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The History of Silver Cross

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Silver Cross is loved by parents around the world and has become the brand of choice for many families shopping for their pushchairs. But how did Silver Cross become such a British icon and where did it all begin? We want to delve a little deeper into the history behind Silver Cross to learn more about this amazing brand…

 The History of Silver Cross


Where it began

The Silver Cross story starts in Yorkshire, England in 1877. Which means Silver Cross has over 140 years of experience and expertise to their name. Founder, William Wilson invented the worlds first patented baby carriage. This revolutionary idea was the first of it’s kind and changed parents’ lives forever. The invention allowed them to transport their children in comfort and safely with them wherever they needed to go.

The Silver Cross British heritage is not only very special, it’s also what makes them unique. This makes them the longest running nursery brand in the world with over 140 years of expertise going into every single Silver Cross pushchair or product. What started with a moment of inspiration continues as an unwavering commitment to design and innovation from Silver Cross. The brand was founded on the love of high-quality craftsmanship, and Silver Cross continue to develop new technologies and seek out new materials to bring parents the best baby products.

"There is no secret to making the world's finest prams - Just take 140 years of experience and add the finest materials; the rest is easy." - Silver Cross

 The History of Silver Cross


Royal Seal of Approval

Part of Silver Cross’ heritage is linked strongly to the royal family. The name Silver Cross has been associated with royalty for over a century with Silver Cross becoming the official royal pram in 1913 when a special edition was created and sent to George VI, for Princess Elizabeth, who is now Queen. With this exposure, the brand soon gained a strong reputation for their high quality craftsmanship, traditional design and quickly grew to become one of the industry’s biggest exporters worldwide. By the mid-1900s, the company was renowned for producing the world’s most exclusive baby pushchairs – known as the “Rolls-Royce of prams”.

Considered 'the world’s most exclusive pram', a Silver Cross has carried the Queen, her children, grandchildren and now her three-month-old great-grandchild George. Silver Cross officially has the royal seal of approval.

The History of Silver Cross


British design and innovation

By the 1960’s Silver Cross was established as Britain's premium pram manufacturer. It continued to manufacture classic coach prams, but new designs were launched to meet the changing demands of modern families. As times have moved on and the demands of modern parents have changed, Silver Cross has remained ahead of the game by creating more lightweight and adaptable pushchairs. Silver Cross have blended their heritage, expert craftsmanship and top quality materials with contemporary designs to create the perfect versatile modern pushchairs for 21st century families.

 The History of Silver Cross


140 years of expertise

For 140 years Silver Cross have made exceptional products that give babies the very best start in life. They are known and respected for designing beautiful and innovative baby products – it’s why parents continue to choose Silver Cross products. All their products are created with the highest-quality craftsmanship, every detail is carefully nurtured and only the finest materials are used.

Today, Silver Cross is still based in Yorkshire, England. They continue to develop the best and most innovative prams and nursery products. Silver Cross are proud to say more than 10 million parents have chosen them to help give their babies the best start in life.

Silver Cross has an uncompromised approach to quality and unrivalled heritage which has helped them to become a renowned British nursery brand and Natural Baby Shower are so proud to be part of their story.


The History of Silver Cross


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