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What can a babymoov Nutribaby do for you?

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Whether you’re a full-on foodie or a beginner in the kitchen, the all-in-one function of the babymoov Nutribaby One Food Processor is designed to simplify cooking so you can spend more time enjoying the weaning process.

For parents about to enter the exciting milestone of baby weaning, the addition of a Nutribaby has a number of benefits to save you precious time, boost your family’s nutrition and offer your baby a diverse weaning experience.

Because babymoov understands that every parent’s needs are different, the Nutribaby range was developed to cater to all. If you’re looking to find the perfect Nutribaby to match your needs, check out the handy comparison chart further down where you can compare the features on each model to help you choose.

Now, let’s find out what a babymoov Nutribaby can do for you:

What can a Nutribaby do for you?

Batch cook speedy nutritious meals for the week

The Nutribaby features up to 6 multi-functions including the simultaneous steamer and blender (yes you can steam and blend at the same time). If you’re often short on time and struggle to cook meals fresh each day, batch cooking is a great way to get ahead and feel more prepared for the week. The large capacity steamer blender units offer plenty of space to batch cook multiple purees and foods in under 20 minutes, which you can then portion up and store in the fridge or freezer for later.

Babymoov Nutribaby

Maximise on your baby’s nutrition intake from the start

If you’re using a gentle steamer to cook your baby’s food, this may not be the best way to preserve all the juices and natural goodness released from the ingredients. The Nutribaby takes nutritional value to the next level with the cooking juice collector vessel. Sat beneath the steamer baskets, it does exactly what it says on the tin and collects the steaming juices and lost nutrients from the cooking process so you can simply add it back into your purees when you come to blend your steamed ingredients.

Supports both baby-led and spoon-fed weaning

Another reason to love the dual steamer-blender combo, the Nutribaby can prepare both soft steamed finger foods for baby-led weaning and smooth spoon-fed purees simultaneously. So, if you are going with a combined approach, Nutribaby makes it super simple to do it all in one unit. Plus, the steamer baskets and blender jug are both dishwasher friendly for a quick and easy clean up.

The fun doesn’t stop at fruit and veg

A variety of tastes, textures and nutrients is really important for your baby to help them develop a healthy and balanced attitude to eating, into their childhood and beyond. Nutribaby features at least 2 separate steaming baskets for cooking multiple ingredient types such as meat, eggs, fish, and other proteins alongside your fruits or veggies. On top of that, the cooking juice vessel mentioned earlier is also designed to cook pulses, pasta, rice, and oats, so that complete meals can be prepped without having to use additional pots and pans.

Nutribaby comparison guide

Nutribaby comparison chart

Need some recipe inspo?

Access free Nutribaby weaning recipe ideas by following @babymoov_UK on Instagram, and check out their reel section for a great variety of weaning recipes to prep with Nutribaby+ created by foodie mum of two @mealtimewithmummy

Mealtime with Mummy Instagram

Top tips for getting started with your Nutribaby  

1. If you’ve opted for the Nutribaby+ or Nutribaby+ XL (which have the central control panel + timer), when setting up your Nutribaby for the first time, make sure you pull out the connector from the side of the central control panel in order to attach the blender to the main steamer unit. The blender will not work unless it is connected here.

2. Over the course of use, you will notice scale build up. This is perfectly normal for a product that uses water on a daily basis. The descale button will light up when it needs to be descaled but we recommend to descale the product once per fortnight. If you live in a hard water area, scale build up may be more frequent so descaling may need to be done more frequently too, either in between each use or at least once per week.

How to descale your Nutribaby:

  • Unplug the product
  • Pour 100 ml of water and 100 ml of white vinegar into the steamer tank
  • Leave for 1-2 hours
  • Get a small brush or old disposable toothbrush and just brush around the steamer tank including the central dome.
  • Remove the vinegar water solution from the tank and rinse out
  • Clean with the smooth side of a sponge or a cloth to dry
  • Plug the product back into the mains
  • Press and hold the 'OK' button for 10 seconds
3. When using the blender whatever the food, we recommend pulse blending for 5 secs at a time. Blending continuously for a long period of time can burn any blender, especially if the blender is quite full. Pulse blending ensures your blender lasts longer!


So there you have it, we hope this handy guide has helped you realise all the great things the babymoov Nutribaby can do for you. Level up your weaning game and take a look at our Nutribaby range today.