CYBEX.  The Cloud Z i-Size can be changed to a lie-flat position outside of the car too, so your baby is able to lie comfortably in an ergonomically correct position up to 18 months old.

The integrated linear Side Impact protects your little one from any potential side-on collisions, combined with Driving Directional Control to prevent misuse in forward facing position. The integrated XXL sun canopy offers effective sun and wind protection while the 11 easy-to-adjust headrest positions and harness guides ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Optional Sensor-Safe clip can even be added to monitor the health of your seated child meaning you can focus on the road ahead, knowing your little one is safe.

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size Demo

Cybex Sirona Z

Boasting similar features to its sister-car seat, the Sirona Z offers parallel safety and comfort advantages as the Cloud Z, however able to grow with your child up to 4 years old. The adjustable headrest features 12 positions, letting you adapt the seat to fit comfortably as baby grows. One-handed recline and 360 rotation ensures ease-of-use, from getting your baby out of the car to swivelling into forward and rear-facing.  Shock absorbing side-impact protection and energy reducing technology shields your little one from both side and forward collisions.

Both ranges of rotating car seats boast an array of helpful, safe and stylish designed products, so it will be great to find out what one would work for your lifestyle. To learn more on choosing the right car seat for your baby, find out more with our beginners’ guide.

Cybex Sirona Z i-Size Demo

The Verdict

Product specifications  Maxi-Cosi 360 CYBEX Z line
from £199 - £279 from £239.95 - £299
RRP ISOFIX base from £199 from £199.95
Group 0+ seat weight (kg) 4.3 4.8
Group 1 seat weight (kg) 8 7.3
Weight capacity (kg)
0-17.5 0-18
Recline positions 5 5
Lie flat No Yes
Travel system compatible Pebble 
Cloud Z

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