What is Giving Tuesday + How Are We Giving Back?

Giving Tuesday is a global day which celebrates giving and acts of kindness. The day is dedicated to everyone, everywhere who wants to do something to support the good causes and communities that mean so much to them.

How you give back is up to you! You can volunteer your time; donate money; share your skills; campaign for something; donate goods, food, or clothes; organise a community event such as a street or park clean-up or a coffee morning. The list really is endless.

What is giving tuesday?

When is it?

Giving Tuesday is an annual event that happens on the same day every year – the Tuesday after Black Friday. This year it falls on 1st Dec.

How did it start?

Giving Tuesday originated in America in 2012 as a day to give back to those in need after their day of thanksgiving and Black Friday. The aim was to inspire millions of people right across the world to come together on one day to celebrate the charities and communities that mean so much to us all.

This special day has grown in popularity through the power of social media and now happens in over 60 countries.

Giving Tuesday in the UK

Charities in the UK had watched with growing interest as the campaign grew in the United States, wondering if the day of giving could take hold this side of the Atlantic. Then in 2014, The UK became an official partner of the global Giving Tuesday movement.

What is giving tuesday

Breaking records

Last year Giving Tuesday went beyond anyone’s expectations and raised more money than ever for thousands of special causes. With over £14.2million donated to good causes on Giving Tuesday last year, that is almost a whopping £10,000 every minute! This holds the world record for the most amount of money raised online for charity is 24hours. But we think we can go even bigger this year!

It is a day to celebrate and encourage giving in all its forms. So, what will you do?

Natural Baby Shower are an official partner of Giving Tuesday

This year, more than ever, we want to help. So, this Giving Tuesday Natural Baby Shower are supporting those in need to help make a difference to those who need it the most.

These past few months have been hard for many and these testing times are bringing new and different challenges to lots of people, so we aim to raise the much-needed funds to make a real difference to those hit hardest by COVID-19.

We will be donating 20% of all sales on the 1st December to our 3 inspiring charity partners; Women’s Aid, Stripey Stork and Shooting Star Children’s Hospice. Find out more about our charity partners here.

Help us help those in need.

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