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Plastic free meal times

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Plastic is currently posing a real threat of damage to the world our children are growing up in. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish. This is a scary thought to say the least! “Plastic free” living used to only be something for the eco aware or conscious. But in recent times it has become much more main stream, with people rapidly realising the damage humans are having on the planet, everyone is starting to change their behaviours to help make a difference.

This is music to our ears, Natural Baby Shower is built on it’s passion to help the environment with it’s beautiful eco-friendly products and processes. From the very beginning we have handpicked all of our brands to ensure that from the methods of productions, to the materials used and even down to our packaging we are supporting sustainability. 

Supermarkets and governments are now helping the fight against plastic by reducing plastic from their food packaging, and carrier bags are on their way out too. Consumers are becoming a lot more conscious about their plastic consumption, especially when it comes to straws and single use drink containers. We want to help you make the switch too and become more eco conscious. Here are our top tips and products that will help you have plastic free meal times.

Plastic free dinner times



Choosing your child’s highchair can be quite a challenge as you have to look for a model with practical features which will also blend with your home’s décor. For years highchairs have been made from chunky plastic and metal. Aside from the obvious factor that they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing, they are also not very eco friendly by using copious amounts of plastic. More and more parents are opting for wooden highchairs as these are much more sustainable and look like a much nicer piece of actual home furniture.

A personal favourite of ours is the Leander Highchair, this highchair is simply gorgeous and would look great in any home. It is also made from beech wood from sustainable forests and treated with water based lacquer for ultimate protection for your child and the environment. The clever design means this high chair can grow with your little one throughout their development. The whole chair is adjustable and ergonomically designed. So perhaps it's time to skip the ugly plastic highchair in favour of these sleek sustainable wooden alternatives.

 Leander high chair



Plastic bottles and straws have been at the forefront of the fight against plastic for some time now. Many high profile food and drinks chains have got rid of plastic straws and single use drink containers in favour of more sustainable alternatives. Your own home should be no different. Swapping out any single-use plastic water bottles or straws will go a long way in doing your bit for the planet.

GoSili, our top brand for dining plastic alternatives, offer amazing alternatives to straws and plastic sippy cups. Their GoSili Silicone sippy top or straw top are genius and so handy when making the swap. They allow you to easily convert any cup or glass into a kid friendly cup, the lid simply stretches over and grips the top of any size cup instantly, making it spill proof. The silicone suction keeps it in place so it does not pop off while in use. Perfect for on-the-go or at home.

When out exploring with your little ones or even whilst they are at school give them a reusable steel bottle such as the Liewood Anker bottles instead of plastic bottles. The lovely Liewood Anker bottles keep liquid warm for up to 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. They also come in a number of perfect designs with the addition of both sport and steel lid making it practical for both children and adults. 

We want to help the whole family go plastic free, not just focus on your little ones. GoSili even offers plastic free alternatives for parents, try out their silicone to-go cup, a reusable all silicone tea or coffee cup. Get your coffee kick and help do your bit for the planet with these perfect plastic alternative on the go cups. 


Plastic free meal times



When eating at home in general families are pretty plastic free, however it’s when its time to take the food on the road that plastic starts to creep in. We understand preparation is key when going out with little ones to ensure they aren’t grumpy from hunger and thirst, however with a little bit of thought you could find perfect alternatives to plastic containers.

Try to avoid buying those pre-made baby food pouches from the local shop, these are made from multiple layers of materials making it impossible to separate the recyclable materials. Instead use reusable baby food pouches from babymoov for example. The babymoov Foodii Starter kit is the perfect alternative to disposable baby food pouches. This kit has everything you need to easily prep and store your little one’s food whilst saving the planet by reducing the waste you create. 

For older kids, the GoSili Silibowl is the answer to all your food on the go dreams. The lid creates an air tight suction sealing the bowl closed, meaning no spills and also the food stays fresh for longer. It can also be used for food storage at home.

Make eating fun and eco with the Liewood bamboo feeding sets. These gorgeous sets have an array of cute faces on them to make your little one smile and cater for a variety of different ages and stages. All made from bamboo they are 100% plastic and toxin free! 

 Babymoov foodii pouch



Cling film is one of the worst offenders for unnecessary plastic. Often we wrap up food to keep fresh that we could simply put in a tupperware pot or have you got left over dinner? Simply leave it in the bowl and put a plate on the top of it in the refrigerator, freshness for days with no plastic in sight.

Sometimes though, especially with little ones, we need to prep in advance and have snacks or food ready to go for when the time comes. GoSili have the perfect answer for replacing disposable sandwich bags or clingfilm, their silicone snack bags. These are perfect for keeping snacks fresh both on the go and at home. They can be used for storage or also to carry lunch box essentials, if that’s not enough to convince you to make the switch, they are also microwave and dishwasher safe. Need we say anymore?!



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