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NBS Buyer Baby Registry Top Picks

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Shopping for your baby as a new mum can be pretty overwhelming, there are hundreds of brands to choose from and hundreds of things to buy! Luckily for you, one of our very own buyers, and soon to be mum, Jemma Wiseman, is here to share everything she’s got in her basket and some of her top baby product picks.

Jemma has been a buyer at NBS for over two years, and she’s been in buying for over six, so you can be sure she knows her stuff. She’s currently preparing to welcome her first baby, due at the end of June, so she’s been busy nesting and putting together her shopping list to make sure she’s got everything she needs for baby’s arrival.

Let’s go through her product picks and reasons for choosing them:

What pushchair have you gone for?

“The Nuna TRIV NEXT Pushchair has been my favourite ever since I started working at NBS and doing some research into strollers and pushchair travel systems. The TRIV is chic, stylish and the colours look great – I’m particularly a fan of the Cedar colour!

In terms of key features and selling points, this Nuna stroller is compact enough to fit in the boot of a car and folds up nice and small, but still has large back wheels and great suspension for long walks and rough terrain. The Nuna TRIV NEXT can be both world, and parent facing, so it can be used from birth and stay with you while your baby grows.

As a brand, Nuna is well-known, loved, and trusted by parents around the world. They always consider every detail for both parent and baby, from the big things like important safety features, to the little things like the insert being made from Merino wool, and all fabrics being naturally fire retardant with no added chemicals. Personally, I’ve gone for the black stroller, but with a cedar carrycot. I couldn’t decide on the colour, so this gives me a lighter option for a summer newborn and then black for as he grows.”

Which car seat have you chosen?

“Because I had chosen an Nuna pushchair, and only Nuna car seats are compatible with their strollers, I knew I would have to go for Nuna car seat. But this wasn’t a problem because I already knew how safe and reliable Nuna car seats are.

I decided to choose the Nuna Pipa Lite Car Seat which is their brand-new infant carrier, similar to their popular Pipa NEXT but much lighter to carry at only 2.5kg! I have to say, it was a close call between this and the PIPA URBN though, as I loved the fact that the baseless URBN could be used for easy travel, on a plane and swapping between cars if you have multiple cars in your household or for trips with other family members and friends. The PIPA Lite must be used with the Nuna NEXT rotating base.

What are three products you couldn't live without while pregnant?

“The first product I couldn’t have lived without during my pregnancy is the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow. These pillows are so comfortable and supportive for bump, I started using mine quite early-on to help with back pain and it’s just been the biggest help. Now bump is growing quickly, it continues to help me sleep and sit more comfortably on the sofa too. I can see why people keep hold of these even after baby is born that’s for sure!

As all Mumma’s know, finding clothes that are comfy, look decent and actually fit is such a challenge while pregnant, as our bodies are changing so quickly. The Carriwell Maternity Support Leggings have been a lifesaver throughout my pregnancy while my bump has been growing. The stretch fabric is silky soft and breathable, so is really kind to skin. The leggings have a built-in underbelly and abdominal support that makes them perfect for all-day use, while helping to relieve backpain.

The final product I absolutely couldn’t live without while pregnant, is the Lola&Lykke Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt. This best is a must-have for expecting mums and has been so helpful at relieving back and pelvis pain, especially as my bump has grown. It’s also super handy for walks and has helped me get outside more often. It also comes with a hot/cold pack that fits into the pack pocket for some added comfort and luxury.”

What was the first thing you bought for your baby?

“I am a complete shopaholic – it comes with the job! So, I really enjoyed buying clothes and accessories quite early on. I am a huge MORI fan, particularly their zip sleepsuits for ease of changing.

One of the bigger first purchases I made was a bedside crib, and I went for the SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib. This crib is super safe, sleek and stylish and looks great in our room. It has breathable and machine washable fabrics and ventilation to help baby regulate their temperature and help them sleep safe and sound. The lift-off feature makes it easy to move the bassinet to a different room too which will be super useful.

Finally, muslins, muslins, muslins! My mum friends always tell me that if you think you have enough, buy more! I highly recommend the aden & anais muslins as they are so soft, classic and come in a variety of beautiful colours and prints.”

What have you already got in your nursery?

“Because we have a small nursery, we were lucky to have been gifted an Obaby Stamford Space Saver Cot and have since bought a mattress to go with it because you should always buy a new mattress even when you have a second-hand cot. This cot is perfect for our smaller nursery and doesn’t take up too much space, so we have plenty of room for the other essentials.

We have also bought the Obaby Astrid Changing Unit which is so gorgeous, features handy push open drawers and a changing unit that can be removed so you’re left with a stylish chest of drawers for when baby is all grown up.

We have the Mama Shack Anti Roll Changing Mat which does exactly what it says on the tin, and is a bit more reassuring in case baby is a wriggler.

Next for our nursery, we have the Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Baby Sleep Aid which has been highly recommended to me by other mums to help simulate an ideal sleeping environment for baby. I’ll try anything to help the whole family get some sleep! We also have the Tommee Tippee Groegg 2 Thermometer which indicates the temperature of the room with a coordinating light so you can feel more confident when dressing baby appropriately for sleep – which can be a worry, especially for first-time parents.

Finally, I love the Liewood Weston Storage Boxes for organisation and the Maxi-Cosi Glow Under Crib Light which has a sensor and lights up as you walk into the room at night, giving the room a soft and cost glow so you don’t have to turn on any harsh lights.”

Will you be using a swaddle? If so, which one?

"We will be using a sleeping bag that has the option of swaddling like the HALO SleepSack Sleeping Bag and the ergoPouch Organic All Year Cocoon Swaddle Sleeping Bag. This means that if the baby doesn’t take to swaddling, you have the best of both worlds and can use it as just a sleeping back. If baby happens to love swaddling, I can recommend any of the Love to Dream Swaddles.”

Which baby carrier will you be getting?

“I have already purchased the BabyBjorn Harmony Baby Carrier. It’s made from a mesh material so is great for a summer baby, and it also lasts from newborn to around three years! For wear around the house, I also have a sling Baby Wrap Carrier from Freerider.

What are some of the feeding essentials you’ve got for your new baby?

“I have heard that the Tommee Tippee New Perfect Prep Day + Night machine is an absolute lifesaver – so how could I not get one?

The Nanobebe Ultimate Newborn Baby Bottle Feeding set is a great starter pack that I would highly recommend. It comes complete with everything a new parent would need for successful bottle feeding and advanced cleaning.

This is personal preference, but I won’t be buying an electric breast pump until I know if I am lucky enough to be able to breastfeed. I do know that I will be getting a Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump. Until then, I have the Pippeta Silicone Manual Milk Collector.

Finally, we were so lucky to have been bought the KAOS Klapp Recycled Plastic Highchair. I saw the brand at a trade show in 2023 and fell in love with the brand ethos and the innovative product – so I am so excited to have one for my baby!

It is made from 100% recycled plastic from bottles and has stair-like steps designed to grow as your child does and help with their comfort and mobility. It also folds flat, which is really handy, especially for smaller living spaces. As it’s plastic, it can be used in the garden too so great for summer BBQs!”

What toys have you bought for your little one?

“In terms of toys, I am a huge believer in going for black and white colours for newborns, because these are the colours a baby first sees. So that’s why I would recommend any of the Etta Loves range.

I will also be going for the Done by Deer Tummy Time Activity Toy and the Tiny Love Black + White Gymini toy which is great to support baby’s development.

And there you have it, all of Jemma’s top product picks for her little arrival. Let’s summarise and write out her full shopping list:

Jemma’s Shopping List:

  1. Nuna TRIV NEXT Pushchair
  2. Nuna Pipa Lite Car Seat
  3. bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow
  4. Carriwell Maternity Support Leggings
  5. Lola&Lykke Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt
  6. MORI Zip Sleepsuits
  7. SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib
  8. aden & anais muslins
  9. Obaby Stamford Space Saver Cot
  10. Obaby mattress
  11. Obaby Astrid Changing Unit
  12. Mama Shack Anti Roll Changing Mat
  13. Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Baby Sleep Aid
  14. Tommee Tippee Groegg 2 Thermometer
  15. Liewood Weston Storage Boxes
  16. Maxi-Cosi Glow Under Crib Light
  17. HALO SleepSack Sleeping Bag
  18. ergoPouch Organic All Year Cocoon Swaddle Sleeping Bag
  19. BabyBjorn Harmony Baby Carrier
  20. Freerider Baby Wrap Carrier 
  21. Tommee Tippee New Perfect Prep Day + Night 
  22. Nanobebe Ultimate Newborn Baby Bottle Feeding set
  23. Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump
  24. Pippeta Silicone Manual Milk Collector
  25. KAOS Klapp Recycled Plastic Highchair
  26. Etta Loves toys
  27. Done by Deer Tummy Time Activity Toy
  28. Tiny Love Black + White Gymini

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