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Red Castle Cocoonababy Review

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The Red Castle Cocoonababy is perfect for welcoming baby gently into the world, providing them with a comforting, reassuring, womb-like surrounding. This ergonomic cocoon helps your newborn adapt to life in the best way possible. But we wanted to put it to the test to find out what real parents thought of it. Keep reading to learn was 2 of our parent testers thought of the Red Castle Cocoonababy…

Red Castle Cocoonababy Parent Review

Parent Tester 1 - Paula Marshall

I was selected to review the Cocoonababy and my baby girl Tallulah has really appreciated it! I’m a mummy of 4 beautiful children that keep me very busy and I welcome anything that makes my life easier and my children’s lives happier. Good sleep is an integral part of children being content so I was keen to try this product for my baby (who was 1 month when we received the Cocoonababy)

The Cocoonababy arrived in waterproof plastic outer packaging and delivery was all as expected.

Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy

The Cocoonababy came in a transparent carry case which is a handy feature if you’re taking this on overnight trips as it keeps the product safe and makes it easy to carry. Within the case there is a card inner which calls out the key features and benefits, along with a booklet which is useful for showing how the product should be used.

Set up of the Cocoonababy was quick and easy, it came with the ‘dreamy cloud’ sheet (which is a really sweet pattern that will go with whatever the décor of your home / nursery is) and within minutes we were ready to go!

Red Castle Cocoonababy Parent Review

Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy

My baby girl Tallulah has really enjoyed using the Cocoonababy, she looks so comfortable in it both when she’s awake and when she is napping. We’ve used the Cocoonababy primarily in the living room, but also throughout the house e.g. bedroom and kitchen (which allowed me to get dinners prepped for my family of 6!)

Tallulah suffered with a bad case of Bronchiolitis at 3 weeks old and since that point has been less happy to be in her moses basket for naps. The Cocoonababy has really helped me from that perspective. Because of how comfy it is and the incline position that almost mimics the way I cradle her, Tallulah has napped more independently and there have been multiple occasions where she has even drifted off to sleep when I’ve put her into the Cocoonababy awake (which is just fantastic).

Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy

Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy

My husband has also been very impressed with how well Tallulah has settled in the Cocoonababy  and without fail comments on how comfy she looks every time she’s in it!


  • Lightweight and portable, easy to move around the home and can be used anywhere
  • Comfortable, safe place for your baby to relax, sleep or watch the world go by
  • Babies who may be suffering with colds will be helped by the inclined positioning
  • Super easy set up
  • Looks great – it’s a really stylish product
  • The strap to keep your baby secure is a reassuring feature


  • Can only be used until your baby is approximately 3 months old, it is an investment for a relatively short life span

In summary, Tallulah and I have really enjoyed using the Cocoonababy, I love to see her in it as much as she loves to be in it!

Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy


Parent Tester 2 - Harriet Jones

We couldn’t wait for our Cocoonababy to arrive, our baby was due any day so we couldn’t wait to put it to good use and put it through its paces. The product arrived well packaged and looked of very high quality. The size of the product was slightly smaller than I expected but as it’s only recommended from 0-3 months it makes sense to be on the small side.

We had the Dreamy Cloud fabric and we were very impressed. The fabric pattern was beautiful and the quality was excellent. It’s very easy to take the fabric on and off for washing, a big thumbs up from me. Being a busy Mum it was so useful that it was easy to wash and care for the product.


Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy

Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy

The Cocoonababy from Red Castle is really easy to use, putting baby in and out and also adjusting the size to fit baby is so easy to do. The Cocoonababy looks lovely and you can tell it’s going to be really comfortable before you even get baby in it!

I put my little boy in the cocoon the day he was born in the evening and he lay really content. The Cocoonababy is known to reduce reflux, minimise the risk of flat head and improves quality and length of sleep, what more could a parent ask for! We are so impressed and absolutely love the product and have to say Elliot seems to agree.

Parent Approved Review = Red Castle Cocoonababy

The shape of the cocoon is really nice for the baby and mirrors the shape of the womb so baby doesn’t have to lay flat. The only con would be that the cocoon is only for up to 3 months, it would be great if it could last a bit longer as I imagine my boy is going to be very happy in it!

The cocoon has been a god send as Elliot will happily lay on it whilst I sort out the other 2 children so I’d definitely recommend it! I didn’t use anything like this for my other children so initially when I was given the chance to product test it I wasn’t sure how much I would use the product but I absolutely love it and so does my little chap! 

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