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Nuna PIPA urbn car seat review

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We've recently introduced the Nuna PIPA URBN i-Size car seat and what a response we've got!

Thanks to Nuna's innovative pipaFIX™ rigid latch, this car seat can be installed in just 2 seconds, making it the only baseless infant car seat of its kind and providing the ultimate combination of safety and convenience for parents on the go.

But don't just take our word for it, our reviews speak for themselves! This car seat has been designed with safety, style, and innovation in mind, so let's see what our family who reviewed it had to say...

Nuna PIPA urbn review

Nuna PIPA Urbn i-Size Car Seat

Weighing only 3.3kg, the Nuna PIPA URBN i-Size Car Seat in Caviar is both lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It comes as part of one of our three amazing travel system packages, each pairing it with a high-quality stroller, meaning you can hit the road in style at any moment.

So, whether running errands around town, hopping into a taxi, or taking a long ride with the family, you can rest easy knowing your little one is safe and secure in their Nuna PIPA URBN i-Size Car Seat.

Parent tester - Linda 

We’ve just welcomed a new addition to our family, so navigating nursery drop offs for our toddler with a newborn in tow has become much easier thanks to the Nuna PIPA URBN!

It weighs just 3.3kg making it considerably lighter than the infant carrier we used for our first daughter. This was especially beneficial during my first few weeks postpartum, when carrying a heavy load is to be avoided. It’s safe to say we’ll be using our new Nuna carrier for all of those in-out trips to nursery and the shops going forward. 

nuna lightweight car seat

Looks are by no means the most important factor when choosing a car seat, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in a bit of style! When the Nuna PIPA URBN in Caviar arrived we immediately noticed its luxe details, including a leatherette carry handle.

The newborn insert and headrest are made from merino wool, which both look and feel amazing. It’s reassuring to know that our little one is bundled up in such a comfortable, natural material. 

The hood has some clever features too, including SPF 50+ protection and a breathable mesh window allowing air to circulate. With hotter weather coming soon, we’ll be able to keep baby safe from the sun and high temperatures while using the car seat. 

nuna pipa urbn parent review

The built-in isofix fittings are undoubtedly the Nuna PIPA URBN’s USP, meaning there’s no need for a bulky base unit, so we were excited to discover how easy it would be to fit in the car.

As advertised, it really is simple and just as easy as putting a conventional infant carrier onto an isofix base. We now have the ability to use taxis and cars belonging to our friends and family without the hassle of transporting an isofix base or figuring out how to use the seatbelt to secure the carrier. 

nuna car seat out of the box

The design also includes side impact protection for baby, as well as being crafted from clever Aeroflex foam that acts as a shock absorber. Safety is our number one priority when selecting a car seat and the Nuna PIPA URBN ticks that box.

As our first Nuna product, we’re really impressed with the quality and convenience of the carrier - as well as its stylish touches! 

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