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Tips for getting children to wear sunglasses

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You put them on, they take them off, repeat 3 times then give up. We’ve all been there, the battle of trying to get your little one to keep their sunglasses on is one we have all experienced. Well we accept the challenge and parents will win! To help we have bought together our top tips for getting kids to wear sunglasses.

Kids eyes need protecting, even more so than adults. As adults most of us wear sunnies as a comfort thing to protect our eyes from glare. But what many of us don’t realise as parents is that our kids eyes are generally getting 3 times more sun exposure than ours, and their ocular lenses don’t cope with UV radiation as well as an adults do. So it’s super important to try to get them to keep those sunglasses on their faces to protect them from potential problems now and later in life. Keep reading to learn our top tips.


Tips for getting children to wear sunglasses


Get them wearing sunglasses from a young age

    Like with most things in the baby world, the sooner you introduce them to things the quicker they get used to it and don’t know anything different. There really is no such thing as too young when it comes to getting your children to pop on their sunglasses. In fact Babiators sunglasses fit babies as small as newborns. Not only will it become natural to them to wear sunglasses when it is sunny so they will put up very little fuss as they grow up, but also the younger they are the more vulnerable their eyes are. So start them on the sunglasses trend early.


    Let them pick

      Would you let your parents pick your sunglasses? I doubt they would pick a pair that you would like. Once your little one is old enough and opinionated enough (it will happen), get them involved in the sunglasses shopping with you. By letting them pick their own pair of sunglasses you are ensuring that they like them and think they’re “cool” enough to hopefully wear with pride. Just make sure they pick ones with 100% UV protection for the best protection against the suns damage.


      Tips for getting children to wear sunglasses


      Make sure they are comfortable

        This is a key ingredient in hopefully making your child wear their sunglasses for longer without pulling them off. Make sure they are the right size, too tight and no one can blame them for wanting to take them off as they will be uncomfortable. But too loose they will simply fall off when they move or wiggle around. Also make sure the chosen pair of sunglasses are made of a nice soft material that isn’t too rigid or stiff on their little heads and nose.


        Buy a strap

          When all else fails, try using a strap. This will help those sunglasses to stay secure on their face and hopefully offer parents that extra bit of peace of mind that they will stay on long enough to get out the door.


          Tell them how cool they look

            Everyone loves a bit of praise especially when they are trying out a whole new look! By telling them how cool they look and awesome the sunglasses are it will embed positive thoughts in your little one related to the sunglasses. Who doesn’t want to be cool?


            Tips for getting children to wear sunglasses


            Be an example

              Parents are children’s idols. They look up to us for inspiration, reassurance and comfort so it is important we set a good example. Wear sunglasses yourself, and your child will learn to imitate you.



                Start slow and be patient. Even if at the beginning they are keeping them on for only a few seconds, try again and eventually they will get used to the feeling of sunglasses. Don’t force it. By forcing them to wear them when they don’t like it will only make your little one agitated and create negative feelings towards sunglasses.

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