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Stokke Limas review

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Looking for a carrier that's both safe and comfortable for your newborn? Look no further than the Stokke Limas Carrier!

With its adjustable back panel, it's perfect for your little one right from birth. And thanks to its compact size and light weight, it's easy to carry with you wherever you go. Even if you're new to babywearing, you don't need to worry – the straps are easy to tie and still provide plenty of support and comfort.

Read on to see what our parent reviewer had to say about their experience with this carrier.

stokke limas

Stokke Limas Carrier

Say hello to the Stokke Limas Carrier, the perfect combo between the comfort of a baby wrap and safe ergonomics of a baby carrier. With soft organic cotton, the Stokke Limas can keep your little one close and comfy from birth (as little as 3/.2kg / 7lb).

This half buckle carrier is made from wrap fabrics grows with a little one, thanks to an adjustable base and back panel, allowing them to have a spread-squat seating position for years to come (up to 15kg / 33lb). 

Limas carrier colourway

Parent tester - Kelanne

The product was packaged in a perfectly sized box matching the actual size of the carrier with no wasted space. I love that it arrived in a sustainable and eco-friendly cardboard box which is such a bonus and what I love to see. It included a heartfelt touch from Natural Baby Shower with a lovely 'thank you' card. 

Stokke limas baby carrier unboxing

My first impressions were that the carrier looked and felt very premium thanks to super soft fabric made from 100% organic cotton and olive green colourway which I thought was absolutely beautiful.

The carrier came with a full user guide which was easy to follow, making the process of putting the carrier on great. Following the step by step guide it was a breeze to put on and after a couple of outings, I managed to put the carrier on by myself with ease.

We used the carrier for nearly three weeks during our normal daily activities of the nursery drop off and pick up, countryside and beach walks, at home whilst cooking, cleaning and even a couple of times to get myself ready to be hands free. The carrier is brilliant for those that want to get out and go with no fuss and hands free. 

stokke baby carrier review

We live in Cornwall and a lot of our family walks we go on aren’t particularly practical for using our pram unfortunately, so having the option to go out with the carrier is absolutely great and makes it much easier for me to be able to interact and bond with my other son more whilst out on walks and to be able to hold his hand. 

My son absolutely loves the carrier and as soon as hes safely secured into the carrier within minutes he drifts into a deep sleep no matter the weather, which as you’ll see from our photos attached that we didn’t manage to get a photo of his face whilst wearing the carrier because he was extremely snug and fast asleep! It was great to see he was very comfortable and content.

Some key features that we loved is that the whole carrier is adjustable as your baby grows from birth all the way up to 15kg, with the use of easy velcro adjustments, adjustable base, continuously adjustable harnesses, ties and removal padding.

stokke carrier head hugger

The carrier has three carrying options, front, back and also hip which i thought its a unique feature because most carriers don’t have a hip option. We only tried out front facing only because our son is 8 weeks old but looking forward to try out all of the other carrying options when he gets a little bigger.

My favourite thing about the carrier was that it’s extremely comfortable for my son and I love it's stylish design. The wide range of neutral colours that the carrier is available in, are all unisex and make it fantastic to use with any other siblings or children. 

The only downfall with the carrier is that I’d love if it came with a detachable bag or pouch and there was a couple of times it started raining whilst we were out and I personally found the fabric isn’t great in wet weather conditions causing the carrier to be extremely wet from the organic cotton absorbing the rain.

Overall the carrier is brilliant and I’d really recommend it to other parents, we thoroughly enjoyed our first experience and looking forward to using it more!

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