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Voksi Adventure North Footmuff Review and Keep

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The Voksi Adventure North Footmuff is perfect for the outdoor loving families who are always out and about exploring the wonders that nature has to offer. Designed to face even the harshest of elements, this footmuff has unique features to aid temperature regulation, and is constructed with super lightweight material.

The arm openings are a great feature and allow your little adventurer to interact with their surroundings while keeping warm and snuggly inside the bag. If you’re packing to go away, the Voksi Adventure North Footmuff is the perfect companion, being ultra lightweight and compressible inside the handy bag that’s included with your purchase. The outside fabric is also water resistant and made to protect your little one from the cold.

This footmuff is suitable for children up to three years old, is compatible with all strollers and fits to a five-point harness.

Don’t just take it from us, check out this review from a real parent who has tried and tested this footmuff with their little explorer…

Parent tester – Dean George

We (me, my partner and our 20-month-old daughter) tested out the Voksi Adventure North Footmuff in Dark Sea Green and Seashell Sand. We have the Bugaboo Butterfly stroller. 

Our little one has never been a fan of prams or strollers, so we tend to favour a sling. However, as my partner's pregnant, she's been using a stroller much more and finding it tricky to keep our daughter warm and dry over the winter months. Our daughter has resisted footmuffs in the past, and a rain cover is out of the question! We've been using lots of layers, puddle suits and a sling cover over the pram - which tends to slip off and isn't always warm enough.

When we saw that the Voksi Adventure North Footmuff had holes with zips for the arms to come through, we thought it was such a clever idea and really wanted to give it a go - especially as the temperature for the 25-minute nursery run was below 0°c at the time.

We were really excited to be offered the chance to try out the footmuff, although slightly hesitant as to how our daughter would react to it.

It arrived in a cool carry case, and both the case and footmuff looks and feels like a sleeping bag, which really gives you the sense that it's going to be great against the elements. 

It was really easy to put on our stroller. After a few uses it does occasionally slip and move around, but it's easy enough to readjust. It does look quite bulky on our compact stroller but fits perfectly on the seat and straps. Our small stroller can still fold with it in too, which is amazing as other footmuffs we’ve tried did not. It could benefit from something to attach it to the top of the stroller to keep the hood in place as it can slip down. 

Our daughter looked at it a little confused when we first tried it out - but as soon as we popped her in and pulled her arms out she was overjoyed. She looked so cosy and told us she was happy - win!

In true toddler fashion, snacks are essential for a relaxed trip in the stroller, and she was delighted she could still hold and eat her snack with no issues. 

I love the external colour of the footmuff. The inner liner is a lighter colour so you to need to be careful with your choice of snacks if you want to avoid staining. We haven't tried washing it as the instructions say to only wash when essential. 

We've used the footmuff a few times in heavy rain. Amazingly - despite the outside of the footmuff (and me) getting soaked, she's remained cosy and dry with just the footmuff over her and the hood of the buggy down. Going out in the rain has been really tricky until now so this is by far our favourite thing about the product.

Overall it's a great footmuff for winter. It's spacious and will still fit our toddler next winter, and I'm sure we'll use it for our new arrival too when she transitions to the stroller. 

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