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Good Bubble Review

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We recently welcomed Good Bubble to the NBS family and are totally obsessed with their products! Good Bubble are all about naturally derived organic skin and hair products for babies and children. All their products are made with real fruit extracts and at least 98% natural ingredients, free from sulfates, parabens, silicone, PEG, phthalates, and artificial colours with a mild allergen-free fragrance. But we wanted to know what real Mum’s and Dad’s thought of these amazing skin care products so we decided to put it to the parent test. Find out below was 2 of our parent testers thought of Good Bubble

Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble


Parent Tester 1 - Madeleine Cave

Finding bath time products which are gentle on eczema prone skin can be challenging. So I jumped at the chance to review a gorgeous bath time bundle from Good Bubble, which claim to be suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin. My middle daughter, Isla, has very troublesome eczema, so finding products which won't irritate her skin is important to me.

Everything about Good Bubble products feels very organic and wholesome. Cruelty free, vegan and free from parabens, Natural Baby Shower also packed them in their fully recyclable packaging which I loved. The bottles themselves are the perfect shape and size for perching on the edge of the bath without falling in. The flip top lids are great for when you've only got one hand free, which is often the case when bathing three wriggly girls!

 Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

These are the products we reviewed:

Clean as a Bean Shampoo in Cloudberry

Smoothy Softy Conditioner in Cloudberry

Bish, Bash, Bosh! Hair and Body Wash in Cloudberry

Super Bubbly Bubble Bath in Cloudberry

100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil

Little Softy Baby Moisturiser (fragrance free)


First up, the Super Bubbly Bubble Bath. It smelled lovely and filled our tub with berry scented bubbles. My older two were delighted, it looks like we've finally found a bubble bath which gives a good amount of bubbles to play with! Baby Ottilie couldn't get enough either and gave them her seal of approval after consuming a few mouthfuls. Safe to say we all loved this one!

Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

Next up the shampoo and conditioner. Again, these smelled absolutely lovely and left the girls hair clean and soft and tangle free. I must confess I even used some on my own hair and was really pleased with the results. The hair and body wash is a great product for use in a hurry, or to pack if you are going away. Two products, one bottle, what's not to love?

All of the bath products are wonderfully gentle, in fact Isla’s eczema hasn't flared up once since using them and it's great knowing the ingredients are kind on delicate skin.


Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

The organic coconut oil is perfect for a bit of baby massage, it's solid at room temperature so not at all messy, but if you scoop some out into your hand it just melts into your skin and can be smoothed over little arms, legs and tums for the perfect baby bonding activity. It left little Ottilie’s skin lovely and soft without feeling greasy.

The real star of the show for me is the Lift Softy Baby Moisturiser. It sinks into dry skin really quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue behind. It's fragrance free, so it doesn't irritate or sting inflamed eczema prone skin like some other baby moisturisers we've tried in the past. It left Isla’s normally rough skin feeling super soft. I would definitely recommend this for sensitive and eczema prone skin.

Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

Overall, these products ticked lots of boxes for us and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others. I was aiming for a balanced review but really can't say a bad word about any of the products we tested!

Tested and loved by Erin (5), Isla (2) and Ottilie (6 months).


Parent Tester 2 - Eleanor Richards

Living in Cornwall, we spend quite a lot of time outdoors, and mainly at the beach. The weather is quite changeable and Noah occasionally suffers with dry skin, and we’ve found that since using the Good Bubble moisturiser and the Good Bubble Coconut Oil that his skin has drastically improved. 

We’ve used the Good Bubble Dragon Fruit Hair & Body wash mainly for swimming – it’s the perfect ‘all in one’ product for out and about, and does an excellent job of washing chlorine away and leaving skin super smooth. It’s also fab for time-saving in the bath, and Noah loves helping me wash all the bubbles off! 

Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

We tend to use the ‘Little Softy’ moisturiser after swimming too as it’s so gentle, and Chlorine can be a bit harsh on little skin so it really helps to hydrate Noah’s skin after a splash. I love the smaller bottle too, it’s so easy to pop in a changing bag and a swimming bag and the fact that its fragrance free means that I get to use it too! (It works wonderfully as a hand and face moisturiser for grown-ups!) 

The Shampoo and Conditioner I’m completely blown away by – Noah’s got really fine blonde hair, and it’s made it so soft and shiny, and doesn’t leave any residue on his hair or scalp at all. It’s notoriously difficult to rinse shampoo from a wriggly baby, and the ‘no tears’ formula really is true to its name – Definitely no tears in our bath time! 


Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

The Bubble Bath definitely lives up to its name – bubbles for days! We love a bubble, and the Dragon Fruit bubble bath really does make for a bubbly bath time. Noah’s new favourite trick is asking to stay in the bath until “All the bubbles have popped” which is always a winner as the bubbles last for ages. 

The Coconut Oil is a Godsend – we use it after every bath time, and especially if we’re heading to the beach. I am a huge fan of coconut oil, and this is by far the best. I love that it’s organic, I love the smell and I love the healing properties. We literally use it for everything; it works wonders for dry skin and is especially effective on nappy rash. It lasts for ages and smells divine. Noah’s skin can be a little sensitive at times, so we really do make sure that we use the coconut oil as often as possible – it’s my staple product and the Good Bubble oil is the best one I’ve used. It leaves Noah’s skin incredibly soft and hydrated, and we’ve used it on everything from heat rash and nappy rash, to grazed knees and dry elbows. An absolute favourite for sure. 

Parent Approved Review = Good Bubble

Over all, I’m super impressed with the quality of all the Good Bubble products; their ethical stance and ingredients are not only kind to skin but kind to the environment – no nasties hidden in the small print and no animal testing. We recycle all of the bottle and I recommend their products to everyone I know that has children, and I bought plenty of gift sets to give as newborn presents as I know how gentle the products are. 

The products really are designed with babies and children in mind, and I love how child-friendly the logos and images are on the products – they certainly make bath time that little bit more fun and I certainly wouldn’t go back to using different brands. Good Bubble products have really helped Noah’s skin and have become an integral part of our washing and skincare regime, and they will remain firmly at the top of our list of baby and child essentials! 

The recyclable packaging used by Natural Baby Shower is a fab addition and I love the environmentally-friendly approach used by both them and Good Bubble.


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