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The New Mum’s Notebook – Q&A with Amy Ransom

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Amy Ransom


The New Mum’s Notebook is a breath of fresh air. A one-stop shop for advice, encouragement and milestones, not just for baby but for you as a mum as well! We caught up with creator Amy Ransom, who also runs the website Surviving Motherhood, to pick her brains about parenting, pressure and her fab new product!  



1.What made you want to create a product like The New Mum’s Notebook?

After I had my third baby I realised just how little support there is for new mums, especially mums on baby two plus. I couldn't remember so much about what it had been like the first two times and I thought how invaluable it would be to have a reassuring, real book that lets a new mum know everything she's feeling is normal. And give her a place to focus on her and write down any thoughts so she could look back on them if she has another baby.


The New Mum’s Notebook – Q&A with Amy Ransom 

2.What were your experiences of becoming a mother for the first time, and how do you think this inspired you to come up with the notebook?

My experience all three times was similar. In that every time is different. Every baby is different. And, in this sense, although you may be an expert in changing nappies and lots of the practical stuff, you're essentially a new mum, no matter what round you're on. 


3.How did you go about finding what to include in the book – were you just inspired by your own experiences or did you canvas other mums to get their opinions as well?

Completely my experience but I had been writing my blog for three years prior so I knew my experiences and needs weren't unique and that other mums were craving the reassurance I was.


The New Mum’s Notebook – Q&A with Amy Ransom


4.The book is chock full of great tips and messages of encouragement - what would you say is the most valuable tip or bit of advice you received, or like to give to new mums?

Always remember that moments pass. It is so easy to get marooned in a difficult moment and let the catastrophic thoughts take over. It doesn't last forever, it doesn't. My youngest is now three and life is so different! 


5.If you were to start your parenting journey again, would you change you approach?

I would be more relaxed. I wouldn't worry about every little thing. And I would cuddle my babies a lot more when they were teeny tiny rather than worry about creating bad sleep habits! Because what I can tell you is this: you can be the strictest mother (I was) and then, one day, they're all in bed with you at night and you're like, 'This isn't the worst thing that could ever happen. It's actually pretty nice.'


The New Mum’s Notebook – Q&A with Amy Ransom


6.What kind of responses have you had from mothers enjoying the gorgeous New Mum’s Notebook?

I have had so many lovely messages. Ranging from 'almost worth having another baby for,' to 'this Notebook is my hero,' to 'every new mum needs this now!' I'll be honest. I was surprised, but delighted of course, when I realised that new mums were finding it as useful as they are. The response is more than I could have hoped for and I am elated that it has helped new mums feel less alone.


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