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bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow Review

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There are a whole host of pregnancy pillows out there on the market to help remedy those pesky pregnancy aches and pains. But with bbhugme pregnancy pillow hailed as the pregnancy pillow like no other, we wanted to put it to the test!

Developed by three female Norwegian chiropractors, the bbhugme is natural, soft, eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. It is designed to grow with you and your baby, being used as a full body pillow during pregnancy and can then be used for breast feeding and a wonderful support and nest for your little one as they grow.

Keep reading to find out why our parent testers called the bbhugme their “number one pregnancy product ”…

 Parent Approved Review = bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow 

Parent Tester 1 - Katy Westwood 

The bbhugme has been a life saver for me during my fourth pregnancy and really helped me with my PGP and sleeping better overall! I wish I had one for my previous pregnancies! 

When I opened the bbhugme my first impressions were “wow” the packaging is pretty smart, and it was so well presented the instructions were easy to follow and it was made in no time at all! From the first feel of the fabric and the cushion itself I could instantly tell it was a high-end product and so well made. The fabric feels so soft and inviting - I instantly wanted to lay on it! 

Parent Approved Review = bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

My main problem this pregnancy has been PGP and not sleeping well, I just can’t get comfortable and turning in the night was proving to be a problem as well as not feeling rested. So I wanted to try this pillow out to its full potential and lay on my side with bump and leg supported. When I normally lay on my side the weight of my bump pulls me down and puts pressure on my back so when I used the cushion the feeling of my bump had been lifted by placing it under my bump and between my legs to give that perfect positioning. WOW I just didn’t want to get up, it was amazing how instantly I could feel such a difference and the way the cushion is made and adjusted to suit. It just moulds perfectly to your shape leaving you in such comfort! 

Parent Approved Review = bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Another thing I have been suffering from is indigestion and the need to sit up more often throughout the day this bbhugme has again been perfect for sitting upright with it wrapped around me to support me. It holds me in place leaving me feeling comfortable and the design again just moulds to give that all over support .

I also miss being able to lay on my front so having a cushion that allows me to do that also is such a bonus and my partner can now rub my back too. Winning! 

My partner has tried to steal the cushion off me a few times but there is no way I’m sharing! And everyone I have shown it to has fallen in love with it too.

Parent Approved Review = bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

It’s such a good buy as it’s not just able to be used one way, there are so many ways and again I can imagine feeding my newborn baby with the cushion too! Defiantly worth the money - it’s one of those products that you just must try to feel the full benefits.

I would give it a 10/10 as it has been my absolutely number one pregnancy product and I would recommend to any pregnant mummy’s to be out there.  

Parent Tester 2 -Dr Nabiha Mohammed 

I'm really impressed with this pillow. Straight off when you open the packaging the quality is apparent - you get a handy carry case for taking your pillow on your travels (which you will want to do!) as well as the instructions.

bbhugme pregnancy pillow

The quality of the pillow itself is really striking as the cover is super soft, and the pillow is really malleable, not like a traditional beanbag. While I haven't used the pillow to sleep I have been using it every day to lie in bed or on the sofa to read or watch TV.

Parent Approved Review = bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

I've had upper back pain and it's been great to relieve this by supporting my lumbar spine when I'm sitting on the couch or in bed. Then if you wrap one end round onto your lap it's also a great place to sit your laptop / tablet to keep them away from your bump and at a comfortable height while you work / watch Netflix. You can also tie it into a doughnut and place your bump inside to lie on your front - I've done this a few times when I've managed to persuade husband to give me a back massage!

I'm looking forward to continuing using it when baby comes either for breastfeeding, or as a comfy little sleep pod.

Parent Tester - Cassie Mayers

When the pillow arrived I was pleased to find it in a carry bag, Although I haven't actually used the bag because I have been too busy using the pillow, it's great to know I could use it to take places. 

I wasn't expecting such a squishy bean bag feeling to the pillow and was pleasantly surprised that it was like this. I knew that this would be so much more comfortable than your average pillow. It is great that the cover can be taken on and off, meaning that it can be washed. While it is being washed the inside design of the pillow is cute and also soft to touch and great that it is still usable.

bbhugme review 

I got the dusty olive coloured pillow case. I was expecting it to be a little light in colour from the reference photograph on the website and felt this colour was more a Khaki colour. But I didn't mind this too much. 

The size of the pillow was as expected though, and looked the same as on the photographs on the website. 

The pillow is very high quality and well made, Also lovely and soft which is great for laying your head down on. 

bbhugme review

I loved the way the pillow works. I think the material used inside is perfect meaning it can shape around you and also easily be moved into the position you want it to. I found it easy to use to make the pillow softer or plumper depending on what you needed to use it for. This is probably one of the best and most clever features of the pillow. 

I found I mostly used the pillow for on the couch, when sitting up I get a achy back so its had so much use for things like cuddling up to to watch tv, propping myself up to eat, propping my self up to work on laptop, and just every day general use of sitting on the couch. It really eased my back pain having the support of the pillow. I also thought it was great that I could use this pillow to lay on my front. My partner always gives me back rubs but since being pregnant I haven't been able to lay on my front, until now! It was amazing how comfortable it was to be able to be in this position, the pillow supported me perfectly so then no pressure was pushed onto my bump. 

bbhugme review

As for night time sleeping, I found it really helped me to fall asleep. Cuddling the pillow was so comfortable. My biggest problem is I really can't keep still in my sleep and I found my body still wanted to roll over. So I would end up waking up too much because I couldn't roll with the pillow. I would love a design of this pillow that was smaller in the sense that you can cuddle it like you would a teddy, but then can roll with it too. This would be my only con about the pillow but then this is also very much a "Me" thing as I know other women may not roll as much as me in their sleep and I think I would have the same problem with any pregnancy pillow not just this one. 

bbhugme review

For pregnancy this pillow has been a really big help for many things and I am so glad to have had it for being able to make myself much more comfortable. Pregnancy is tough and so anything to make life easier is great, I would recommend this to other mums if they were looking for a pregnancy pillow too. 

Parent Tester – Hannah-Louise Watkins

When I initially received the bbhugme pregnancy pillow I was 28 / almost 29 weeks pregnant, I am now 33 weeks. I’ve had a good 3-4 weeks of trialling this product and here are some of my thoughts about it.

I won the competition on the 23rd December 2020 (Merry Christmas Han yay) when the Natural baby shower messaged me they gave me a variety of colours to choose from, I feel this is very nice of them as they could of just sent you any colour but by doing this you are able to pick a colour that suits you/ your home colour scheme etc. I chose dusty olive and the colour is lovely in person, not too dark and not too light, also it’s very modern.


bbhugme pregnancy pillow review

Delivery of this item was excellent. Given that it was the Christmas holidays with the usual expected delays with post / delivery’s and with covid19, I received this product on New Years Eve 2020. 8 days in total. I think this was delivered quickly and promptly given the circumstances. 

The item was delivered by Royal Mail which you can track the whole time, and I was kept up to date where the product was. The item was delivered in a big cardboard box, neatly presented. The box wasn’t heavy which was a bonus but the delivery man brought it into my porch as he could see I was pregnant and didn’t want me to lift it. However once opened I did not expect for the item to then also be in its own bag travel bag with handles. This packaging is very good and hygienic. 

 bbhugme pregnancy pillow review

The item comes neatly presented in the bag with instructions how to put the cover on. I feel even though it’s pretty obvious what you do with a cushion cover, having instructions just gives you reassurance that they have gone above and beyond and care about what their customers want. Also as the cushion cover is not on the pillow when you open it this allows you to without engulfing the bed or sofa.

The cushion is filled with tiny little soft balls like a bean bag which I didn’t expect. But I find this so much better and it always retains its shape and never goes flat. Once you lie on this pillow the tiny balls spread out, evening out the shape of the pillow and again giving you the support that’s needed and comfort. After use I simply shake the pillow and it goes back to it’s original shape.

 bbhugme pregnancy pillow review

The cushion cover is much longer than the pillow itself. This allows you change the density of the cushion to your desired level, plus you can then tie each end together so the pillow makes a 0 shape and I found this useful when I was sitting on the floor practicing my breathing, or just when I wanted the pillow to keep in a shape without moving.

My partner also enjoys this product. There’s been a few occasions I’ve noticed him use it when I’m not. I cannot comment on baby’s use as I’m only 33 weeks pregnant but I can assure you I will be trying this product as support while I feed our baby girl to see how she likes it.

 bbhugme pregnancy pillow review

Only downfall about this product I feel to some people would be the price. RRP price is £139.00 and as a first-time mum having a baby and buying / planning is expensive enough. However, I personally feel you could spend £50 on a standard pregnancy pillow which may be great at first but after a few weeks, it would start to lose its shape/ bounce as it’s filled with normal feathers and padding. This bbhugme pregnancy pillow is filled with small balls that will always retain its shape and move around as you do to always suit your posture and provide the support you need. Also, for the size of this product and who can use it I think the price is pretty much reasonable.

 bbhugme pregnancy pillow review

bbhugme pregnancy pillow review

Overall, this product was much better than I expected. The quality of this pillow is excellent, and so was the delivery service.

I would highly recommend this pillow to already mums and dads and to the new mums and dads to be. Since NYE this pillow has not left my side and not a night has gone by where I haven’t used it while sleeping in bed. It’s been a game changer for me. 

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