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Q&A with Amanda Loveday of Ergobaby

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It's #NationalBabywearingWeek! We love the concept of babywearing, keeping baby close enough to kiss and extending and developing the close bond between parent and child. Here, we have a Q&A with babywearing consultant Amanda Loveday of Ergobaby - one of our top baby carrier brands!

If you're unsure about babywearing, and how it might benefit you and your little one, read on to discover why we love it so much!


Babywearing has been part of parenting for thousands of years in one way or another, why do you think it still has a place in modern parenting?

For exactly the reason parents started carrying thousands of years ago, it helps with bonding from birth and allows parents to be hands free and transported easily.  There are many benefits of carrying your child and with more and more parents and educators recognising this, is making babywearing more popular for the modern parent.   



What are the misconceptions about babywearing? I.e, doesn't it give you a bad back? Does baby find it comfortable too?

The main phrases and queries we hear the most are:

"Is it comfortable, doesn’t it give you a bad back must be bad for your posture?" 

"Can’t be comfortable for baby!"

"Isn’t it bad for their hips?"

"Doesn’t it make them to clingy?"

The answer to all of them is: no! There are many misconceptions, particularly with regards to baby's position. Ergobaby carriers are acknowledged as hip-healthy carriers by the Hip Dysplasia Institute, so we know they're safe for baby! For parents, we create Ergobaby carriers to be fully ergonomic, supporting the shoulders and back and making the whole concept of babywearing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for parent and baby.

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There are so many types of baby carrier out there, can you give us a little information on the difference between carriers and wraps, and what the benefits of each one are?

There are loads!  With carriers and wraps it can often be a personal preference and what is best for them and their lifestyle. A lot of parents like to use a wrap from birth as the material is softer and it promotes skin to skin contact with baby from birth.  Some parents often have the wrap tied all day and pop baby in and out as they need to where as using a carrier for this purpose can be a little bulky.  After about 4-6months parents often then move onto a carrier wanting a bit more structure and support for baby as they venture out of the house.  Then you get other parents who find wraps to complicated and want to go straight for a structured carrier from birth.  There is no right or wrong of choosing a carrier but it’s more about what the parent wants and how they feel using the carrier with baby.  And of course budget can come into play here as well. 

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We work to promote natural parenting which is why we love babywearing so much - how would you say it supports the natural parenting movement?

Using a wrap or carrier can be done straight after birth but depending on the type of birth it might be worth consulting a doctor.  It’s a natural way and natural position to hold baby and a carrier or wrap is a tool to help hold baby naturally.  The carrier or wrap can also help able breastfeeding!