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Our ADAC Approved Car Seats for Autumn 2022

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This month, car seat safety regulators, ADAC released their results for Autumn 2022, and we are proud to say that many of the winning models you can find here at Natural Baby Shower!

However, we know that the technical jargon around car seat safety is sometimes hard to make sense of. That’s why we’re on hand to walk you through ADAC scoring, including models were chosen, why parents should look out for these approved car seats and what makes them suitable for children…

adac approved bugaboo turtle air

What is ADAC testing?

We’re no strangers to talking about ADAC, which by definition, is arguably the most authoritative organisation in Europe that test on car seat safety.

ADAC (an acronym for Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) is an independent, German motoring association that safety tests are much stricter than the legal requirements of regular testing standards known as R44.

ADAC’s testing philosophy is based on parents, who when looking for the safest car seats for their little one, are unable to know what car seat is truly safe on first glance. Therefore, they use rigorous safety measures to judge and carefully rate each aspect in the event of a crash and more.

Importance of ADAC testing

ADAC child car seat tests are published twice a year and have an effect on the way the manufacturers in the industry make and improve car seats. 

Since publishing results from 2015, there have been multiple instances where car seat manufacturers have revoked and improved their car seat off the back of these scores. The result, it gives parents better peace of mind their car seat is safer than ever.

bugaboo turtle air

ADAC child car seat tests

ADAC biannually test new and selected child car seat models to undergo these rigorous safety tests. The latest standard of ADAC testing, which has been prevalent since 2020, rates seats as very good, good, and satisfactory.

 This Autumn, 20 child car seats of all sizes were chosen and tested on Crash Safety, Ease of use, Ergonomics, Pollutants, and Ease of cleaning.

 The result, eleven achieved the ADAC rating "good" and eight “satisfactory" with 8 of these models housed here at NBS.

 Below you can see their colour-rated system to help reflect these scores:

adac scores

Autumn 2022: The results

This October saw many car seats perform well under ADAC’s testing. Based on the above testing criteria, an overall average score is determined, with the lower score providing a better rating. Here are the following models selected for Autumn 2022 and their scores:

maxi-cosi titan pro car seat


“19 models, significantly exceed the legal requirements. They are therefore recommended or even highly recommended. The front runner is the Bugaboo Turtle Air + Turtle Air Wingbase, a very safe infant carrier with an Isofix base on which the seat can be easily and stably mounted.”

- ADAC Results, Autumn 2022

Our conclusion

We are very proud to announce that there’s been some record-breaking scores this Autumn, including the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 baby seat which holds the best score for an all-stage car seat.

silver cross all size motion

Further recommendations

Before buying a child seat, ADAC’s mission is for parents to inform themselves about the findings from car seat safety tests.

As well as this, they recommend that parents seek advice from specialists in shop, such as in our Surrey store which offers a free car seat fitting service.

This is because operating errors can significantly reduce the protection of a child car seat in the event of an accident. So, it’s important that parents take their vehicle and little ones with them to try out a model before buying it.

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