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Plan Toys - Sustainable Wooden Toys

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Here at Natural Baby Shower we can’t get enough of wooden toys; they are sustainable, planet friendly and traditional. Not only do wooden toys look gorgeous compared to those brightly coloured flashing plastic toys and need no batteries (yay!), they are also much better for the environment. Remember wood is bio-degradable, plastic is not so we always encourage play time to be a plastic free zone.

Nobody does wooden toys better than Play Toys. They make gorgeous wooden toys made from only sustainable materials and with no chemicals. Plan Toys offer a range of imaginative, fun and safe toys created from rubberwood, a by-product of the latex industry, water-based non-toxic colours and all packaging is recycled.

Plan Toys Wooden Sustainable Toys


Who are Plan Toys

Plan Toys focus on making safe and sustainable wooden toys that all enhance the development of children. Plan Toys was built around the determination to put a focus of sustainability and child development as a top priority. They believe children, especially in their first 5 years whilst their brains are developing at a rapid rate, should be encouraged to enhance their development through play and exposed to their first learning experiences in a fun interactive way. Plan Toys also focus of Sustainable Play where their toys help show creative minds to understand what nature gives back to them and how important it is to grow up with the knowledge and values to respect natural resources to make the world that little bit greener.

Vitool Viraponsavan, one of the leading founders of Plan Toys, has made it his mission to inspire children around the world to help protect the planet we call home and behave sustainably thought innovative wooden toys.

It is with this mission that Plan Toys are dedicated to creating a sustainable world with every step of their production process to minimise environmental impacts.

 Plan Toys - Sustainable Wooden Toys


How are their toys made?

Plan Toys are a green company that produce all their toys the “sustainable way” which includes sustainable materials, sustainable manufacturing and sustainable behaviour. They became the first company in the world to manufacture toys from rubberwood. Plan Toys never cut down a single tree for production of their wooden toys. Instead they take piles of rubberwood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex and were only destined to be burned. These trees are grown naturally with absolutely no fertiliser added to the soil three years prior to the trees being cut down, this ensures the wood used to create your little one's toy is as pure as possible.

You'll also find no nasties in the glue, paints or dyes. In fact, Plan Toys products are free from toxic as they use a certified E-Zero glue which is non-formaldehyde to combine each parts of the products, instead of using traditional toxic wood glue. Plan Toys will never use chemical dyes which often contain lead or other heavy metals but instead commits to using the best eco-friendly material and organic pigment colouring.

Plan Toys Wooden Sustainable Toys


Plan Wood

Plan Toys make the most out of surplus wood and sawdust waste by creating an innovative material known as Plan Wood which is redirected back into the production process to create their adorable wooden toys. Plan Wood is made from all of the parts of a tree which can’t normally be used to produce toys, furniture or housing i.e the twigs, roots and small branches. These parts of the tree are refined into a fine sawdust where organic pigment and water-based dyes are added and then baked in a mould.


They go above and beyond 

It’s not just their toys that are sustainable, Plan Toys also make sure their whole production line is planet friendly. Plan Toys are proud to be a carbon neutral company. They run their whole production on renewable energy through solar panels, they are also part of a reforestation program to absorb any carbon dioxide produced during production – last year they planted over 3,9000 trees! And as if that’s not enough, 73% of the resources we use are from within a 30 km radius around our factory, located in the Southern Province of Trang, Thailand, to reduce energy consumption.

All materials used throughout the whole production, from the product itself to the packaging, are safe and sustainable. They use only recycled paper and soy ink for any printed materials. Unlike standard chemical ink, soy ink is biodegradable.

 Plan Toys Wooden Sustainable Toys


It is safe to say that Plan Toys are the champions of sustainable wooden toys, not only are their toys stunning and sustainable, they also run their whole production as sustainable as possible. From beginning to end they are doing their most to protect this beautiful planet. They have made it their mission to nurture creative little minds through their developmental focused toys and also teach children to respect and preserve the world to make it a better place. Play Toys get a big tick from us and we think you’ll love them too!


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