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Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

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These little Wonder Buddy’s from Tiny Love are designed to become your little one’s best friend whilst also helping their development and communication skills in a fun and unique way. They are full of super smart sensors that create 7 fun interactive activities and also include play cards to inspire and add fun stories to play time. We couldn’t wait to put them to the test with our trusted parent testers.

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

Parent Tester – Rebecca Hailes

When Leonardo arrived he was in a gorgeous box and the package had a thank you note within it. Leo is the perfect size for little hands, the plastic is textured and lovey to hold while his mane is a tactile fabric that crinkles which Rory loved. The label on Leo is quite large but nothing to worry about as if it bothers your child like it did Rory you can cut it off. There are so many functions and things to do with him! And the cards included in the pack give you such good games for children of any age. 

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

We were worried Rory would be a little too old for this product but he took to him straight away, loving pressing his nose to make him sneeze, giving him his apple to eat, laying him down to sleep, shaking him to listen to him wobble, tickling him to make his heart glow, bouncing him around the room, but most of all playing hide and seek! 

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

Since receiving Leo we’ve been playing with him daily and really seen a difference in Rory who’s learnt more empathy while caring for his new little friend.  

Parent Tester – Amie Tuck

We received our parcel super fast from Natural Baby shower. The parcel arrived in a recyclable postage bag and the item itself was safely received. 

Leonardo comes in a small box all securely fastened. It comes with two sets of instructions all in various languages and pictures of what the lion can do.

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

Leonardo doesn’t come with any batteries, upon opening one of our screws for the battery compartment wouldn’t open so I could only open one screw and had to force the section open to get batteries in. It takes 2 AAA batteries and has an obvious on/off switch.

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review
Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

It’s great little toy, brightly coloured, his mane is scrunchy and soft material. 

Hudson adores him and finds him hilarious when he sneezes.

You have to make the hiding spot quite dark for Leo to make a sound for the child to find them when playing hide and seek. You touch his nose to sneeze, Apple to mouth to eat, button on tummy for tickles. When you lay Leo down a few seconds and he will begin to snore. He makes bouncy noises when child walks and makes an uneasy sound when he is shaken.

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review
Really clever little toy and great for children to learn expressions and interact. 

All wipeable as well which is great especially for little ones in mouths especially with COVID around. 

I really like this product it’s great for little ones and bigger ones. Colourful practical big enough for small hands, yet small enough to pop away. 

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review

Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Review
It comes with 7 cards about each command he can do and explains how to make him do each one and in 3 diff  languages which is great.

His little red apple shows also where to pop next to mouth for him to munch. Again this is textured hard plastic which is fully wipeable.

Great little toy which my 2.5 thinks is fab 

Parent Tester - Kailee Godding

Jack is obsessed with roaring at the moment so we chose Leonardo the lion.

I was really impressed with the cards it comes with. They're really good at giving ideas of games to play with it to stop it just being another toy they play with and forget about. It also makes it more educational.

Tiny Love Review

I was slightly sceptical that Jack would understand what to do with it, particularly the one where if you lie it down and don't touch it for a while it will fall asleep and snore. But I was wrong. I told him to wait and he patiently stood next to it to see what it did next. He was so excited! Laughing and clapping when Leonardo started snoring.

Overall it's a cute toy. We play with it most days and Jack still gets excited about it. I love the little cards for play ideas and think we'll play with Leonardo for a good while yet.

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