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November Bump + Beyond news

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Pop those pumpkins down and get your tinsel at the ready because November is officially here and it’s time to prepare for the holiday season!

Before we start getting into the spirit of winter, we want to appreciate some of the inspiring, uplifting stories that we’ve loved recently.

This month, our Bump + Beyond news roundup includes one tale of a couple’s extraordinary conception with natural quadruplets and why a miracle baby boy has been born from a sperm sample donated in 1996.

We'll also reveal which newcomer has taken ‘the most popular sport-inspired baby name', plus, discover how actress Kaley Cuoco announces she’s celebrating becoming a first-time mum!

november baby news

Couple trying for final baby end up naturally conceiving quadruplets

quadruplet pregnancy

Photo by Misael Moreno on Unsplash

1 in 7 million pregnancies conceive quadruplets naturally however for 40-year-old Gaby and her husband Patrick this was their reality when at 12 weeks the sonographer broke the news.

The couple from the US decided they wanted to complete their family of 4 with a final baby. Gaby and Patrick already had children from previous relationships but wanted to cement their blended family with one more, so when they found out they were expecting 4 babies just over 9 months ago, they were amazed!

At 34 weeks into the pregnancy, they finally became a family of 8 and are now getting used to life with 4 little boys in the house. Adam, Bennett, Coby and Dane, were all born healthy and though they have their own little personalities, the pair admit they’ve had to paint their toenails to separate them apart.

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Every baby is a miracle in our eyes, though the extraordinary story of this couple having 4 babies at once is truly remarkable! We love hearing about a parent’s journey from pregnancy to baby, which is why it warmed our hearts to hear that everything went well and now four, gorgeous baby boys have arrived, all happy and healthy!

Baby boy born from sperm sample collected over 25 years ago

sperm sample donated

Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash

When Peter Hickles found out his sperm sample donated over 25 years ago was still viable to have a baby, he was over the moon! The 47-year-old and his fiancé Arelija welcomed their little boy, Kai recently after paying £30,000 for IVF treatment.

The sample they used in the treatment was collected back in 1996 by Heckles, who after finding out he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 21 was told he should consider donating by doctors. While they believed the sample was expected to have a shelf-life of just ten years, medical advances have extended and protected its viability.

The 25-year gap was close to beating the world record for the longest gap between sperm collected and birth which is held by a couple in America with 27-year-old sample.

Peter said, “It’s incredible to think he’s been in the deep freeze all this time.” He also added “after the chemo-therapy I was left with no sperm count which is something many male cancer sufferers experience” yet, the proud dad said years on, Baby Kai is now at home after being delivered by caesarean section and weighing a healthy 8lb 10oz.

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Overcoming cancer and then being able to start a family is the most wonderful news that any person can receive. We love that Peter, and his fiancé are now able to enjoy family life with their little boy Kai, and we are equally blown away that the amazing medical advances have allowed them to do so!

Actress Kaley Cuoco announces she's pregnant with her first child

actress kaley cuoco pregnant

Photo via Instagram

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco announced earlier last month she’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey. It comes just over five months after the pair confirmed they were dating. Sharing the news via Instagram, the 36-year-old posted a carousel of photos showcasing a pink cake, pregnancy tests, and mama and papa bear mugs.

The couple, who met in a ‘love at first sight’ moment at the premiere of Netlfix’s Ozark in April shared the news on both social media accounts, with Pelphrey posting “And then it was even MORE BETTER. Love you more than ever @kaleycuoco.”

The adorable snaps gained lots of likes, with many fellow celebrities commenting their congratulations on the news such as Hilary Duff, Josh Gad, and Sharon Stone.

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We’re over the moon for Kaley and Tom and wish them all the best on the next steps in their parenting journey. It’s great to get a glimpse into the lives of celebrities, especially when it’s to share the wonderful news of a pregnancy!

Lando Norris blows Lewis Hamilton out water as 'most popular sport-inspired baby name'

new baby name Sport inspired

Photo by Moritz Graf on Unsplash

Data anaylsed by Betsperts has revealed that F1 driver Lando Norris has knocked Lewis Hamilton off the top spot for athletes whose careers have inspired the most UK baby names since their debut.

Figures suggest there were only nine Landos in the UK prior to his F1 debut back in 2019, since 47 have been registered. That equates to a percentage increase of 422.22%, which is more than any other sporting figure. Hamilton is now sadly down in third position – although the data does not recognise how many parents have named their children 'Lewis' after the seven-time world champion.

The 22-year-old Belgian driver may not be winning on the track, however despite his absence of recent successes, he’s become one of the most likable figures within the sport. Surprisingly, Norris has even edged other sportsmen outside of the racing crowd, such as Steven Gerrard, Tyson Fury, and Sir Alex Ferguson.

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We’re always keeping on top of trending baby names, so we find it super interesting to discover the influences behind them. Whether you’ve got a petrol head at home who would equally love a F1 inspired name, or simply enjoy the name Lando, we think it’s news worth sharing!

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