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My Little Morphée Sleep Aids review

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Having trouble with your little one's sleep or dealing with sleep regression? Look no further than My Little Morphée!

This screen-free sleep aid is perfect for children aged three to eight. But did you know there's also a version just for grown-ups? Meet the Morphée Sleep Aid speaker, with over 210 meditations and soothing sounds to help you get some restful sleep.

Families worldwide love these parent and baby gifts, and now one of our NBS parent testers is trying it out too. If you have a spare minute and want to know how to give your little one the gift of better sleep, read on for My Little Morphée and Morphée Sleep Aid review...

my little morphee sleep review

My Little Morphée

From charming animal stories to soothing music tracks, solo or group meditations, and calming nature sounds recorded from all over the world, we've got everything your little one needs to sleep soundly.

With 192 different "meditative journeys" to choose from, your little one can relax, unwind and drift off with ease.

my little morphee sleep aid for children


Morphée's adult sleep aid also offers guided meditation and relaxation sessions that last between 8 and 20 minutes, allowing you to easily slip into a deep, restful sleep.

Designed in collaboration with experts in sleep and sophrology, Morphée is the all-natural solution to anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Join the almost 500,000 customers across Europe who are already benefiting from Morphée's powerful meditation and relaxation techniques for improved mental and physical health.

Morphee adult sleep aid

Parent tester Amy

My Little Morphée

When this arrived I instantly fell in love! The colour is beautiful, light green and oak which fits perfectly into my daughter's room. She is 3 and her imagination is really starting to get creative, so this was fantastic for her as it allowed her to journey to different places around the world.

bedtime sleep aid

She loves being able to choose a different animal each time too and the dials on the machine were really easy to handle so she could do this herself - a major plus for a 3 year old!

The machine has a cute little wooden handle so easily transports around the house, we've even used it in the car. Fantastic for some quiet time after nursery as the voices and sounds are so meditative, so really soothing for her busy mind. I love that this has replaced some usual TV time too.

sleep aids for kids

She will happily sit for long periods listening by herself, but equally enjoys me listening with her and asking questions..."What sound was that...what's a desert"? Such a wonderful product that I would highly recommend, I can see us using this now and in years to come, plenty of endless options to last an age!

my little morphee review


My Morphée arrived in a sleek box and I opened it to find a very classy sleep aid inside (great for a gift because of this). The oak lid hides the dials and keys so well which is great for popping onto my bedside table and blending in naturally.

Morphee sleep aid for parents

It's really lightweight so easily transportable if going away overnight. I love that I'm reminded every day to do a little meditation by seeing my lovely aid, I've tried Apps but I always forget. Really love that there are SO many options and I often change between 8 to 20 minute sessions.

Morphee boxed

This is now my go-to before bedtime meaning that I'm getting into bed earlier just to listen to it- such a soothing way to wind down after a busy day and take some time just me! I'lll be highly recommending this sleep aid, great for newbies to meditation or experienced pros looking for something new and exciting!

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