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Shnuggle Baby Bath review

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Bathing your little one can be a relaxing and special experience with the Shnuggle Baby Bath!

Shnuggle are the award-winning creators of infant and toddler bathtubs; designed with parents and little ones in mind.

Their iconic and innovative baby bathtub offers support to even the tiniest of babies in an upright position - ensuring ultimate comfort during your time spent together. Suitable for newborns up to 12 months old, its spacious and ergonomic design makes bathing a breeze, so all that's left for bath-time is to create precious memories.

Find out what our team of parent testers had to say on their new baby bathtime routines with Shnuggle...

shnuggle parent review

Parent tester - Ashley

We've been using the Shnuggle Baby Bath for about three and a half months now - so since Rocco was about 4 weeks old! It's lightweight, portable and has a little built-in bump to support little one.

Shnuggle bath review

Rocco loves being in the bath and it looks like he finds this bath super comfortable! I also love that you don't have to use much water and there's plug to empty it with ease.

The bath is suitable for up to 12 months but my 3 year old has also used it because he didn't want to be left out!

Shnuggle baby bath grey

Overall, I've found this baby bath super handy because I can now wash the little one with both hands rather than one. 

Parent tester - Katie

Elsie is 4 months old so this was ideal to review as she loves sitting up but can’t do it unaided yet...

When the bath arrived, it was well packaged and came very quickly. Elsie loved that this bath as it supported her enough to let her relax while sitting upright - it has the bum bump which stops her slipping and helps support.

baby shnuggle bath

It also has a foam backrest for Elsie’s head to lean on and it is so much easier than having her in the bath which forces me to lean over to wash her. With the Shnuggle Baby Bath, I can now sit next to her wherever I want to do bath time - whether that's in the kitchen, bathroom or garden.

It has a fill line on it which is really great as you know where to fill it and you don’t need much water at all! Plus, it makes it lightweight, even with the water in, it's still easy to lift. 

Shnuggle baby bath pink

I chose the colour pink but it does come in a variety of colours so there’s something for everyone, however the pink is a really subtle pink.

I love that it can be used until Elsie is 12 months old which is fantastic and makes bath time so much easier up until then. The only con I found was the plug is really tight and does take a few pulls to release but it does empty quickly!

bath bath

Overall I would highly recommend this bath to anyone; it’s made bath times easier and Elsie loves it. We are going to have so many more happy bath times with this bath!

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