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Scandinavian Footmuffs and Sleeping Bags from Voksi

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Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of parenthood, where the to-do list seems to grow with each passing day. Amidst all the decisions and choices, one question often floats to the surface: "Do I really need a footmuff?" Allow us to introduce you to Voksi, a brand that's on a mission to revolutionise your parenting experience and demonstrate how these little marvels can seamlessly enhance your daily life.

Now, let us set the scene a little. The days are getting shorter, and there's a hint of crispness in the air as autumn takes its hold. You're an on-the-go parent, always up for outdoor family excursions and exploring the world with your little one. As winter draws near, you're determined not to let the chill put a damper on your adventures.

We know babies are still getting the hang of regulating their body temperature. It's like they're in their own little weather learning curve. So, as you gear up for family outings, both indoors and in the great outdoors, ensuring your baby stays cosy and comfy becomes your top priority. And guess who's here to save the day? Yep, a trusty footmuff, just like the ones from Voksi.

The hertiage of Voksi

Voksi, meaning "to grow in," signifies a brand dedicated to crafting long lasting baby products that echo timeless values. Rooted in a commitment to impeccable quality, Voski products are designed to be cherished daily and handed down through generations, while also addressing environmental concerns with their long-lasting construction and use of materials.
Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian traditions, Voski's outdoor baby sleeping solutions embrace nature and is backed by a legacy that began in 1985 with the first extendable baby sleeping bag. This Norwegian family company's journey champions safety and quality, sticking to their motto of "Only the best is good enough for your child and our products."

With a heart set on making family life smoother, this Norwegian manufacturer has been on a mission to create top-notch products using the finest materials. Every product is designed with clever features that simplify our daily hustle, promising cosiness, convenience and safety.

Let's dive into Voksi's available collections at Natural Baby Shower...

Voksi Sky Light: Your Essential Companion for Spring and Summer

Meet Voksi Sky Light – the ultimate solution for your baby's comfort during warmer months. This versatile sleeping bag serves as a cosy haven for your newborn to 4-year-old and easily transforms into a car seat bag.

Voksi Sky Light Footmuff for baby and toddler at Natural Baby Shower

Crafted from soft, natural materials, Voksi Sky Light has a cotton/polyester shell and a recycled polyester filling. The lining is cotton jersey, which makes it comfortable and soft for the child. All materials included on the Voksi Sky Light is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, meaning it has been tested for harmful substances to protect your little one. 

But wait, there's more! When curiosity strikes, those genius side openings let you fold down the front for fresh air and prime view-gazing while your little explorer sits in comfort. And when it's time for a well-earned rest (for both of you), the Sky Light transforms with ease – the back becomes a cosy seat inlay or a handy play mat.

Adjustable features like the head area cord and bottom zip fastener provide customised ventilation, while the extension piece accommodates growth. Plus, it's crash-tested with BeSafe car seats for added peace of mind.

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Voksi Move: Keeping baby warm in winter and autumn

The Voksi Move collection is an essential solution for keeping your little one warm, secure, and utterly comfortable during the colder seasons, thanks to its fluffy feather down filling. It's not just a car seat bag; it's a versatile sleeping bag too, making travel and nap time a breeze - it's a win win!

Crafted to make your life easier, Voksi Move is your ultimate companion for both short outings and extended adventures. It wraps your little one in a cocoon of comfort with its ingenious blend of materials: moisture-absorbing wool at the back and warming down for that extra snugness. The outer layer keeps rain at bay, plus all materials pass rigorous tests for the utmost safety – because your peace of mind is Voksi's top concern.

Voksi Move Baby Footmuff at Natural Baby Shower

Easy integrating this new companion into your life is oh so easy, thanks to the smart harness-friendly design. It replaces bulky outerwear in the car seat, letting the harness snuggle close. Worried about warmth? Just unzip for quick cooling. Safety's a priority too, as Voksi Move is crash-tested with BeSafe car seats in the recommended rear-facing position.

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Voksi Adventure: Embrace the Cold with Confidence

Calling all adventure-loving parents who brave chilly mornings, wild windy days, and yes, even those classic British rainy outings! Meet Voksi's Adventure collection, the ultimate solution for keeping your baby cosy and content during all your outdoor adventures.

Crafted for families who thrive in nature, the Voksi Adventure Collection Footmuffs are designed for little ones up to 3 years old. The premium 90/10 duck down filling and smart box construction team up to fend off the cold, while the windproof exterior, treated with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO, repels water like a champ. 

The brilliance doesn't stop there, with its zip-accessible arm openings, letting your child join in the fun while staying toasty. The back opening design ensures it fits various harnesses, perfect for a stroller, a bike trailer, and slotted into a baby jogger.

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Triple the cosy for your frosty adventures

The Voksi Adventure North, the footmuff that takes "extra cosy" to a whole new latitude! If the original Voksi Adventure was your trusty sidekick, consider the Voksi Adventure North the seasoned explorer – it's packed with nearly three times the filling, becoming the perfect warmth companion for those embracing colder climates or setting off on an Icelandic holiday adventure (you know, where ice cream is considered a warm treat).

In the stylish Poppy Blue Seashell Sand design, this footmuff is not just a cold-weather warrior; it's a fashion statement for you and your little one. Whether you're pushing a stroller, pedalling a bike trailer, or on a baby jogger sprint, the Adventure North has you covered (literally).

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Voksi Explorer: Paving the Way for Exploration

If you're the kind of mum or dad who's all about embracing the great outdoors, even with your little sidekick on board, then you've got to meet the Voksi Explorer. This footmuff is like your trusty companion for chilly days when you're not letting the cold cramp your style. It's designed for parents who want to keep those outdoor adventures alive, but this time, with your newest family member right by your side.

The Explorer isn't just a run-of-the-mill footmuff. Nope, it's your partner in pretty much every adventure this autumn and winter, adjusting to your needs and your little one's comfort, and it's got your back until your child hits 3 years old. Crafted with some of the finest materials – soft wool and duck down – this footmuff takes insulation and weather protection very seriously. Rain, wind, snow – bring it on!

Voksi's got your safety concerns covered too. The Explorer has been crash tested in combination with BeSafe car seats in the recommended rear facing position, giving you peace of mind as you journey on. So, whether you're strolling, exploring, or simply taking a breather, the Voksi Explorer is here to make your outdoor parenting adventures easy, safe and comfortable. 

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