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The easy way to baby proof your home

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Whether you are preparing for your little one’s arrival, or have an active toddler on the move, it’s important to ensure your home is safe for your family. We know it can be a lot to think about when your child suddenly begins exploring, getting into every cupboard and reaching new heights - that’s when you know it’s time to baby proof your home… and fast!

Unfortunately 67,135 children were admitted to hospital in 2020 due to accidents in the home, many of which could have been prevented by safety equipment. Of course there are quick fixes that you can do right away, including working your way through your home on your toddlers level (yes, that means getting down on your hands and knees!). This will help you to identify any potential hazards and move them out of the way where possible.

The Easy Way to Baby Proof Your Home

We’re here to make baby proofing your home as easy as possible, with help from Fred Safety Bundles to keep your little ones as safe. Fred safety products protect your baby from anything that cannot be moved, but is still a potential hazard.

There are so many options when it comes to baby proofing, so it can be tricky to know where to start. Fred offer fast and easy home safety solutions, with bundles designed especially for each room in your home! It’s never been easier to start baby proofing, with everything you need in one simple kit.

The Easy Way to Baby Proof Your Home

Simply choose bundles for each room that you have in your home and fit the items, it really is that easy! We’ll take you through each bundle to explain exactly what you get in each, to keep your little one safe and offer you peace of mind whilst enjoying time at home.

Fred Kitchen Bundle

Emptying the contents of your cereal boxes may be your toddler’s favourite pastime, but look no further than the Fred Kitchen Bundle! Not to mention protecting your child from other serious hazards found in your kitchen; including sharp knives, cleaning products, medicines and appliances.

The Easy Way to Baby Proof Your Home

The Fred Kitchen Bundle includes a double door block, an invisible magnet lock, a lower drawer catch, top drawer catch and a multi-purpose block. This bundle is often enough to baby proof the average kitchen, but if you feel you need more you can always top up your kit with individual Fred safety items

Fred Dining Room Bundle

The Dining Room may contain less hazards than your kitchen, but it is where bumps, scrapes + falls tend to happen! The Fred Dining Room Bundle has everything you need to protect your little one, including plug socket covers for any exposed sockets, corner protectors for the dining table, door slam stoppers to protect little fingers, and a furniture anti-tip kit - which helps to keep furniture upright when your toddler decides to use it as a climbing frame!

The Easy Way to Baby Proof Your Home

The best thing about the Fred safety range is that everything is easy to fit with clear, simple video instructions. Plus lots of items are adhesive, so you won’t damage your furniture when it's time to remove them. 

Fred Playroom/Nursery Bundle

Your child’s favourite play area really does need to be baby proof, as it’s most-likely going to be where they will be spending most of their time. The Fred Playroom/Nursery Bundle comes with a double door block (so you can stop them emptying all their clothes out every five minutes!), a furniture anti-tip kit and plug socket cover. The kit also includes corner protectors for any low furniture edges and a door slam stopper to save little fingers during those rowdy games of hide + seek! Plus anti-skid tape which is perfect for placing under rugs, so they don’t slip as your toddler runs over them.

The Easy Way to Baby Proof Your Home

Your little one will love being able to play independently and you will have the peace of mind to make a cuppa in the other room – what a dream!

Any Room Bundle

This handy bundle does exactly what it says on the tin - an adaptable kit that applies to any room in your house. The Any Room Bundle is a perfect all-rounder which includes a door slam stopper, furniture anti-tip kit, plug socket covers, corner protectors and an invisible magnet lock. Keeping your little one safe  in every room of your house, this is your go-to kit for the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, or simply any other room in your house!

The Easy Way to Baby Proof Your Home

Remember that your brave toddlers can venture anywhere and get their little hands on absolutely anything, so it is important to baby proof every room - not just the ones you want them to stay in! Your ‘mini-me’ loves to copy exactly what you do, so any room that you spend time in will be a potential target for them to explore when you least expect it.

Thankfully Fred are one step ahead with their variety of bundles, starter kits, stair gates and accessories. So you can be prepared for any adventures your little one might have planned around the house!

Discover the full Fred collection, and start baby proofing your home now!