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Our Top 5 Baby Toys for 2024

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Toys play such a key role in your little one’s development and independence. Play is proven to improve the cognitive, social, emotional and physical well-being of babies and toddlers. By playing, children broaden their imaginations, and they learn about themselves and the world around them.

To help you create the perfect playtime environment for your little one, we have put together a list of our top five toys for 2024 that we would recommend to help your child learn, grow and most importantly, have fun. Keep reading to find out which toys have made our top five…

1. Tonies

Tonies are designed to encourage little listeners to widen their imaginations and reduce screen time – which is quite rare for 2024. Tonies bring hours of stories and plenty of fun for all the family, and Tonies can also improve your child’s speech in as little as four months.

With a variety of characters to choose from and listen to including Guess How Much I Love You for the younger ones, to Marvel’s Black Panther for the older kids, Tonies will last for years, designed to grow with your family, and your little one will love expanding their collection and displaying their favourite characters.

Tonies are the perfect toy for modern mums and dads who are looking for a toy to help their little one learn, grow their independence and keep them entertained– without the need for screens.

2. Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls are adorable, handcrafted dolls that are loved by children around the world. Your little one will love making their doll their own by adding pets, accessories and baskets that they can collect and personalise how they like.

Olli Ella Dolls are also made from natural materials that are sustainably sourced, giving them a timeless and premium look with a minimal impact on the environment.

Playing with dolls is shown to improve a child’s levels of empathy, creativity, independence, motor skills and helps them imitate real life and social situations. There is truly no other doll like Olli Ella and their dolls and accessories are truly toys that they will cherish and remember for many years.

3. Etta Loves Sensory Hanging Squares

Etta Loves was created to turn everyday essentials into sensory sensations, by using the science of what babies can and can’t see to create clever and stunning patterns. Each Etta Loves piece features prints designed to support and enhance babies’ visual and cognitive development. In other words, they are designed to mesmerise your little one and enhance their development whilst giving parents a moment of peace and calm.

The Etta Loves Sensory Hanging Squares are perfect for younger babies, and you can attach them to car seats, prams or baby gyms to make sensory play accessible wherever you go. The patterns on the squares have been specifically designed to support babies’ cognitive and visual development and are reversible for 0-4 months and 5+ months.

Learn more about the science of Etta Loves here.

4. Trixie Wooden Toy Range

Trixie are fascinated by a baby’s endless imagination, and every toy they craft is designed to help children create their own fantasy world to explore and discover. Trixie is also a brand that always puts sustainability first, and they make products with the idea that the future planet is the playground for the next generation of little ones – so it’s important to take care of it.

Trixie has a timeless and adorable range of wooden toys made from 100% sustainable wood. The paints used are water based and non-toxic. One of our personal favourites is the Trixie Wooden Fishing Game which is perfect to help develop your little one’s motor skills and coordination.

Explore Trixie’s full range of exciting toys and games.

5. Little Dutch Shape Sorter Little Farm

Little Dutch offers a wide collection of versatile products that are interesting and practical, while also keeping their timeless and elegant sense of style. The Little Dutch range of toys and games are made to be completely safe for your little one, and there’s plenty to choose from for both younger little ones with their baby play collection, to role play toys, educational toys and activity toys.

From improving motor skills and cognitive development, to supporting creativity and independence, every one of Little Dutch’s toys have been carefully crafted to appeal to little minds and help them create their own little world.

We love the Little Dutch Shape Sorter Little Farm, and we can guarantee it’ll keep your little farmer busy for hours while they round up the animals and make sure they get into their barn safely. Both fun and educational, this toy will help your child recognise shapes and develop hand-eye coordination.

We hope this blog has helped give you some inspiration when it comes to choosing some new fun and eco-friendly toys for your little one. Encouraging free play can have so many benefits for your little one and their development. We know that sometimes it can be tempting to just hand over the iPad or turn on the telly, but with our top five favourite toys, we’re sure there’s something screen-free that your baby will love that will keep them entertained for hours while they play the day away.

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