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TotsBots start making reusable nappies from plastic waste

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with Reusable nappies made from plastic waste.

The amazing people at TotsBots just keep getting better and better! As if reusable nappies couldn’t get any kinder to the planet and eco-friendly than they already are, TotsBots just took the eco-scale up a notch. They recently announced that they are the first company in the world to make reusable nappies out of old plastic bottles!

It’s bottles up at TotsBots this month as their reusable nappies just became even more eco-friendly. There will be on average 2 bottles diverted from landfill with every TotsBots nappy and with ever-growing concern for the environment as the war on plastic gathers momentum, this is great news for all you parents out there who want to minimize your environmental impact; you can now reduce your single-use plastic and recycle, one nappy change at a time.

TotsBots make reusable nappies from plastic waste

The waterproof outer fabric (the essential part that keeps all the wetness in) was previously knitted using virgin polyester yarn, but will now be made from super soft recycled polyester yarn derived from plastic bottle waste. The new fabric was specially developed for TotsBots and it is Oekotex 100 (class 1) certified. This means that there are no harmful chemicals or residues present and is the highest safety certification for garments worn by babies next to their sensitive skin.

We are so excited to announce TotsBots are the first reusable nappy company to be doing this. Always leading the way in reusable nappy design, they are giving parents an even better reason to choose reusable nappies over disposables now. With over 8 million nappies going to landfill every day if even half of parents switched to reusables that would be a whole lot of plastic bottles and nappy waste being diverted from landfill. We really hope this will inspire other companies to follow suit, the technology is here and there is certainly enough plastic waste on the planet, so there is no reason why this shouldn’t become the norm.

TotsBots have already started phasing in the new recycled fabric and hope to have made the complete switch over by October this year. The new nappies will be easily identifiable with a little recycled nappy logo showing how many bottles per garment have been diverted from landfill. 

TotsBots make reusable nappies from plastic waste

Over the last 3 years we have seen a marked increase in parents opting for reusable nappies as the preferred choice for their babies; concerns about the environment, chemicals in disposables and guilt about over-consumption are behind this. Modern reusable nappies are not the terry squares and plastic pants of our grandparents’ days. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes and are so much easier to use than people fear. Parents are always amazed at how well they work and how easy they are. As single-use plastic becomes more and more unpopular, this is a trend that will continue to grow too especially once the news that in addition to diverting 5-6 single-use nappies being thrown to landfill each day, parents can now divert and reuse plastic bottle waste destined for landfill too, one reusable nappy at a time.

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