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Second-baby must-haves

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Are you expecting to become parents, again? Well, firstly - congratulations! Secondly, have you started to think about what baby essentials you want to purchase this time around? 

Many mamas will have lots of well-loved products still kept from their first, but there are typically a few things here and there that maybe needing a refresh or that you didn't particularly get on with.

Plus, life with two also brings change, from wanting products that offer more floor space for a sibling to play or quieter technology for nearby nap time. We've rounded up some of our favourite must-haves for life with two, so you can spend less time worrying about those important baby buys.

Bouncer + Rocker

Somewhere to put your baby down will be super helpful if you're entertaining another little one. They offer elevated safety from the floor space too so there's more space for play while still under supervision.

The Nuna LEAF Rocker and Toy Bar is a gorgeous multi-purpose bouncer swaying seat for little ones to relax in. The Nuna LEAF not only gently sways, the naturally calming, rhythmic side to side movement carries on for over 2 minutes meaning you can send them to sleep hands-free. The LEAF can also be used beyond baby days, so once your little one is all grown up or for your bigger one, it can be used as a child's swaying chair too.

Travel cot

You may find when you're staying over at friends or families, or even enjoying your own travels, that nap time can come around quickly. If you're littlest one is in need of some sleep, a travel cot is perfect to construct a super-fast bedtime space, that can be folded and unfolded with the click of a button. We love the Bugaboo Stardust travel cot as you can easily open in 1 second for naptime or playtime, and go back to tidying up the house, working, or enjoying the day, just as quickly as it unfolds.

Bugaboo Stardust’s unique design means it stays in one piece, even with the mattress in it. Wherever you are, it requires no assembly, no special techniques - you can pop it open easily for naptime or playtime. It’s all about more restful sleep for your baby, longer afternoon naps–and more time for yourself. The pop-up travel cot also comes with a zip-in bed for newborns and younger babies so can be used right through until 2yrs old.


If your pushchair is already a family favourite, then there's no need to shop around for a new one. If your oldest is at the age where they have become restless in the pushchair it may be time to switch them to the footboard. Investing in a footboard is great for an expanding family, it allows you to travel safely with your newborn while your big-little one can ride along whenever they  want. 

The Joolz Aer Footboard is the perfect accessory for parents who want to explore the outside with two little ones. With just one click, the footboard attaches to the Joolz Aer.  Plus, once your little one has regained energy and wants to walk again, just flip up the footboard and fold away while connected!

Changing bags

The unparalleled practicality offered by changing bags is not to be mistaken. Multi-functional compartments and fabric technologies are fantastic for any parent on the move. Now you have two little travellers to worry about, a changing bag that not only offers the same handy features, but increased storage will be a lifesaver for nappy changes, snack time, spills and chills! 

Our stylish Storksak Eco Backpack in Black is the perfect roomy changing bag. Made from recycled polyester, these backpacks are super lightweight and also comfy your shoulders. The practical unisex design comes with extra storage solutions; 7 pockets in total! 

Baby carrier

Sometimes we just need an extra pair of hands but baby carriers can be the next best thing! Offering hands free movement while on the go, baby carriers are perfect for keeping newborns through to toddlers close to you without the need to push, or carry from room to room. 

The Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier in Rosewood Rainbows print is a fully adjustable, ergonomic baby carrier. You can enjoy multiple ergonomic carry positions with an adaptable panel that adjusts in width and height to fit your baby at any stage, and fully adjustable shoulder straps and waistband for optimal comfort for you. This amazing carrier doesn't even require an infant insert and can be used from 7lbs up to 45lbs!

Car seat accessories

With the arrival of a new little one, there is going to be a lot more room taken up in the car with another car seat. Taking the time for handy car seat accessories will help to make car journeys run smoothly despite the increase in mini-passengers. 

The upgraded Baby Mirror XL² by BeSafe enables you to keep contact with your little ones when they're in a rear facing car seat. Many parents choose rear-facing car seats for the first groups (0+)  however some find they want to keep interacted with their little one. The Baby Mirror XL² can be used in daylight or when in darkness as it features remote-controlled lights and lots of other great new functions.

Want to know more?

If you're unsure of what baby essentials you want to purchase, or maybe would like some one-to-one assistance on a particular product, our team of nursery specialists are on hand to take your call. Our one-way video call feature allows you to speak and see our team of experts from the comfort of your own home. 

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