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Fun Ways to Entertain Children at Christmas

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There is just something so magical about spending Christmas with little ones, but we all know finding ways to keeping their energetic minds entertained takes skill and preparation! Let us help you create the best memories for you to look back at and remember oh so fondly.

We've all been there. It’s a frosty December morning; you’re sipping your morning brew, cleaning up the mess from Elf on the Shelf's antics, and thinking: how do I keep my little ones busy today?

Fabelab christmas stockings

Fear not! In this treasure trove of ideas, we’re here to help you keep your own elves busy all Christmas long. You'll find activities ranging from festive crafts to indoor games, outdoor adventures, and even educational fun. 

Read on to find out how you can have your very own heart-warming traditions that will light up their faces!

A Festive Feast of Stories

The enchanting tales around Santa Claus always bring magic into our lives. Why not dive deeper into this fantasy world with stories revolving around snowmen and other Christmas themes? It will make their wait for Santa even more thrilling.

In addition to reading together as a family tradition every Christmas Eve; introducing reading early in life fosters creativity while improving vocabulary skills.

Diving into stories can be an excellent way to foster a love for reading among kids. Our recommended reading list includes, ‘On The First Day of Christmas' 'Guess How Much I Love You’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

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In addition to nurturing their imagination, reading aids language development. According to recent studies, it ranks among the top recommended indoor activity by families during the holiday season.

Introducing your children to classic festive tales such as The Snowman not only provides entertainment but also helps in growing their imagination. You could even go to the theatre and watch a story come to life. 

Live-action Peter Pan, Cinderella, and even The Polar Express are all must-see pantomimes and shows at this time of year. 

This timeless tradition allows kids to get into the spirit of Christmas while spending quality time with family members. Telling them a story about the magic of Christmas will help them feel even more excited about the elves working hard at Santa’s grotto once they understand the magical stories behind them.

Tonie's Box: The New Age Storyteller

For parents seeking innovative ways beyond books - meet the Tonie's Box. This digital storyteller has been revolutionising storytelling with its interactive audio-based approach, making story-time all the more captivating for children.

Indoor Activities for Christmas

When the weather outside is frightful, we've got you covered with a variety of exciting indoor activities that will keep your children entertained and even sneak in some learning during the holidays. From curling up with captivating stories to exploring creativity through arts and crafts, these fun-filled activities are sure to create lasting memories. Let's take a look...

A Sweet Adventure

The warmth of your kitchen presents another exciting avenue - baking. Transform making Christmas cookies from a simple task into an interactive game where kids pick out cookie cutters or decide on toppings themselves. Not only does this activity result in delicious treats but also offers hands-on experience in basic cooking skills.

Christmas baking with children, toddlers and little one's

You can make use of leftovers too. Creating innovative recipes such as ‘Turkey Curry’ and ‘Vegetable hot pot’ to use up Christmas dinner leftovers. This helps teach resourcefulness while offering yet another culinary adventure.

Arts & Crafts Creativity

If there's one thing kids love more than receiving gifts at Christmas time - it's creating them. Arts and Crafts can help little minds unleash a new level of creativity but also serve as thoughtful presents for family members they will hold dear.

Finger paint Rudolf, make snowmen out of cotton balls and toilet roll tubes, colour festive scenes, and make paper chains together. 

Christmas arts and crafts for children

The Magic of Christmas Movies & Board Games

A night in with Christmas films, puzzles, and their favourite festive toys will always evoke the Yuletide cheer, evoking memories of what's most essential in this unique period, togetherness.

Abrams & Chronicle Floor Puzzle - Wild Rainforest

Make the most of indoor Christmas activities with your kids, using stories to encourage a love for reading. Transform baking into an interactive game and use arts & crafts projects as thoughtful presents. Don't forget the magic of festive movies and board games too!

Engaging in Pretend Play

Playing games and partaking in imaginative play with your children is beneficial for them and allows you to connect with each other. They will also get more out of the toys you buy them if they can see you’re interested in playing with them too. 

Imaginative play brings out conversations within your home which is a brilliant way for your children to open up and regulate their emotions during a period of time that can often be quite overwhelming for some children. 

Outdoor Adventures for Christmas Entertainment

Festive fun doesn't have to be confined indoors. Children can experience a range of escapades in the fresh air and kick-start their sense of adventure.

The Magic of Outdoor Lights

Nothing screams 'Christmas' more than beautifully decorated homes and streets illuminated with twinkling Christmas lights. Encourage your little ones to wrap up warm and take a family stroll around your local park or neighbourhood.

This simple yet magical experience allows children to marvel at the dazzling display while breathing in crisp winter air - a refreshing change from being cooped up inside all day.

You could even turn this into an impromptu treasure hunt, asking them to spot certain colours or shapes among the lights. It's just another way you can make sure these festive walks are filled with joyous excitement rather than monotonous trudging.

Santa's Grotto

If there’s one place synonymous with outdoor adventures during Christmas time, it’s Santa's Grotto. This classic Christmas attraction is usually found nestled within larger events such as local fairs or markets, making it ideal for a family outing.

Your children will get giddy anticipating their meeting with Santa Claus himself. Seeing their wide-eyed wonderment when they meet Santa makes every queue worth waiting in – remember those warm gloves and scarves though.

Winter Walks & Woodland Explorations

Getting out amongst nature has numerous benefits for both body and mind – especially during periods when sweets seem ever-present. Transform routine woodland walks into fun activities by introducing elements of exploration and discovery.

Range of bikes, scooters, helmets and accessories at Natural Baby Shower

Take scooters and bikes along with you. Pack wellies and waterproofs. Ask your kids to find the biggest leaf, or spot a particular bird species. They could even collect twigs, leaves, and pinecones for homemade Christmas decorations - another wonderful way to keep them entertained at home.

Learning Through Play

The magic of Christmas can be a great way to introduce children to new concepts and skills. One such method is through crafting their own Christmas masks from paper plates. This simple yet effective craft activity will help kids understand shapes, colours, and basic design principles.

Another great family bonding exercise during the holidays could involve exploring science experiments together. Some popular options include creating homemade snow or even growing crystal ornaments - take a look at some online videos!

So, you've dived into a world of Christmas cheer. You're now equipped with an array of ideas for entertaining your little one's during the Christmas break. From crafting a merry atmosphere to heading out on outdoor adventures, there's something for every little elf.